The Infamous Moment Gordon Ramsay Finds A Pigeon In The Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares

the freshest thing in here is the pigeon!
thank you gordon

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  1. Dhagz


    6 timmar sedan

    "I guess we'll use the fresh chicken then" fuck man really?

  2. FAT N

    FAT N

    10 timmar sedan


  3. Eddy C.

    Eddy C.

    Dag sedan

    What a thubnail, he has the *balls* to dab in front of that pigeon, what an absolute unit

    • Eddy C.

      Eddy C.

      12 timmar sedan

      @Cumming Cider What did I do to you dude? I just said something about the thumbnail, no need to come at me, have a terrible weekend :)

    • Cumming Cider

      Cumming Cider

      14 timmar sedan

      You wish you had balls pal. Instead you’ve got knuckles. Tiny tiny knuckles. Beat it.

  4. Bigk1989


    Dag sedan

    1:16 - Robin Williams :D

  5. Aeon


    Dag sedan

    plot twist, the pigeon was the head chef

  6. angikins


    Dag sedan

    Gordon's disappointment at eating the chicken.... So sad, hey



    Dag sedan

    What is also funny is when southpark cartman did gordon ramsey.

  8. Shania Dirstein

    Shania Dirstein

    Dag sedan

    The amount of meat in that one walk in.... when knowing their low customer numbers.... I doubt all of that is being used which is wasted money/profits

  9. *HISSSS*


    2 dagar sedan

    Who knew the kitchen is a warzone.

  10. konnichiwa


    2 dagar sedan

    A live pengion inside kitchen?!!! 😱

  11. Sleek


    2 dagar sedan

    put your head in there for 2 minutes ]

    • Cumming Cider

      Cumming Cider

      14 timmar sedan

      Shut it ya mine craft freak

  12. Stickz Ko

    Stickz Ko

    2 dagar sedan


  13. simply Sujit

    simply Sujit

    2 dagar sedan

    37:44 oppai.

  14. Stephanie Waddle

    Stephanie Waddle

    2 dagar sedan

    how come they didn't clean the restaurant before the dinner service? no wonder why they served spoiled chicken

  15. KUDDEL42


    3 dagar sedan

    *Gordon Ramsay*

  16. Kenny Space

    Kenny Space

    3 dagar sedan

    This show make me uncomfortable to eat in a restaurant 🤯

  17. TanceWasLost


    3 dagar sedan

    that pigeon was a good staff....

  18. ali abdulsalam

    ali abdulsalam

    3 dagar sedan


  19. Mikayla Young

    Mikayla Young

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm about a third in the video but wow Michael is annoying as fuck I hope they fire him

  20. TheAmerican Dream

    TheAmerican Dream

    3 dagar sedan

    He kept his promise to himself andGordon. They’re still open.

  21. devilish. af

    devilish. af

    4 dagar sedan

    pigeon scene: 19:13

  22. Nathan Okuku

    Nathan Okuku

    4 dagar sedan

    The thumbnail looks like Gordon Ramsay is doing the Dab. 😆

  23. into


    5 dagar sedan


  24. Bashir Mahmud

    Bashir Mahmud

    5 dagar sedan


  25. Zack


    5 dagar sedan

    That useless "head chef" had too much FREEEDOOOOMM!! YEEEAAAAA!!!"

    • Zack


      5 dagar sedan

      good to see he had less freeedoooom!! at the end :D



    5 dagar sedan

    Well fart me cracken

  27. Bob Saturday

    Bob Saturday

    5 dagar sedan

    41 spanish restaurants in 2 sq miles ? better do something about that menu quick rumor has it they kept the pigeon as chefs helper for that special "garnish" it puts on their food that all the customers wonder about

  28. Gołąb


    5 dagar sedan

    This isn't the moment od Gordon seeing the pigeon but its the whole episode od kitchen nightmares.

    • Gołąb


      Timme sedan

      Uno reverse.

