tell me gordon wont like your food without telling gordon wont like your food


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  1. Miss Marilyn

    Miss Marilyn

    3 timmar sedan

    Poor Marcello lol

  2. Jeordie Ghoul

    Jeordie Ghoul

    4 timmar sedan

    "I'm gonna bring it baaa-haaack~~~" award for my favourite waiter goes to:

  3. Chris Perry

    Chris Perry

    5 timmar sedan

    Does that first waiter have to walk up steps to get from the kitchen to the dining area? God that would suck if they was busy lol

  4. The Vibe Station

    The Vibe Station

    10 timmar sedan

    Marcelo’s boss is so unlikeable

  5. Bmccarth315


    13 timmar sedan

    That lasagna looks terrible lol

  6. Alyanna Wafa

    Alyanna Wafa

    14 timmar sedan

    "we microwaved yesterday's lasgna chef"

  7. GHOST


    15 timmar sedan

    "Let me feed the Chief"... "Let me feed the Chief" 5:52

  8. Bang ding Owi

    Bang ding Owi

    16 timmar sedan

    Imagine how nervous Gordon's wife is before he goes down on her



    16 timmar sedan

    The way the girl in pink with the blonde hair moves away from her boss..tells it all for me.(ive had experience in this, with similar owners)..😔🤐🙄**if u know u know**

  10. Sam Brown

    Sam Brown

    17 timmar sedan

    Are we just gonna ignore the woman literally staring into Gordon’s soul at 12:33

  11. Dan


    20 timmar sedan

    I read this video title about 30 times. I still don't understand it.

  12. YoteArashi


    20 timmar sedan

    At 3:20 the guy says he is bringing the soup with his mouth, but they edit him saying heres the steak over it...?? Then when you visually see him put the soup down, in the next shot they crop footage of a fucking steak over wtf is going on in that clip. Look at 3:25 its edited so poorly.

  13. Alexa


    20 timmar sedan

    "Get it together Marcelo! CONTROL!"

  14. Saad Benhamou

    Saad Benhamou

    22 timmar sedan

    some owners actually think rephrasing "frozen" by saying "it comes fresh then we froze it" is gonna make a difference

  15. R. W.

    R. W.

    Dag sedan

    The person running this account is a boss

  16. Big opp jay 🎶🎤

    Big opp jay 🎶🎤

    Dag sedan


  17. Alex Duran

    Alex Duran

    Dag sedan

    Bruh the food looks good

  18. abhineet choudhary

    abhineet choudhary

    Dag sedan

    After watching the series I assure foreigners not to worry about food in India since it by default always fresh.

  19. Cyn D

    Cyn D

    Dag sedan

    Why is soup so hard for some restaurants? Lol i order food from a local restaurant all the time and i like their food. I decided to splurge one time on their lobster bisque and it tasted of nothing but bouillon and canned shellfish ! Very disappointing and i havent ordered from there since. I paid $20 for a quart of it and had to throw it away.

  20. Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf

    Dag sedan

    "He loved it" "Yeah he loved it" "The fish is not cooked"

  21. A H

    A H

    Dag sedan

    The synergy between the title of the video and the literal first second is immaculate

  22. Designaut 2508

    Designaut 2508

    Dag sedan

    Gordan: Is this homemade? Owner: Our food is good. Gordan: Let me rephrase it; Is this homemade? Owner: Yes. Gordan: If this is Homemade, I will get naked and start dancing in my bollocks.

  23. Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver

    Dag sedan

    Hey Ramsey just eat the bread and chips.

  24. Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver

    Dag sedan

    Hoe-za is the chef of a week old soup du jour😂

  25. Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver

    Dag sedan

    Home made or shit made🤔

  26. Paola Martinez

    Paola Martinez

    Dag sedan

    Let me feed the chief!!

  27. Nikki Vixen

    Nikki Vixen

    Dag sedan


  28. Landon Barron

    Landon Barron

    Dag sedan

    Calimata… lol

  29. Dylan Estes

    Dylan Estes

    2 dagar sedan

    Who comes up with these titles😭

  30. Symone D

    Symone D

    2 dagar sedan

    He said the soup of yesterday. Ramsey, that's the soup from the the day before yesterday, even worse.

  31. Karara


    2 dagar sedan

    🎵I'm gonna bring it back🎵 god this guy is trying so hard

  32. Stephen van Rooijen

    Stephen van Rooijen

    2 dagar sedan

    Pinto: Fresh Frozen Saki: Fresh Frozen out of the can

  33. Lawrence Dominica

    Lawrence Dominica

    2 dagar sedan

    The mysterious swing ordinarily borrow because schedule centrally wrap like a childlike wrinkle. fortunate, sassy banker

  34. Mr. Muffin

    Mr. Muffin

    2 dagar sedan

    "Who is he a health department critic" yes thats one of the things he is so yes

  35. Blake ang

    Blake ang

    2 dagar sedan

    Bro use’s making the tittles for this channel 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Nikki Wilken

    Nikki Wilken

    2 dagar sedan

    “Where’s the recipe from?” “My mother” 🙄 His mother: 👀👄👀

  37. Matthew the Elite Trainer

    Matthew the Elite Trainer

    2 dagar sedan

    Is there any restaurant that knows what "Soup of the day" means? I'm not convinced.

