staff we stan | Kitchen Nightmares

of course we stan ALL staff, but here are a few of my faves :)

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  1. YuriWasFound


    Timme sedan

    10:54 Now this is what i truly stan (keep watching)

  2. Augustine Rombaux

    Augustine Rombaux

    3 timmar sedan

    This channel is doing the damn thing

  3. Cpt. Cool

    Cpt. Cool

    8 timmar sedan

    Genevieve is attractive.

  4. Johnny Joestar

    Johnny Joestar

    9 timmar sedan

    5:02 that shit eating grin is priceless

  5. Cats! and Music Food

    Cats! and Music Food

    9 timmar sedan

    Wow the server in the end is cute

  6. Sam Lim

    Sam Lim

    11 timmar sedan

    Why do morons always bring up god? Hello????? Gods fake!

  7. Cherry Princess

    Cherry Princess

    12 timmar sedan

    Man, Sara just smiling in the background in every shot she's in like a supervillain is making me crack up.

  8. Backseat Gamer85

    Backseat Gamer85

    15 timmar sedan

    Gordon is such a boss

  9. Stewart Grindlay

    Stewart Grindlay

    20 timmar sedan

    5:03 very seductive

  10. rew to

    rew to

    22 timmar sedan

    For anyone wondering. In The United States of America, the department of labor would have been ALL over Amy's Baking Company. Taking the tips from a server is basically a FEDERAL level offense. That's why Gordon Ramsay was 👀. Sammy says "Don't f**k with me!" I say "I won't, but the federal government will certainly love to visit."😈

  11. Rick Vaughn

    Rick Vaughn

    22 timmar sedan

    "Omg Sammy is going to hurt him." No no Amy... Sammy was never a gangster, he's a pussy.

  12. Ron Weasley

    Ron Weasley

    Dag sedan

    These people deserve so much better

  13. Vic


    Dag sedan

    Owner to Ramsey:I am the gangster, not u Me:Sir u don’t give your servers THEIR tips. Your a punk

  14. Vihar Shah

    Vihar Shah

    Dag sedan


  15. Greg S

    Greg S

    Dag sedan

    15:22 reminds me of my prom night.

  16. Jaira Flores

    Jaira Flores

    Dag sedan

    wtf how is gordon so handsome I'm getting confused.

  17. o p i n i o n s

    o p i n i o n s

    Dag sedan

    " hey there's a table with people go help them" * looks over at the roung table * " are you sure?- " " YOU POSITINS LITTLE VIPER! "

  18. Oz


    Dag sedan

    5:00 - 5:04. the evil smile that grows on Sara's face gives me life.

  19. Taiju


    Dag sedan

    Sara is me and I am Sara🤣🤣🤣

  20. puyon sprimpt

    puyon sprimpt

    Dag sedan

    we stan cheff mike

  21. Sam Holton

    Sam Holton

    Dag sedan

    what episodes are the last two?!

  22. Aurora The Kitty

    Aurora The Kitty

    Dag sedan

    I worked in a kitchen from 16 to 30 and I wish he came in a couple restaurants I worked in. Would love to seen him get in a couple of my ex bosses faces

  23. elise green

    elise green

    Dag sedan

    That first restaurant was horrible. I always leave tips when I'm at a restaurant. I always give my tips in cash so the waitress/waiter can pocket it straight away.

  24. Octavious


    Dag sedan

    O man that Sara's smile was devilish as hell

  25. rae


    Dag sedan

    the restaurant i work at says features, i personally like it sounds nicer than "specials" because when i hear specials i think of a diner or something. but i guess i could see their point. I just don't think it's a bad term.

  26. intrapersonal


    Dag sedan

    the shit eating grin Sara does to Rita while she talks about selling Gordon the ravioli from 4:54 - 5:06 is something Tarantino could never capture in video LMFAO

  27. drinker83


    Dag sedan

    Slash like with the guitar in the kitchen..

  28. >"< f4iryy

    >"< f4iryy

    Dag sedan

    "German?" "yeah" "i don't speak German"

  29. 00 00

    00 00

    Dag sedan

    Everyone is just lying 😭😭

  30. 00 00

    00 00

    Dag sedan

    “Seafood ravioli isn’t good at all “ “We have a seafood ravioli special “

  31. James Hurley

    James Hurley

    Dag sedan

    "I don't want people with an attitude in my restaurant." maybe you should consider firing yourself then

  32. Alvin Risdianto

    Alvin Risdianto

    2 dagar sedan


  33. Kriti Shrivastava

    Kriti Shrivastava

    2 dagar sedan

    5:11 "This for me is a new journey in life because I've always been a shoe salesman" Goddamnn Comedic genius

  34. Thomas Jones

    Thomas Jones

    2 dagar sedan

    "They come from Cleveland." BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA (deep breath) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH...

