"If That's Beef, Then I Was Born In Bangladesh" | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon visits Dillions, where he has his skills tested to the absolute max.

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  1. Uros Markovic

    Uros Markovic

    19 minuter sedan

    15:00 when Gordon said "what's going on down here?" I got scared 😰

  2. Uros Markovic

    Uros Markovic

    21 minut sedan

    Let's say it this way, Gordon Ramsay is badassly honest which is awesome

  3. Salaya Bibi

    Salaya Bibi

    23 minuter sedan

    The most chaotic restaurant I ever saw

  4. Uros Markovic

    Uros Markovic

    33 minuter sedan

    For bad unskilled managers:call Gordon Ramsay For bad disrespectful customers: CALL GORDON FREEMAN

  5. Red Sky

    Red Sky

    Timme sedan

    It's a bangladeshi restaurant.. Nt Indian.

  6. Kono Dio da!!

    Kono Dio da!!

    3 timmar sedan

    Martin kinda looks like Mr. Ditkovich

  7. Estevan Gustou

    Estevan Gustou

    5 timmar sedan

    Owner: It was like a nightmare Me: Kitchen nightmares

  8. Rafael Torio

    Rafael Torio

    6 timmar sedan

    What do you expect for indian food

  9. Prashanna Pun

    Prashanna Pun

    6 timmar sedan

    Mohammad is so innocent...poor rich man i getting robbed.

  10. Gauthami Shenoy

    Gauthami Shenoy

    8 timmar sedan

    Show me more of vikaas khanna! Damn it!

  11. Takeda Shingen

    Takeda Shingen

    12 timmar sedan

    Wait Vikas stayed to work there afterward? I just read that a year later Gordon went there to eat and Vikas was still there.

  12. Takeda Shingen

    Takeda Shingen

    13 timmar sedan

    Why is there drapes everywhere, anyone knows? Still just at the beginning, but Ramsay didn't even question it when he entered... yet it is ugly and weird as F !

  13. The End

    The End

    17 timmar sedan

    Spoiler alert 🚨: Placed closed not to long after filming.

  14. Augustine Rombaux

    Augustine Rombaux

    19 timmar sedan

    This is a full blown drama at this point

  15. Fritchoff Nilsson

    Fritchoff Nilsson

    20 timmar sedan

    Wtf happened afterwards to the basement? Concrete?

  16. gnómi


    21 timme sedan

    6:15....the part you are looking for!

  17. Aspect Jehan

    Aspect Jehan

    22 timmar sedan

    That man held him like they just got married😂😂😂😂

  18. 396-Shreyas Patil

    396-Shreyas Patil

    22 timmar sedan

    Man Vikas khaana is the best thing that restaurant has

  19. valaquenta


    22 timmar sedan

    12:55 "you're taking advantage of a weak, rich man". Does Mohamed having a restaurant in New York automatically implies that he's rich though?

  20. Agung Zon Blade

    Agung Zon Blade

    22 timmar sedan

    i see, cultured people. bring their culture...

  21. Raul Rostas

    Raul Rostas

    23 timmar sedan

    Gordon is tough as fuck. I wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds in that basement.

  22. Vishal Choudhary

    Vishal Choudhary

    Dag sedan

    Vikas comes ....the main hand of india tribute

  23. Bibhudendu Panda

    Bibhudendu Panda

    Dag sedan


  24. ramilsalad


    Dag sedan

    i know that indian food is dirty every know that

  25. Mehdi Hussain

    Mehdi Hussain

    Dag sedan

    What’s with the Bangladesh?

  26. Kilian M.

    Kilian M.

    Dag sedan

    22:33 this is fucking golden how is no one talking about? New Jersey fuck me.....

  27. Emmanuel


    Dag sedan

    Gordon you are an Angel sent from heaven

  28. Giga


    Dag sedan

    If That's Beef, Then I Was Born In Bangladesh

  29. SkyWasHere


    Dag sedan

    19:53 Dogs when you place 1 piece of dog food instead of filling the bowl...

  30. Günther Gartenmann

    Günther Gartenmann

    Dag sedan

    I'm sorry but those waitresses were difinitely hired for their uh availability.

  31. Günther Gartenmann

    Günther Gartenmann

    Dag sedan

    gordon: "where are we?" head chef: "new jersey!"

  32. Günther Gartenmann

    Günther Gartenmann

    Dag sedan

    3:07 daddy fetish confirmed

  33. Günther Gartenmann

    Günther Gartenmann

    Dag sedan

    "I don't know what the different managers do here" "I'm the general manager" "I'm the operations manager" "I'm the floor manager" yeah I can see the problem! but I'm kind of impressed that they actually assigned different titles to one another. xD

  34. Dan186


    Dag sedan

    At 6 minutes when he catches the fly in one swipe under his armpit... I now know for sure hes a black belt in karate.

  35. SpectreMk2


    Dag sedan

    For some reason, the manager "Martin" reminds of Peep SHow Super Hans.

  36. matt t

    matt t

    Dag sedan

    Martin- hope this guy is jobless - so useless

  37. Jay Home

    Jay Home

    Dag sedan

    Did you hear the owner???? "Maybe the standards Gordon has are higher than mine!" lol no shit!

