Owners Trick Gordon Ramsay Into Eating Tofu | Kitchen Nightmares Revisited FULL EPISODE

As Gordon revisits some of the past restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares, one restaurant tricks him into eating tofu.

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  1. JLS


    22 timmar sedan

    Skinner from Ratatouille: 10:19 :D

  2. UnoneTV


    Dag sedan

    Weirdly enough, but auto-generated subtitles are doing so well with Gordon and announcer voices, is it a clean English or something, but where the auto-generated subtitles screw up, can hear it if knowing the lang at least a bit from school :O

  3. UnoneTV


    Dag sedan


  4. Finity Zeivaz

    Finity Zeivaz

    2 dagar sedan

    Old Spice pls save us!

  5. Bry Wyatt Paolo Guillermo

    Bry Wyatt Paolo Guillermo

    5 dagar sedan

    why does gordon keeps touching disgusting things?

  6. Murad Mammadov

    Murad Mammadov

    7 dagar sedan

    6:32 is that Keanu?

  7. PlanET 333

    PlanET 333

    7 dagar sedan

    Frigthening to see that the authority does not find all these horribæe kitchen nightmares. It can kill and harm customers and those who work there too. Nasty shit

  8. Samuel Cornish

    Samuel Cornish

    7 dagar sedan

    Give me a job Oh, umm, nah

  9. Nicky Sabnis

    Nicky Sabnis

    10 dagar sedan


  10. Carla Mountenay

    Carla Mountenay

    10 dagar sedan

    And people wonder why Restaurants can't find staff to work for them. Imagine working this hard and still living in poverty.

  11. Mack Neon

    Mack Neon

    11 dagar sedan

    what year is this. why are there no iphones

    • eva o

      eva o

      11 dagar sedan

      any where between 2000-2014 i’d say

  12. 11 dagar sedan

    The historical june congruently irritate because message exclusively joke but a petite table. possible, rampant good-bye

  13. Legit Beans

    Legit Beans

    11 dagar sedan

    Just an FYI he doesn't revisit shit

  14. ಠ_ಠ


    12 dagar sedan

    i have a friend who sweats so much that her doctor gave her anti-sweat pills, some people really can’t help it :(

    • ಠ_ಠ


      3 dagar sedan

      @Zachary Windover i have a feeling that he kind of gave up on trying to wear it

    • Zachary Windover

      Zachary Windover

      9 dagar sedan

      Well he said he didn’t use antiperspirant much so that doesn’t help, but yea to an extent sometimes it can’t be helped.

  15. One Fat Piggy

    One Fat Piggy

    13 dagar sedan

    This is bullying, im not happy how they treat the sweating guy

  16. Kevin Jordan

    Kevin Jordan

    14 dagar sedan

    37:21 love his smile.

  17. Staggs9696


    14 dagar sedan

    I kind of agree with the chef. If you ain't paying the man, and he feels like he might be working for free, the dude ain't got no right to bark orders at him, at that point the chef is doing him a favor.

  18. naomie tat

    naomie tat

    14 dagar sedan

    The manager: I quit because I didn’t have respect in there [after you made jokes about my sweating problems]. I was the butt of the joke. Gordon: *makes fun of him and his sweaty pits* The manager: 👁👄👁

  19. Earthsgard81


    14 dagar sedan

    Dean and the boys are shower of nucking futcases lol 😆😂🤣

  20. Bob Gnarley

    Bob Gnarley

    15 dagar sedan

    What u doing now then Raw food, i like working with raw foods Ew 🤣🤣

  21. Dr Skelly Bones

    Dr Skelly Bones

    15 dagar sedan

    it sucks that this show was filmed around the economic depression in 2008, if it happened maybe a few years after that i think many restaurants would still be open

  22. Jani Myburgh

    Jani Myburgh

    16 dagar sedan

    "It didn't take long for Mark to 'dampen' the evening"🤣🤣🤣

  23. hind buti

    hind buti

    17 dagar sedan

    So what are you doing a part from sweating 😂😂😂

  24. SKGaming


    17 dagar sedan

    Michelle: “It’s My kitchen” Gordon: “If it’s your f***ing kitchen then clean it you c***!” Michelle: “NO!” 👁👄👁