  35. Peter Perkins

    Peter Perkins

    2 dagar sedan

    Pats good lls



    2 dagar sedan

    I def stan Sara

  37. VinyBoy


    2 dagar sedan

    His head tho

  38. Baeltyr


    2 dagar sedan

    im sorry but from my understanding, wait staff get tips because their "employers" dont pay them a wage, thats the trade off no wage but collect tips. (which is basically allowing someone to beg in your store in exchange for work, instead of paying them) but sammie IS paying them a wage, why would they still get tips? maybe the restaurant shouldnt be accepting tips at all idk

    • Cyber Controller 16-914

      Cyber Controller 16-914

      2 dagar sedan

      The point was that Sammy was essentially scamming both the customers and his staff. Not accepting tips because you're paying your workers enough is one thing, taking tips intended for the employee and keeping it for yourself is another.

  39. Art Adams

    Art Adams

    2 dagar sedan

    Worst couple of toads in the world ! My business would NEVER give their ‘den of thieves’ a dollar in business !!!

  40. Gabby✨


    2 dagar sedan

    14:04 this part so wholesome between chef Gordon and the workers😣😣

  41. Ella Driver

    Ella Driver

    2 dagar sedan

    Amy (name tag/“features”) looks so happy to be validated lmao

  42. Perry Usher

    Perry Usher

    2 dagar sedan

    As a dishwasher/kitchen apprentice, I would hate to have a doorbell signaling me to go get more dishes

  43. Graham Freedman

    Graham Freedman

    2 dagar sedan

    "oh my god sammy is gonna hurt him" honey sammy can barely stand up on his own

  44. Hector Arias

    Hector Arias

    2 dagar sedan

    It’s incredible how arrogant and delusional some of these chefs and owners are/ can be. Props to their staff for having the infinite patience of saints.

  45. calledmaster1


    2 dagar sedan

    Sea food ravioli boss move from lisa

  46. Tactical pack Limbo

    Tactical pack Limbo

    2 dagar sedan

    What some company’s don’t understand is that staff are the structural integrity of a workplace If you treat them bad, and they leave the structure of the workplace crumbles

  47. The Viewer

    The Viewer

    2 dagar sedan

    I feel like the first girl miranda was like so hesitant about telling about the tips, she was adorable

  48. Hamid


    2 dagar sedan

    “She’s a traitor, Benedict Arnold”. 💀

  49. Saba


    2 dagar sedan

    _Im sweating +your sweating? Im shitting myself

  50. Tim C

    Tim C

    2 dagar sedan

    "You're sweating? I'm s***ting myself." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. sun:]


    2 dagar sedan

    "I hope he doesn't pick the seafood ravioli.." "Yeah we have seafood ravioli special" #GIRLBOSS

  52. Amora Acho

    Amora Acho

    2 dagar sedan

    I remember my cousin used to work as a waitress in this one restaurant and she would make up to $800 a week in tips. But then the restaurant changed it's policy to servers and bartenders not being able to accept any tips and they paid $9 an hour. My cousin had 5 kids so she couldn't really do much with that so she quit and about 7 others did too.

  53. Soobi


    2 dagar sedan

    Sara just wants to see the world burn.

  54. Tim Outlaw

    Tim Outlaw

    2 dagar sedan

    The owners are like the Anti-Vaxs they know everything about everything but absolutely nothing about anything.

  55. mr_weeb


    2 dagar sedan

    Seafood ravioli: hi I exist to have someone important eat me and then have that person yell at the owners you might ask why they still have me in the menu and the reason is because they are stupid

  56. Katelyn Jackson

    Katelyn Jackson

    2 dagar sedan

    Sara was about to turn her 2 weeks in when she got the memo Gordon was coming 😂

  57. PotatoMan


    2 dagar sedan

    Are they still cooking with chef mic?

  58. ᴠαяɪηɗєяѕɪɗʜᴜ яᴏຕαηѕ6

    ᴠαяɪηɗєяѕɪɗʜᴜ яᴏຕαηѕ6

    2 dagar sedan

    4:36 waitress, iam about to end this business

  59. Ana Perez

    Ana Perez

    2 dagar sedan

    Gordon always has a soft spot for the servers. He knows it's not their fault if the food is absolutely horrible.