  38. Sureya Bell

    Sureya Bell

    Dag sedan

    How are even the people in Gordons kitchen beautiful??

  39. Sureya Bell

    Sureya Bell

    Dag sedan

    Do we need a death in the restaurant before some fucker gets a grip! lmao Gordon is the best.

  40. Sureya Bell

    Sureya Bell

    Dag sedan

    And this shit hole has 4 managers???? wow that business must be making massive losses.

  41. Sureya Bell

    Sureya Bell

    Dag sedan

    Gordon: You think thats funny? Floor Manager: o__o

  42. Chibi Lulu

    Chibi Lulu

    Dag sedan

    Wow.. that new chef is HOWTTTT.. 😛😛😛 i would be a regular there with a chef like that making my food.. 😆😆😆

  43. Nikita Melinsky

    Nikita Melinsky

    Dag sedan

    Looks like Martin Madrazzo (whoever played GTA knows)

  44. Elimination 1o1

    Elimination 1o1

    2 dagar sedan

    Well as a Bangladeshi, Bangladesh really does suck😑

  45. Memeneuver


    2 dagar sedan

    Worst pervert manager ever

  46. swot up

    swot up

    2 dagar sedan

    Anyway, they were doing better than the Bangladesh Cricket team.

  47. Sourav Chawla

    Sourav Chawla

    2 dagar sedan

    ok i am never eating out now

  48. d sein

    d sein

    2 dagar sedan

    Of course you need an Indian for the face of an Indian restaurant 😀

  49. P1111


    2 dagar sedan

    Oh my the people in the comments not realising Bangladesh and India are two different countries 😩 I’m suprised health and safety didn’t shut this restaurant down , they had a lucky escape

  50. tell me

    tell me

    2 dagar sedan

    31:52 was the cameraman that did that ?

  51. gen crow

    gen crow

    2 dagar sedan

    well gordon is so angry becasue he was shut down for a single hair in a vac pack then he walks into that crap id be real mad about it as well

  52. Forde


    2 dagar sedan

    20:30 Michelin star chef dresses as the Michelin man

  53. Akhilesh Bhat

    Akhilesh Bhat

    2 dagar sedan

    Lady: Mr. Vikas is so cute, he is a magician to me Nobody: I give Mr. Vikas the permission to bang me

  54. Georgia


    2 dagar sedan

    Do American restaurants not have hygiene inspections or something?

  55. aya


    2 dagar sedan

    this is the worst episode ever omg

  56. ishdx


    2 dagar sedan

    "theres meat in there" "dramatic sound playes"

  57. Oishi Banik

    Oishi Banik

    2 dagar sedan


  58. David Andrew

    David Andrew

    2 dagar sedan

    i like mohammed i hope it works out for hm,hes a nice man

  59. marziieezang


    2 dagar sedan

    I adore Gordon Ramsay god, the way that chef thought he was in NJ tho omg

  60. Jamie Koya

    Jamie Koya

    2 dagar sedan

    “Has someone just been served this rotten tomato?” “No” *camera zooms in on guy eating it*

    • Misogynistic Person

      Misogynistic Person

      22 timmar sedan

      Stuff like that's staged pretty sure the crew would warn him and not just film him.

  61. svampebob007


    2 dagar sedan

    "wow wow wow, hold on there Gordon, THAT food wasn't SHIT, it was so old that it got mold, as per the USDA it was not even considered food fit for human consumption, so who are YOU to question my cooking?!" that's what I though when the chef admitted it was old lamb served with rotten tomatoes.

  62. Shivaji Reddy

    Shivaji Reddy

    2 dagar sedan

    Can he fuckin go now hahhabaabbaba

  63. Luke Stowe

    Luke Stowe

    3 dagar sedan

    Martin looks and sounds a bit like Mr Ditkovich.

  64. 余

    3 dagar sedan

    Waaa chef vikas is so handsome

  65. Muneer Mammi Kutty

    Muneer Mammi Kutty

    3 dagar sedan

    Vikas has become huge in India

  66. Mel' Tar

    Mel' Tar

    3 dagar sedan

    hilarious is the hideous floor looooool

  67. HayesyBoy927


    3 dagar sedan

    It’s a scallop we haven’t lost our fucking children

  68. SMITHY C


    3 dagar sedan

    Maybe the standards Gordon has are higher than mine?? Yeah no shit Sherlock

  69. Mxntal -

    Mxntal -

    3 dagar sedan

    Cameraman more savage ,just letting my man eat the rotten tomatoe 😭😂😂

  70. massive legend

    massive legend

    3 dagar sedan

    I just know that Indian chef that couldn't speak English didn't give a fuck 😂😂😂

  71. SmartK8


    3 dagar sedan

    Floor level: Terrible restaurant Level -1: Disgusting storage room Level -2: Hell Level -3: Cthulhu

  72. James Ryan

    James Ryan

    3 dagar sedan

    So what happened with the basement? Did they just seal it up and never speak of it again?