  38. thechichen nuuket

    thechichen nuuket

    2 dagar sedan

    10:27 My mom after I tell her that I don't want to eat boiled chicken for the 6th day in a row.

  39. satans taint

    satans taint

    2 dagar sedan

    You can always tell the owners are lying about their food. Especially Sammy when he couldn't even look Gordon in the face when he said his good.

  40. Mar


    3 dagar sedan

    Gordon in Hell’s Kitchen: IT’S RAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Gordon in Kitchen nightmares: It’s raw…?!

  41. chocopai


    3 dagar sedan

    “hes here to help me and not to tell me that nothing's good” YES MAYBE HE HAS TO HELP YOU BECAUSE NOTHING'S GOOD CECE

  42. Iris Lovett

    Iris Lovett

    3 dagar sedan

    “Fresh frozen out of the can” always gets me

  43. Delph726


    3 dagar sedan

    Id rather get f*cking divorced XD

  44. Gavin Jacobs

    Gavin Jacobs

    3 dagar sedan

    I jus wanna know how you cant even cook beans and rice

  45. Daniel Ke

    Daniel Ke

    3 dagar sedan

    Whenever the chef IS the owner, you know its gonna be rough

  46. Anthony R.

    Anthony R.

    3 dagar sedan

    It's fresh frozen from a can, idiot...

  47. Last Squall

    Last Squall

    3 dagar sedan

    I really just can’t wrap my mind around these people asking for help, yet not figuring out the reason they’re doing bad as a restaurant is the food lmao

  48. jordan mcquay

    jordan mcquay

    3 dagar sedan

    I’ve never understood why owners of these restaurants get so upset and offended when he doesn’t like the food when HE’S THERE TO FIX YOUR PROBLEMS

  49. D0N DI3GS

    D0N DI3GS

    3 dagar sedan

    Gordon: That’s canned dog food My dog: Ay I’ll take it

  50. Rump Wrangler

    Rump Wrangler

    4 dagar sedan

    What part of Greece are you from Ooooouuuuuu from the south part of the Fullashit region

  51. Rump Wrangler

    Rump Wrangler

    4 dagar sedan

    What do you recommend, “ going next door”

  52. Jesse Torres

    Jesse Torres

    4 dagar sedan

    LEt mE FEeD tHE cHIeF! LEt mEe FEeD tHE CHiEF!

  53. Cutie from House of beauty

    Cutie from House of beauty

    4 dagar sedan

    Mid RARE? 🤢 go on the farm and just bite a chunk out of the cow,why do cha 😳

  54. mrchoon


    4 dagar sedan

    Dude, that title is a headache

  55. Vitani B Mamba

    Vitani B Mamba

    4 dagar sedan

    Frozen fresh from a can

  56. ange


    4 dagar sedan

    Imagine getting paid to eat food🤧

  57. james prior

    james prior

    4 dagar sedan

    Crab should NEVER even be available canned! It's awful. And this clown serves it in his restaurant!

  58. james prior

    james prior

    4 dagar sedan

    I get a kick out of these idiots who lie about the integrity of their 'food,' and then have the gall to argue with Chef Gordon Ramsay!

  59. Samantha Blanchard

    Samantha Blanchard

    4 dagar sedan

    I love how this man said “who is he a health department critic”? Nah he’s Gordon-fuckin-Ramsay come on now

  60. SeanDaNerd


    4 dagar sedan

    “Health department critic.” Dude it’s not even hard to pass a health department inspection. You know how fucking gross it has to be to not get an A?

  61. abby jankovic

    abby jankovic

    5 dagar sedan

    How hard is it even reheat it in the oven!!! Fucks sake I make better food at home on a very strict diet. My Italian side is screaming right now. I’m not saying I’m a 5 star cooker I have made abominations in my time of trying to make my own recipes. Come on tho even with frozen meats you thaw them and wash dry it. I just can’t with these people

  62. M Sia

    M Sia

    5 dagar sedan

    2:21 "Who is he, the fugging health department critic?" Uh, no, just one of the top chefs in the entire world.

  63. Adam Monteforte

    Adam Monteforte

    5 dagar sedan

    The first guy just looks like the shark from shark tale.

  64. EpiKProphecy09


    5 dagar sedan

    1:48 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. Brea _Playz

    Brea _Playz

    5 dagar sedan

    The first one where the guy was talking about the soup he was looking up which means he was lying

    • Brea _Playz

      Brea _Playz

      3 dagar sedan

      @VII187 Oh no I meant with just hin

    • VII187


      3 dagar sedan

      Not always, people look up to recall memories too

  66. 5 dagar sedan

    Them:He likes the fish Gordon: IT'S RAWWWWWW

  67. Alex amaya

    Alex amaya

    5 dagar sedan

    When he asked what part of Greece he was from it was kinda sus, like Lowkey he was probably a witness protection mobster and couldn’t remember his alias 🤣

  68. Aimen Arif

    Aimen Arif

    5 dagar sedan

    Did anyone notice the man at 12:00 also laughed lmaooo

  69. Arnold Norris

    Arnold Norris

    5 dagar sedan

    If you're on kitchen nightmares accept your food is shitastic regardless no one complains or u think its ok. U fekkin crumpet.

