Gordon Ramsay Wonders If Anyone Seasons Anything | Kitchen Nightmares


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  1. Charlie Flather

    Charlie Flather

    6 timmar sedan

    Ahh the classic, clueless owners, cocky and in denial chef and despairing Gordon

  2. edward wigmore

    edward wigmore

    8 timmar sedan

    the guy's worth his weight in gold. he turns round failing businesses and revitalises them. he refurbs restaurants overnight. OVERNIGHT ffs. but it's still up to the staff to work at it all the time. 50 seats, 13 menus - WOW!!

  3. Shayne Dagenais

    Shayne Dagenais

    8 timmar sedan

    i feel she was trynna be to professional saying she shouldn’t touch the food

  4. Dayshanthesheep


    12 timmar sedan

    gorden can go from shouting to calm when someone starts crying

  5. John M

    John M

    16 timmar sedan

    I sure hope they were able to keep going through this COVID crap. Many diners had to close. After watching some Aussie produced shows that are on SE-one about china. I really think China spread this virus on purpose to bring many countries down. I dont trust that leader what so ever. His people need to rise up and take that piece of crap out.

  6. Connor Rose

    Connor Rose

    18 timmar sedan

    After watching this show for nearly 7 years, I've come to a realization that "Word has spread about Chef Ramsey's presents at the restaurant, meaning more customers than usual" means people just see a reason to go to this restaurant and act like a bunch of food critics just for the cameras, anybody else think this? I feel like if the cameras weren't there, people wouldn't say anything 🙃

  7. Christopher Robin

    Christopher Robin

    18 timmar sedan

    CC captions are hillarious "Hi I'm Ashley... I'll be your survivor today"

  8. Dunn Gyllite

    Dunn Gyllite

    19 timmar sedan

    I thought that Dom would be the "bad guy" in this episode, but when he threw the coffee away to give his woman the hug she desperately needed, I knew I was wrong.

  9. ᠯᡠᠪᡵᡳ ᠮᠠᡳᠯᠠᠰᡠᠨ

    ᠯᡠᠪᡵᡳ ᠮᠠᡳᠯᠠᠰᡠᠨ

    23 timmar sedan

    Since when does Ramsey need censorship?

  10. JLS


    Dag sedan

    Halo? This is the Tech that the Master Chief uses! :D

  11. JLS


    Dag sedan

    2:50 Mandalorian: This is the Way!

  12. The FBI

    The FBI

    Dag sedan

    Gordon being a family therapist

  13. cute ducky

    cute ducky

    Dag sedan

    😩✋ this is expresso

  14. engasal


    Dag sedan

    Over 1500 comments and 1400 of them are people pointing out the drink throw and using 'yeet'. Also Kevin and the waitresses were wastes of skin and nutrients

  15. Indrid Cold

    Indrid Cold

    Dag sedan

    the waitresses are so hot

  16. Charlie Lynch

    Charlie Lynch

    2 dagar sedan

    Chef Mike got a new job

  17. Sandra Nelson

    Sandra Nelson

    2 dagar sedan

    You MUST add seasoning to meat!!!! I'm an idiot in the kitchen, but even I know that meat has to be seasoned before cooking, and during cooking. By the way, a master bricklayer is entitled to a HUGE salary, and is like a professor emeritus in the construction business. Why is that man wasting his life helping to "run" a restaurant? There is no one running the business, no one running the staff, no one keeping an eye on supplies. No business plan! The man knows NOTHING about the restaurant business! Send him back to the brick yard! I mean him no disrespect! The ladies were WAITRESSES! Which is an important skill set, believe me. But they weren't business people, they weren't cooks, they weren't administrators. Willing to work hard, YES! But UNSKILLED!

  18. Nina G

    Nina G

    2 dagar sedan

    Va rog frumos!!!!!!! Tradu în rusa.

  19. Pejuang Malam

    Pejuang Malam

    2 dagar sedan

    #2duniaofficial hadir kok

  20. Destruccion+IVA


    3 dagar sedan

    11:29 yeah mate, just for that I wish your restaurant goes to the shitter.

  21. Loreto Hidalgo

    Loreto Hidalgo

    3 dagar sedan

    -season it...? -salt, pepper... -No we don't add anything wtf salt and pepper aint even seasoning

  22. Andrea Abella

    Andrea Abella

    3 dagar sedan

    Well at least the owners were humble and wanted to actually get help to save their business.

  23. VVindovvZ


    3 dagar sedan

    28:48 who paid for those?

  24. VVindovvZ


    3 dagar sedan

    26:37 in my country, we don't use to send back food.. we eat it anyway, or leave it and pay..