  25. Dieu Anh Tran

    Dieu Anh Tran

    18 dagar sedan

    The way Gordon just gave the chef his money

  26. Ali


    18 dagar sedan

    I forgot that due to most kitchen nightmares episodes being around the same time as the global economic crisis that a lot of these places have closed down

  27. JesseMerrick9797


    18 dagar sedan

    So what I’ve learned is to never eat at a restaurant in New York 🤢

  28. British Bandogge

    British Bandogge

    18 dagar sedan

    I feel sorry for Mike. I think Gordon bullied him

  29. Fox Wonderland

    Fox Wonderland

    19 dagar sedan

    Arthur and his brother are such kind, humble gentleman. A true testament to a loving upbringing. Their poor father really needed a break and some well deserved rest. Even him really benefited from being a kind soul. He listened to criticism and took it as constructive and learned and grew as a person. And took that break! Just look at his sons and how well they are doing. Doesn’t hurt that they are all extremely handsome men!! You can fake or buy charisma!! ❤️🌺❤️🤪

  30. Gisela Krenn

    Gisela Krenn

    19 dagar sedan

    whaaat the hell is going on?!?!??! is this a trailer or what??? it*s as confusing as the confession-scene in the church

  31. master panda

    master panda

    21 dag sedan

    it's fatter than u

  32. helen m

    helen m

    21 dag sedan

    i had my hair and makeup like that, electric blue mascara, candy floss lipstick and back combed fringe........in the 80s and she looks older than me

  33. Sarah Hamilton

    Sarah Hamilton

    22 dagar sedan

    felt the sweating was a bit mean - not going to make it better is it drawing more attention to it

  34. Terri-Anne


    23 dagar sedan

    hyperdriosis can be crippling sigh, bless mark💗 why does gordon touch all that rotten food omg😭😭 and damn everyone just left the restaurant after gordon fixed everything. dang

  35. Martyn Johnstone

    Martyn Johnstone

    23 dagar sedan

    You have lost your home but it’s ok because you have got a plaque.

  36. ILn yes

    ILn yes

    24 dagar sedan

    tiny knob of butter

  37. FBI


    24 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay immune to all diseases because he is not afraid of touch anything.

  38. Slikz Is like

    Slikz Is like

    24 dagar sedan

    People are acting as if people were bullying the guy for sweating. The guy works around food and customers and him being sweaty and smelling of body odour isn't really ideal, given how it seems its not a medical condition and more of him not doing much himself to tackle the issue. It's far from bullying and something I'd expect to happen if you're working in the food industry. I worked with a guy who was very unhygienic and pretty oblivious to it, the whole place stank and it was pretty difficult to work in that environment, I'd imagine he wouldn't have lasted in the food industry. Oh infact the narrator had a few cheap shots and when Gordon called him back and then brought up his sweat was a bit of a cheap shot. Wouldn't call its bullying though but definitely unnecessary.

  39. Mmocha


    24 dagar sedan

    Damn they did mike dirty!!! 😂😂😂

  40. babydecay


    24 dagar sedan

    whoever runs this channel needs a raise

  41. kent macariola

    kent macariola

    26 dagar sedan


  42. Chase Frances

    Chase Frances

    26 dagar sedan

    Feel kind of sorry for the sweaty guy, especially as someone who also struggles with a similar issue. I’ll go for a short walk and come back drenched, it’s not fun and no anti-persperent really seems to work :// the guy seemed really happy to meet with Gordon too, and Gordon just commented on his sweating like.. the dude can’t help it, leave him alone

    • Lalamimi2010


      3 dagar sedan

      Botox is recommended…it works

  43. Lady Bernadine Carsola

    Lady Bernadine Carsola

    26 dagar sedan

    I love it that Gordon is not just a chef but also a counselor.