  70. BacentRekkes


    5 dagar sedan

    These people put the raw in rawong

  71. Ezequiel Beteta

    Ezequiel Beteta

    5 dagar sedan

    Marcelo ain’t getting any tonight

  72. HolyReactor


    5 dagar sedan

    The only thing i would love to try in that restaurant is that waitress. My god shes gorgeous

  73. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden

    5 dagar sedan

    Simple fact, if Chef Ramsey is at your restaurant, more likely than not you need SERIOUS help. Leave your pretense at the door, accept the help and fix everything Chef Ramsey says to fix.

  74. Esteban Martinez

    Esteban Martinez

    5 dagar sedan

    Who the hell is running this account? All these newly posted Gordon vids have Gen Z titles hahaha

  75. John D

    John D

    6 dagar sedan

    Did he serve Gordon meat on a roof tile? It’s literally shit on a shingle lol 😂

  76. John D

    John D

    6 dagar sedan

    I’d like to think he might enjoy my food. I keep it simple and fresh. But I do wonder how he would react. Lol 😂

  77. Sharmaine C

    Sharmaine C

    6 dagar sedan

    Lol to the Spanish owners

  78. Rodger Groyim

    Rodger Groyim

    6 dagar sedan

    Tiki platter? More like S H I T T Y P L A T T E R

  79. HelpfulHandGrenade14


    6 dagar sedan

    Marcello watching gordon eat: "He loves it" Gordon: "This fish is not cooked"

  80. HelpfulHandGrenade14


    6 dagar sedan

    Chefs on kitchen nightmares be like: "Yeah sure the food was a few weeks old and we dropped it on the floor before we gave it to him, but that's no excuse to insult my dishes like that"

  81. Sara Cecchinelli

    Sara Cecchinelli

    6 dagar sedan

    That's the least tasty and Italian lasagna I've ever seen

  82. Carbon


    6 dagar sedan

    The poor waiters man, having to deal with the chefs all the time😭 also notice how he was so polite to the servers, who are just trying to get by, but then the chefs are mean as heck?!? Those people were horrible omg

  83. _Slickz


    6 dagar sedan

    tbh, Gordon is just used to the fancy and really well made food, that what many people consider great and delicious food, he just doesnt like it cuz hes not used to it

  84. romi whatever

    romi whatever

    6 dagar sedan

    Cans dog's food 😋 yumm

  85. Mr.McFlurry & Co.

    Mr.McFlurry & Co.

    6 dagar sedan

    “Wow. He loves it.” Me: I sense foreshadowing....

  86. owen smith

    owen smith

    6 dagar sedan

    Our food is fresh frozen

  87. Cole Barnard

    Cole Barnard

    7 dagar sedan

    Anyone notice the first guy has a “tell” where he looks up at the ceiling when he lies?

  88. Angel Tompa

    Angel Tompa

    7 dagar sedan

    The fascinated poppy extracellularly joke because submarine laterally discover around a overconfident index. terrible, savory plantation

  89. Lew Byrne

    Lew Byrne

    7 dagar sedan

    “It ain’t a goddamn Chinese lasagna”

  90. King Scar

    King Scar

    7 dagar sedan

    "Fresh frozen" is one of the most backwards ass things I've ever heard in my life.😂

  91. floworcrash


    7 dagar sedan

    6:14 lol we've all been there dude!

  92. Jayden Yang

    Jayden Yang

    7 dagar sedan

    The good tendency karunagappally dream because slip renomegaly pretend afore a fortunate clipper. homeless, jazzy toast

  93. Nicola Dawson

    Nicola Dawson

    7 dagar sedan

    🎶"I'm gonna bring it baaack..."🎶 Favorite server on here EVER!!!

  94. Permatilt


    7 dagar sedan

    Let me feed tha cheif

  95. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Dread Pirate Roberts

    7 dagar sedan

    “He’s supposed to be here to help me not tell me nothings good”…. Ummm

  96. Kyleigh Kiester

    Kyleigh Kiester

    7 dagar sedan

    “oh em gee that’s foods gross”

  97. nikkibarnes215


    8 dagar sedan

    If that’s the wife in the purple her body language is screaming get ur muggy hands of me it’s hot in here yeah I bet

  98. nikkibarnes215


    8 dagar sedan

    Beautiful day before COVID when everyone shared the same spoon 😂😂😂

  99. nikkibarnes215


    8 dagar sedan

    Those chest hairs and open shirt is nowhere I would want to eat

  100. itsRioka


    8 dagar sedan

    "This Looks like a F*cked up version of a Science Lab"