    • Cumming Cider

      Cumming Cider

      14 timmar sedan

      Shut it ya pidgeon

  29. Bob Saturday

    Bob Saturday

    5 dagar sedan

    same old story , the parents worked hard and built the business and the snot nosed spoiled punks run it into the ground . how stupid are these kids anyway ? they keep running the place like its still 1976 and the scary disgusting part is they're so stupid and lazy they're serving rotten food thats been in the fridge since last century ! Being an old dinosaur myself , even I get it that you need to change with the times

  30. tyraelpl


    5 dagar sedan

    Just how old is this episode?

  31. Leonel Cabrera Herrera

    Leonel Cabrera Herrera

    5 dagar sedan

    @ 14:00 I was like Olie Cheeeeet. THings got good.

  32. Ravenous Elf

    Ravenous Elf

    6 dagar sedan

    No, his grandad wouldn't be beating him, he would be shooting at him

  33. Kyle08


    7 dagar sedan

    18:20 no one talking about him laughing finding the dead lobster in sauce??😂

  34. zoewtang


    7 dagar sedan

    It’s Americanised Spanish food not proper Spanish food like in Spain

  35. Ruth Park

    Ruth Park

    7 dagar sedan

    wow, its awesome video for me, cool!!!!!

  36. Rawr


    7 dagar sedan

    17:54 18:43 19:13

  37. Mister Man

    Mister Man

    7 dagar sedan

    They didn't make a big enough deal about Micheal throwing his chef around in a live kitchen like that, that's really scary the accidents that could happen doing something so stupid

  38. TintedRhythm


    7 dagar sedan

    3:41 is meme material lmao

  39. Jhules Lagman

    Jhules Lagman

    7 dagar sedan

    Ye Michael is "overwhelmed" bro all he fucking does is go on his phone

  40. Nigel Bumcorn

    Nigel Bumcorn

    7 dagar sedan

    Gooood morning sir, there is a pigeon in your bank account.

  41. Game cube

    Game cube

    7 dagar sedan

    Feel so bad for the mom of the two kids like she doesn’t deserve all this stuff

  42. Arian Annie Nuñal

    Arian Annie Nuñal

    7 dagar sedan

    Michael seem to have psychological problem or he use illegal drugs or he's just immature and a 7year old boy in a 25-30+ year old body.

  43. jimmy wayne

    jimmy wayne

    8 dagar sedan

    At 34mins theres a big NO NO for a foodplace that isnt a burger fastfood chain.. And Gordon should have seen this since he made the menu.. If you want to upscale a meal you dont serve dressings, mayo ect. in fastfood plastic containers on the plate, is it supposed to be burger king or mcdonalds or is it a spanish dining place.. Seriously..

  44. UnoneTV


    8 dagar sedan

    17:53 caught me eating a fucking tofu. Thank fuck it's fresh as fuck at least, so I can train my imagination to not to affect what I feel ;D

  45. Rowen Kylee

    Rowen Kylee

    8 dagar sedan

    youtube have insisted me to watch this for two weeks now so I better watch it then.



    8 dagar sedan


  47. Bearded 15yearold

    Bearded 15yearold

    8 dagar sedan

    Gordon offers the manager to put his head in the freezer to cool down but when Raj did it in Hell's Kitchen he flipped and made a joke over it, I think Raj's stupidity and incompetence gave Gordon a new method of embarrassment and actually "cooling down"

  48. Kris D

    Kris D

    9 dagar sedan

    "We need to stand out from the competition" olives and manchego cheese meatballs.. wow, so original.

  49. Shamanstyle


    9 dagar sedan

    Owner Michael looks to be an alcoholic.

  50. loralynart3


    9 dagar sedan

    These guys need someone to just put them in rank cause thats what they are all looking for..order. Your in charge..your next in line, you third ..lame but it seems in this resturant neccessary

  51. cooldj dino

    cooldj dino

    9 dagar sedan

    Micheal is made out to be the bad guy and is blamed for a lot /: you can clearly see the man is overwhelmed 24/7 by Bieng bosses around by both his mum and brother whilst Bieng accountable for the storage and ordering

  52. Erdem


    10 dagar sedan

    Is spanish pavillion still open today?