  44. Warren Jeapes

    Warren Jeapes

    27 dagar sedan

    Finally. 😁 Someone said “ I thought GOD sent you!” YEP! Gordon! The minute You knock suicidal satan out of these people You can see in an instance they get HOPE back, you see satan pummelling them and you rip him right out. You are sent Gordon. You are such a passionate person. You see people hurting and lift them out of the pride and darkness. Every time You say JESUS, satan has to flee, it’s the only name he will run from. Even though it is said in a blasphemy way it is still said. You have such a kind heart and can see people hurting then You have the wisdom to get them to see the best in themselves. I pray JESUS gives You HIS untold wisdom. satan is very “wary” of You. Put on the full armer of GOD and wary becomes INVINCIBLE in the name of JESUS😁 SHALOM . 🤓

  45. Sara CookStove

    Sara CookStove

    28 dagar sedan

    It was very interesting, dear friend, good luck

  46. Darryl Jones

    Darryl Jones

    28 dagar sedan

    I hope Gordon has a word with this video editor

  47. R


    29 dagar sedan

    Poor guy. Antiperspirant don't help 100 percent to stop sweating just the odor. Some people need an operation for this and it doesn't always help. What cruelty

  48. Mega888 HackMan

    Mega888 HackMan

    29 dagar sedan


  49. gay


    29 dagar sedan

    poor mark. everyone who made fun of him is a shit human

  50. samira kcojwihdichd jckjsiohwibrovo. salado

    samira kcojwihdichd jckjsiohwibrovo. salado

    Månad sedan

    Ramsy Gordon he is lyk guardian angel_😊😂

  51. Bastien Levesque

    Bastien Levesque

    Månad sedan

    Mike was getting bashed out there, poor guy

  52. 0 marbel 0

    0 marbel 0

    Månad sedan

    34:00 can we all agree she is so strong😔

  53. Richard Bright

    Richard Bright

    Månad sedan

    Dean acts like he's a sitcom character xD

  54. nojustno


    Månad sedan

    I love fridays.

  55. Gemma Hadley

    Gemma Hadley

    Månad sedan

    I love ramsay . I think he's the only chef in the world that can get away with the insults he makes but he always turns the bad restaurants around

  56. FekSake


    Månad sedan

    thoes phones tho

  57. julien


    Månad sedan

    thats hilarious he had to go all the way back home to change his shirt because he was sweating

  58. Evin Davis

    Evin Davis

    Månad sedan

    Gordon- “ladies and gentlemen” *breaks table* 😂

    • Chalk 4 Airsoft

      Chalk 4 Airsoft

      8 dagar sedan

      Next shot *GR fixing table with bucket on chair" 😂😂

  59. carl magnussen

    carl magnussen

    Månad sedan

    I just keep going on being a G. Ramsay fan, really.

  60. Aya El Bosh

    Aya El Bosh

    Månad sedan


  61. ______


    Månad sedan

    Why are all the top 3 worst inspections in NY :S 💀

  62. Ot3p


    Månad sedan

    Avoid eating at any restaurants in NY. Got it.

  63. Lady Grinning soul

    Lady Grinning soul

    Månad sedan

    So so scripted and fake this is how Ramsey now makes his living

  64. Bluepaccao


    Månad sedan

    It's like a fucking cement mixer😂😂

  65. Jimmy Vuong

    Jimmy Vuong

    Månad sedan

    17:06 that was the cleaness high five ive ever seen in my life.. Cant even do it myself

  66. Tia Critelli

    Tia Critelli

    Månad sedan

    poor guy has hyperhidrosis

  67. jarednil69


    Månad sedan

    Awe he brought that guy down just to make fun of his sweating...🙄 Thought that was a lame move.

  68. Shin for life ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    Shin for life ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    Månad sedan

    Anyone still remembers Amy's bakery??

  69. Tri Nguyen

    Tri Nguyen

    Månad sedan

    any update on whether they are still around now?

  70. Aleksander Zygmunt

    Aleksander Zygmunt

    Månad sedan

    25:49 In for the Kill

  71. Jodie Smith

    Jodie Smith

    Månad sedan

    After seeing this I don’t want to make any orders 😂😂

  72. Abigail Nketsiah

    Abigail Nketsiah

    Månad sedan

    I just love chef Ramsey

  73. Victoria Cox

    Victoria Cox

    Månad sedan

    If I owned my own restaurant I would never let Gordon Ramsey or his team anywhere near it with their tried and tested template.