    • RED Elham

      RED Elham

      3 dagar sedan

      The same for my country😑

  25. TanceWasLost


    4 dagar sedan

    Man straight up yeeted his drink.

  26. Kim Kyul

    Kim Kyul

    4 dagar sedan

    We're a family!!! Expect that mexican guy... hes just a worker

  27. Stephanie Waddle

    Stephanie Waddle

    4 dagar sedan

    hahaha that mac and cheese looks like KD

  28. Samiullah Ahmed

    Samiullah Ahmed

    4 dagar sedan

    You better cry like 32:29 at my funeral

  29. Martina Passaggi

    Martina Passaggi

    4 dagar sedan


  30. No image

    No image

    4 dagar sedan

    Can I eat coke

  31. Niemand Schuldet

    Niemand Schuldet

    5 dagar sedan

    I can't watch it. this beeping is annoying. I want to hear, what Gordon says. FUCKIN' HELL!!! STOP THAT BEEPING!!!

  32. JAY1892


    5 dagar sedan

    The boyfriend came right off the Sopranos set. Bada Bing Bada Boom! It’s a shame the place closed down. 😢

  33. Ahmad Shahmir

    Ahmad Shahmir

    5 dagar sedan

    I saw the microwave and knew food was gonna be badass

  34. Vardek Petrovic

    Vardek Petrovic

    5 dagar sedan

    What happened next: They survived another 3 years due to Ramsey, got out of debt and got out of the restaurant business (for those that does not like to scour the internet on what happened next) The show was aired in 2010 and the business was sold in 2013 at profit levels, I hope those fine ladies enjoy their retirement.

    • Bash


      Dag sedan

      Well Colleen Gaetner and Naomi cotter have decided to sell up and spend more time with their kids

  35. Jeff Lowney

    Jeff Lowney

    5 dagar sedan

    Naiomi you're beautiful

  36. Zack


    5 dagar sedan

    let me guess, its closed now?

  37. v FXB1 v

    v FXB1 v

    5 dagar sedan

    28:22 kinda sus if you ask me

  38. Backpacker_ Billie

    Backpacker_ Billie

    6 dagar sedan

    No one else totally confused why he chucked a cup of coffee behind his back and left it there

  39. Darren AM

    Darren AM

    6 dagar sedan

    of all the Kitchen nightmares i watched i really hope this place has done well and been successful. If anyone lives near there...let me know.

  40. Jonas Tan

    Jonas Tan

    6 dagar sedan

    Me 40 minutes in: I’m starting to think that this isn’t a kitchen nightmares short clip

  41. First Last

    First Last

    6 dagar sedan

    Gordon should get an honorary phd for how many nervous breakdowns he has guided people through..

  42. Ravenous Elf

    Ravenous Elf

    6 dagar sedan

    I love how Dom couldn't wait and just started eating

  43. NZ Falcon

    NZ Falcon

    6 dagar sedan

    Any kitchen will do much better by throwing away their microwaves for starters ,microwaves destroy food badly ,on the good note this place deserves to stay open and do well

  44. Haunted


    7 dagar sedan

    the chefs are so delusional

  45. Sohini Dutta

    Sohini Dutta

    7 dagar sedan

    This episode was kinda wholesome. We get to see non-douchy owners, Gordon being soft...Wish more episodes were like this

  46. George Costanza

    George Costanza

    7 dagar sedan

    40:26 OK Ursula.

  47. Paul Welsh

    Paul Welsh

    7 dagar sedan

    What a nice bunch of people on this episode. They really deserved the help and look like they will make the most of it.

  48. Canadian Redneck

    Canadian Redneck

    7 dagar sedan

    22:26 Gordon: "try and chew it before you swallow it" Bus boy: NO

  49. EdgyShooter


    8 dagar sedan

    These are the people that deserve help, but I suppose they don't make enough drama for TV

  50. EdgyShooter


    8 dagar sedan

    Damn that former owner took them for a ride on that price

  51. EdgyShooter


    8 dagar sedan

    The only guy who I respect for saying: "Personally I like the food" because he followed it up with "But what the **** do I know, I was a brick layer!"

  52. Kgalalelo Lala

    Kgalalelo Lala

    9 dagar sedan

    God bless Him

  53. Zachary Windover

    Zachary Windover

    9 dagar sedan

    Aww man, they closed in August 2013, what a shame.

  54. Fridgus Spinnerz

    Fridgus Spinnerz

    9 dagar sedan


  55. Ionut Cristian

    Ionut Cristian

    9 dagar sedan

    Is still open ?