  60. mralpha kilo

    mralpha kilo

    2 dagar sedan

    "She is gone, thats who she is" Most savage line on that episode

  61. th3gr8Makarosc 666

    th3gr8Makarosc 666

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm pretty sure it's illegal to take tips from servers

  62. Daniel Jurišević

    Daniel Jurišević

    3 dagar sedan

    05:02 - 05:05 what a GRINCH moment hahahaha

  63. Aarnav Kembhavi

    Aarnav Kembhavi

    3 dagar sedan

    This channel is still alive and that's all thanks to the legendary admin

  64. Artin Playz

    Artin Playz

    3 dagar sedan

    Sammy in the first clip "im the gangster not you" oml

  65. Artin Playz

    Artin Playz

    3 dagar sedan

    Sammy in the first clip "im the gangster not you" oml



    3 dagar sedan

    Please don’t help these kind of shit owners .

  67. Cassy Rae

    Cassy Rae

    3 dagar sedan

    All the servers who worked at Amy's baking company should be automatically sainted

  68. Prodawg


    3 dagar sedan

    4:35 glasses 4:41 no glasses

  69. Ваня Рогаченко

    Ваня Рогаченко

    3 dagar sedan

    Dread's breadful

  70. livyuu


    3 dagar sedan

    Gordan to the waiters: Thank you my darling. Gordan to most chefs and managers: *YOU FKN DONEY*

  71. antonio vazquez100

    antonio vazquez100

    3 dagar sedan

    bro celestina.

  72. Marrows Berries

    Marrows Berries

    3 dagar sedan


  73. Bobsonthegoblin


    3 dagar sedan

    Im sorry but where is Andrew? My guy put his heart and SOUL into that tableside caesar salad. 8 minutes for nothing 😤

  74. Dark Pit

    Dark Pit

    3 dagar sedan

    3:25 ??? What're they talking about, she's not a 12 yr old male shonen anime protagonist

  75. Lukas


    3 dagar sedan

    that title makes my wanna kill myself

  76. ra6lk


    3 dagar sedan

    i dont think that old man knows what the F bad word means..

  77. Lincoln Gates

    Lincoln Gates

    3 dagar sedan

    i don’t see what’s wrong with the nametags

  78. Bi- lociraptor

    Bi- lociraptor

    3 dagar sedan

    So this is where chef Mike came from. I always wondered.

  79. Arti Cuno

    Arti Cuno

    3 dagar sedan

    I am in love with Lisa. Badass, cute and that accent

  80. Cheeyan


    3 dagar sedan

    SARA MY QUEEN 💃🏻🤸‍♀️

  81. Guitarzan


    3 dagar sedan

    Amy: She's a poisonous little viper... Somebody's comment: Amy's the entire snakepit. Me: *THAT IS AN INSULT TO SNAKEPITS.*

  82. Diana Begue

    Diana Begue

    3 dagar sedan

    i forgot about chef Mike 😅😅😅😅

  83. Nicolas D.

    Nicolas D.

    4 dagar sedan

    Literally at 5:02 is the face off,it's payback time b****

  84. Victoria Macbeth

    Victoria Macbeth

    4 dagar sedan

    What's with the thumbnail xD

  85. jimlucas_


    4 dagar sedan

    Chef Mike has become a classic. Top tier fucking comedy.

  86. H•Nat Daydreams•H

    H•Nat Daydreams•H

    4 dagar sedan

    Pat and Sarah are like the fan favorite characters in a family show

  87. Ally P

    Ally P

    4 dagar sedan

    I hope Sara is doing good lmao, what an icon.

  88. Newkie162


    4 dagar sedan

    *”Why would you recommend him the seafood ravioli”* Sara:😈

  89. Mark Mahony

    Mark Mahony

    4 dagar sedan

    I love Sara but that smirk is something from a horror film

  90. Life_is_the_Meh


    4 dagar sedan

    1:03 Did he say servers or SERVANTS?

  91. Buster Bear

    Buster Bear

    4 dagar sedan

    Katie you can go. Katie leaves. Katie where are you going?

  92. Ass Ass

    Ass Ass

    4 dagar sedan

    Jake seems drunk and Anthony seems high

  93. Michael Nguyen

    Michael Nguyen

    4 dagar sedan

    5:02 the moment I fell in love

  94. Ass Ass

    Ass Ass

    4 dagar sedan

    It's been like 7 years since it became popular and I still have no fucking clue what "stan" means

  95. Eric


    4 dagar sedan

    Lmao the busboy telling Gordon he’s the gm 😂

  96. CPAekins03


    4 dagar sedan

    When Gordon Ramsay walks in your restaurant, you know it’s over!!!

  97. Amanda Scroggin

    Amanda Scroggin

    4 dagar sedan

    Can't stand managers that don't want to better things. And then make you look dumb and useless. I'd be outta there.

  98. bombomos


    4 dagar sedan

    Ah yes. The thumbnail gives away best girl