    • CherryMist87


      5 dagar sedan

      On Google it says it is still open, so i would assume it's still going.

  53. Ahoy Pc

    Ahoy Pc

    10 dagar sedan

    calls gordy bcuz restoraunt is going broke gordy tells them food is wrong they tell gordy "nah food is awesome" like wtf

  54. Richard Eden

    Richard Eden

    10 dagar sedan

    I funking hate Michael

  55. Digital


    10 dagar sedan

    Why does the grandfather kinda look like Borat

  56. Jej make over

    Jej make over

    10 dagar sedan

    There grandfa lookslike michael

  57. Im trans

    Im trans

    10 dagar sedan

    The best thing in this video is the pigeon I’m lesbian

  58. Christopher Maunder

    Christopher Maunder

    10 dagar sedan

    Joe is actually an old woman English childminder pretending to be a Spanish male chef to avoid seeing her kids

  59. Christopher Maunder

    Christopher Maunder

    10 dagar sedan

    The pigeon is so raw it's fucking flown off

  60. Marci0


    11 dagar sedan

    Michael goes from happy and excited to the angry guy in a second😭 🤣🤣

  61. Bi Ta Nô

    Bi Ta Nô

    11 dagar sedan

    23:56 Did Raj meet him after that 😂

  62. Saras Watkin

    Saras Watkin

    11 dagar sedan

    I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that resturants are the dirtiest places to eat food and we stupidly pay for the Priviledge? Dont they have environmental or health and safety people to inspect resturants in USA? If chicken smells its salmonella.

  63. Rory Tippett

    Rory Tippett

    11 dagar sedan

    Grrrrrrrrr Micheal get your head out of your ass

  64. Rory Tippett

    Rory Tippett

    11 dagar sedan

    If some chef threw me off the line like that he would be knocked out. Never eat there omg what a fing shit show

  65. Whatta


    11 dagar sedan

    That chef should sue Michael for that flip of his.

  66. Joshua Kennedy

    Joshua Kennedy

    12 dagar sedan

    that infamous 40 minute moment

  67. Thomas Sebastian

    Thomas Sebastian

    12 dagar sedan


  68. Terminal Cantcer

    Terminal Cantcer

    12 dagar sedan

    damn they were really shitting on Michael this ep

  69. Bloodlines Tv

    Bloodlines Tv

    12 dagar sedan

    I learn a lot from this episode, a lot.

  70. Hampo0o0s


    13 dagar sedan

    37:45 daym

  71. Ana Hernández Liceras

    Ana Hernández Liceras

    13 dagar sedan

    I understand that people in the US might not enjoy it, but I was born and still live in the land where paella originated as a Spanish specialty, and it's VERY common for paella here to have a thin layer of not burnt but crunchy rice at the bottom of the pan. We call it the "socarrat" and it's many people's favorite part of the paella :D Overcooked rice is a no-no of course, that paella marinera couldn't be saved, but I thought I'd share that here.

  72. Dazza D

    Dazza D

    13 dagar sedan

    7:22 This killed me, he's already so done with this guy🤣

  73. Nataniell


    13 dagar sedan


  74. SgtMclupus


    13 dagar sedan

    I must correct Gordon on one thing, and he REALLY should know about this, because I learned about this in school at the age of 15 (I went to school to become a cook, but later decided it wasn't really for me) Olive oil is 100% of the good kind of fat; unsaturated fat, that accually prevents clogged arteries! The once that cloggs up the arteries and cause heart attacks are the saturated fat, and even more, the polyunsaturated fat, which cream is a good example for. Just wanted to let it out there because people seems to see all fat the same, when it's not! Both olive oil and rape seed oil is unsaturated fat, for the record.

  75. 13 dagar sedan

    Blocked in Australia... I live in Australia... Figure out how I can watch this video...