  73. a happy toph

    a happy toph

    3 dagar sedan

    The restaurant look extremely tacky, like wth is wrong with those drapes? It looks like a shut down restaurant at first site.

  74. Brad Fuzz

    Brad Fuzz

    3 dagar sedan

    33:10 is that a martini glass filled with shit? lol

  75. Adolf Hitler, NZ

    Adolf Hitler, NZ

    3 dagar sedan

    Andrew: responsible and chill Martin: “Gordon always tears me” bitchh u a freaking GENERAL MANAGER sleeping in the restaurant

  76. Diamondz'z Mz Diamondz'z

    Diamondz'z Mz Diamondz'z

    3 dagar sedan

    The world needs more authentic real direct people like Gordon Ramsay he never holds back and tells as it is plus he puts people in their place and I love the fact that he isn't afraid to put owners and workers in their place . But That general manager Martin needs to go he doesnt belong their and makes his staff feel downgraded !!!!! Congrats to Gordon Ramsay he does his job perfectly but what's more important is he fixes and repairs relationships which is why Gordon Ramsay is loved and very well respected .

  77. Sandr Rat

    Sandr Rat

    3 dagar sedan

    can anyone tell me why there is no Campania episode on the channel?

  78. Dany Mrad

    Dany Mrad

    3 dagar sedan

    there are 4 managers, and they're all SHITTTT hahahaha EPIC!

  79. codeErza


    3 dagar sedan

    even im more hygenic than that that bangali cook

  80. codeErza


    3 dagar sedan

    bruh im bangladeshi

  81. Sayantan Bardhan

    Sayantan Bardhan

    3 dagar sedan

    Omg he's speaking Bengali And ya the food is shit

  82. XD LOL

    XD LOL

    3 dagar sedan

    Bengali rocks!!!!

  83. WombRaider


    3 dagar sedan

    Martin is such a creep wtf

  84. Anna Lieff-Saxby

    Anna Lieff-Saxby

    4 dagar sedan

    Restaurant business aside, I'm pretty sure that *everyone* has had a job with "Martin the Manager".

  85. Lazarus


    4 dagar sedan

    Walking around during a pandemic... Wearing no masks. You guys are worried about the customers getting sick. Incredible!

  86. Nechryael


    4 dagar sedan

    To be honest, I’d rather eat in Amy’s Baking Company than here. At least there aren’t 1000 rats and cockroaches and I wasn’t being served rotten food there.

    • Nursena Ceylan

      Nursena Ceylan

      2 dagar sedan

      she had a very clean and organised kitchen, this doesnt mean she was a great chef but at least she knew the basic hygiene rules (except kittens lol)

  87. Lazarus


    4 dagar sedan

    As always. Sheldon Ramsey sticks to his points.

  88. Ben Angell

    Ben Angell

    4 dagar sedan

    Why doesn't he check the fridges BEFORE eating.

  89. Chris Moyah from Saskatoon

    Chris Moyah from Saskatoon

    4 dagar sedan


  90. Normal Guy

    Normal Guy

    4 dagar sedan

    As a Pakistani, seeing that "biryani" offended me to my soul. I felt this sudden urge to not exist in this devastating reality in which that "biryani" exists. I will be contacting the local authorities about this fucking shit.

  91. Nawaf Abu-Ghazaleh

    Nawaf Abu-Ghazaleh

    4 dagar sedan

    The decoration of the diner sucks and easy to catch fire!!

  92. xander marco harada

    xander marco harada

    4 dagar sedan

    the old indian chef is really a kind and down to earth man, since he can't express words in English he showed a really warmth hug. Other chefs will be an ass hole when criticized but he completely done the opposite. What a great man

    • Jaykugo Senpai

      Jaykugo Senpai

      Dag sedan

      @xander marco harada btw since india and bangladesh were once not seperated, bengali is spoken in bangladesh and in an indian state called west bengal! But they have different accents

    • xander marco harada

      xander marco harada

      2 dagar sedan

      @unfinished sentenc ow. i thought all the time that they where indians since they've been talking bout indian fusion cuisine and the new consulting chef is indian s well

    • unfinished sentenc

      unfinished sentenc

      2 dagar sedan

      @xander marco harada No the owner is Bangladeshi too and the other brown manager is also Bangladeshi. Btw I'm from Bangladesh. : )

    • xander marco harada

      xander marco harada

      2 dagar sedan

      @unfinished sentenc ow. so how could he communicate well with the owner? the owner is indian right?

    • unfinished sentenc

      unfinished sentenc

      2 dagar sedan

      @xander marco harada Yes he is a kind man and no Bangladeshis don't speak Hindi. That kind chef spoke Bengali.

  93. Flex M

    Flex M

    4 dagar sedan

    The Indian chefs are thinking that they are doing a street food. hahaha

  94. Rangarao Sadagopan

    Rangarao Sadagopan

    4 dagar sedan

    Atleast is accurately indian, in every manner

  95. M. J

    M. J

    4 dagar sedan

    We haven’t lost our children 🤣🤣

  96. Sahlool


    4 dagar sedan

    we are we? in the new thing