  74. Arunava Banerjee

    Arunava Banerjee

    Månad sedan

    Seems like all the dirty restaurants are in New York

  75. BTS My Life💜

    BTS My Life💜

    Månad sedan

    when my sis make me food it's hideous,blunt you fucking donut🥲🥲

  76. Renuka Vasu

    Renuka Vasu

    Månad sedan

    How to health inspectors allow restaurants to function with awful refrigerators like that?

  77. MZ


    Månad sedan

    4:29 the genuine fear in that guy's face 👌

  78. Paul Oblomov

    Paul Oblomov

    Månad sedan

    Бедный манагер, чего его так шеймят за потливость. Святые 2000-е :)

  79. marina


    Månad sedan

    im so sorry for this but how in the hell is gordon not "cancelled" yet-

  80. Over Taps

    Over Taps

    Månad sedan

    Look Amy Bakers u can be one of these restaurant if u listen to Gordon lmao

  81. The Mad Tatter

    The Mad Tatter

    Månad sedan

    1:57 - Gordon explains how to kill a circus.

  82. Erwin Kharisma

    Erwin Kharisma

    Månad sedan


  83. Martell


    Månad sedan

    Apart from how tactless it was how Gordon treated Mark, did anyone feel a little uneasy about Sammy describing the people the let go as cancers?

    • K D

      K D

      22 dagar sedan

      I did both brothers said it sounded like a super villain

  84. Asterix Obelix

    Asterix Obelix

    Månad sedan

    I wanted to see the revisit to Giuseppis and the video kept re-directing and I tried to forward it, but just to run into ads from Google. I enjoyed all the content in this video - thumbs-up for you!

  85. CoalSimp


    Månad sedan

    seing Gordon on good mood just made my day

  86. MRaime


    Månad sedan

    Tbh, theres literally a disorder that makes you sweat more than normal..

  87. jp


    Månad sedan

    Love...love will keep us together.....nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... Love

  88. ti me

    ti me

    Månad sedan

    my bf is so mean :( edit: thank you for the one like!!!!!!!!

    • ti me

      ti me

      Månad sedan

      that’s how i met the loml

    • ti me

      ti me

      Månad sedan

      we are now in love

    • ti me

      ti me

      Månad sedan

      *kiss noses*

    • ti me

      ti me

      Månad sedan


    • ti me

      ti me

      Månad sedan

      ur beaueueaetifyl

  89. Moggy Ψ

    Moggy Ψ

    Månad sedan

    37:51 did you say family?

  90. Sandro Ivanjko

    Sandro Ivanjko

    Månad sedan

    Giuseppe's was the best

  91. Jsp


    Månad sedan

    Moment of silence to the people trying to find the timestamp to the tofu part in this nearly 40 minute video..

  92. Mia zuki

    Mia zuki

    Månad sedan

    did the owner really blame the chef for carring about his payment? im sorry but obviously you dont work for free what the fuck

  93. TheSunMoon


    Månad sedan

    Poor Mike, getting all the banters for a biological problem.

  94. eeeeeeeeeee


    Månad sedan

    You know your time is up when he looks at you like this 25:48

  95. Bojan Simonovic

    Bojan Simonovic

    Månad sedan

    But the boooooond...

  96. Acissej BG

    Acissej BG

    Månad sedan

    Mike has primary hyperhydrosis most likely - when severe, no antiperspirant will really work. He probably doesn't use any as he gave up, and its a rather embarrassing situation when showering and changing your clothes numerous times a day still doesn't cut it . Not everyone has the time or the money to deal with cumbersome treatments like Botox or iontophoresis. It's not fair to shame him for this.

  97. BigAndyPlays


    Månad sedan

    That dude thought Gordon knew about the bodies when the cop handcuffed him

  98. Zhasurbek Umarov

    Zhasurbek Umarov

    Månad sedan

    I love when a staff being a ass leaves. Might be just me.

  99. Bog log 69

    Bog log 69

    Månad sedan

    My mum when I was born : What a shame

  100. Kaitlyn Harrison

    Kaitlyn Harrison

    Månad sedan

    Gordon really bullied that man. I can just imagine how he felt. He's already aware of the problem and probably overthinks about it constantly. IDK, it just hurt my heart a little bit