  76. Brickidy Blockidy

    Brickidy Blockidy

    13 dagar sedan

    Micheal sounds EXACTLY like JonTron

  77. bull dawg

    bull dawg

    13 dagar sedan

    7:27 🤣

  78. Sumire


    13 dagar sedan

    all michael ever said was "yea my fault" like bitch if yk its ur fault then do something about it stop lazing around

  79. Geovane Jean

    Geovane Jean

    13 dagar sedan

    17:50 That's what you're looking for hahahaha

  80. Maru


    13 dagar sedan

    why is no one talking about how much anger issues Michael has

    • Shania Dirstein

      Shania Dirstein

      Dag sedan

      @blacksapphire exactly... its like they were blaming Michael for everything. Even the mom and waiters said Jerry is hardly there cus hes more focused on his politician career. Theyre both equally responsible for the failing restaurant.

    • BrokenRecord0806


      7 dagar sedan

      @blacksapphire you are joking right? The guy who sits on his phone and let’s the other chefs do all the cooking has responsibility?

    • blacksapphire


      11 dagar sedan

      to me it looks that all the pressure is on him and nobody else is responsible for this mess yet everybody has expectations. that's a recipe for disaster. I kinda feel sorry for him even though he is deeply flawed, he looks like he cares about this shit.

  81. LottaTroublemaker


    14 dagar sedan

    Hope nobody took their frustation out on the poor pidgeon or the pidgeon got hold of any of the foul/fowl food❣️ 😖☺️🤗

  82. Dimorac


    14 dagar sedan

    God that "Chef" Michael was such a child, going outside jumping up and down and anything his mother said he replied back saying "My fault" "My fault" "My fault" "My fault" "My fault" like some toddler, or when someone loses a debate or having an argument just keep repeating the same word over and over until the other person gives up

  83. Mother`Nature


    14 dagar sedan

    Man way is everything he said was true

  84. Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    14 dagar sedan

    Pigeon got the drip

  85. Maga Land Bros

    Maga Land Bros

    14 dagar sedan

    pigeon got drip he be fresh

  86. Lincoln Mwangi

    Lincoln Mwangi

    14 dagar sedan

    14:16 Why does this look staged?

  87. jojozero01 kagameme

    jojozero01 kagameme

    14 dagar sedan

    Bruh did Gordon dab on pigeon in icon

  88. Bob Rock

    Bob Rock

    14 dagar sedan

    free the lobsters!!!

  89. CattieQ


    15 dagar sedan

    7:28 "you think there's too much olive oil in there?"

  90. r4ti007


    15 dagar sedan

    There's not even 40 Spanish restoes in that small an area in spain

  91. Ronaldo Santos

    Ronaldo Santos

    15 dagar sedan

    It is a Circus

  92. Lukey


    15 dagar sedan

    that rhymes

  93. Kathleen May T. Surla

    Kathleen May T. Surla

    15 dagar sedan

    I Wish they will revive this show cause it’s worth it I love it

    • Alessio


      15 dagar sedan

      Gordon dropped the show due to the amount of food poisoning he got 😔 very understandable tho

  94. Nelfre


    15 dagar sedan

    37:45 for the boys.

  95. jojozero01 kagameme

    jojozero01 kagameme

    15 dagar sedan

    24:02 Raj?

  96. kiTcheN For the Weak

    kiTcheN For the Weak

    15 dagar sedan

    Follow me on kitchen for the weak

  97. Roon Taamiti

    Roon Taamiti

    15 dagar sedan

    Did he said that Gordon ramsay is top5 in the world i though he is number 1😅

    • Roon Taamiti

      Roon Taamiti

      15 dagar sedan

      @Xx_RealMario_xX ok whos us number 1 between

    • Xx_RealMario_xX


      15 dagar sedan

      But Hes probably at least top 3

    • Xx_RealMario_xX


      15 dagar sedan

      Nah everyones Grandma is Number one definitely

  98. Rosie’s Bunker

    Rosie’s Bunker

    15 dagar sedan

    That pigeon is thanking Gordon for his compliments

  99. Ethan McMaster

    Ethan McMaster

    15 dagar sedan

    "That lobster is fresh... even though it died..." I'm sorry what?

  100. Someone


    15 dagar sedan

    17:50 I love how every time Gordon examines something, the camera then cuts to the pigeon either flying around, or breaking things for a split second. The editors were brilliant to come up with that.