    • MrMcMind


      7 dagar sedan

      sadly no, but they made it 3 more years. So it's save to say the week and the changes worked really well. I guess one of the reasons they had to close in the end was the high amount of debt without a real prospect of actually beeing able to pay it down at an acceptable speed. The restaurant is really small, surely they had many days where they were not able to serve as many customers as they could have. A big problem, cause that means they loose out on hundrets of dollars on such days without the possibility to make it on an other day, it might even make potential customers not bother to try to come a secound time. Overall 13 years in business is really good, I hope for them they were able to break even when they sold it off.

  56. Hubris


    9 dagar sedan

    Gordon's secret to good tasting food, salt, salt and more salt, cook it in olive oil, add butter, and add more salt, dont ever forget the salt. Fucking baffles me the guy hasnt had a heart attack yet

  57. eileen tan

    eileen tan

    9 dagar sedan

    judging from majority of the restaurant, the cleanliness in kitchen were bad. if there is an American officials that focus on restaurant cleanliness working side by side with gordon ramsy or any chief that is good in America . EVERY half or one yr to set up a rank of the kitchen cleanliness rank must stick on the front door or places where every customers able to see. making a surprise check without the restaurant new will be great. or else food poisoning will be the only one that is in my mind.

  58. bitchass


    10 dagar sedan

    im convinced that mac n cheese was kraft dinner

  59. D C

    D C

    10 dagar sedan

    Really very happy for you all, l keep the high standards up well done to all the staff and I'm so happy for you Colleen, best wishes from England

  60. Ryan McGill

    Ryan McGill

    10 dagar sedan

    The foley art is terrible. B-movie quality

  61. Ex_ UltraViolence

    Ex_ UltraViolence

    11 dagar sedan

    I've had it a few times where a waiter has come to serve us straight after their smoke break and the stench literally killed my appetite everytime. Smokers don't realise it but they smell horrible and the patrons notice it for sure. Ruining more than just their lungs!

  62. psylave


    11 dagar sedan

    That cup throw at 11:30 got me haha Dom gives zero fucks

  63. Milica Jelaca

    Milica Jelaca

    11 dagar sedan

    They are so wholesome

  64. Gilbert montefalco😊

    Gilbert montefalco😊

    11 dagar sedan

    How is her Son Balding😂

  65. RykkerNighteyes


    11 dagar sedan

    First time the kitchen doesn't have rotting food cause there is no food.

  66. wolf 69

    wolf 69

    11 dagar sedan

    Bro what did that coffee cup do to throw it :(

  67. nemma9


    11 dagar sedan

    Whats with those added squishy effect on the food?

  68. Yolo Swaggins

    Yolo Swaggins

    12 dagar sedan

    One of the few crews in KN who kept a clean shop where Gordon didn't have to through the freezer/fridge and yell at anybody.

  69. comsubpac


    12 dagar sedan

    "...and you have the audacity to call it Classic American!" Well, doesn't the name fit in that case?

  70. GabbyBites


    12 dagar sedan


  71. John Duddy

    John Duddy

    12 dagar sedan

    Good boy friend Tosses his drink to hug her

  72. Jack Walters

    Jack Walters

    12 dagar sedan

    "Your food is shit" - I'm really pissed off. I couldn't believe he would say that. Really dude? He literally says that in every episode. Have you watched this show before?

  73. Jayden Ulbert

    Jayden Ulbert

    12 dagar sedan

    Also hard to feel bad for these idiots. Who tf decides after being a waitress that they can now run the whole back end of a restaurant. One of the hardest businesses to be successful in & their staff has limited experience. Like what do you expect. Should have just hired someone to run the show instead of thinking they ‘can do it’

  74. Pedro


    12 dagar sedan

    11:30 best part when he.. fucked it.. and throw the drink away.. WTF?

  75. thomas2much


    12 dagar sedan

    Here, here. It begs the question with so much food coming back, why did no one say, let’s get another cook.

  76. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko

    12 dagar sedan

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -- Albert Einstein --

  77. velvetunderpants44


    13 dagar sedan

    Whoever is using a knife and fork on the slider at 24:20 needs to be arrested

  78. velvetunderpants44


    13 dagar sedan

    You can't buy or teach goodwill. They have that in spades

  79. Bob Rock

    Bob Rock

    14 dagar sedan

    :) this is comedy, so you don't have cup today, yesterday, day before yesterday, but you must wait for Gordon to make comment like "having cup is no good"?

  80. Jay Speakman

    Jay Speakman

    14 dagar sedan

    Dom needs his own fing show!

  81. Shamil Pineda

    Shamil Pineda

    14 dagar sedan

    29:23 "i feel so bad" *trows the water*

  82. Aness Nouar

    Aness Nouar

    14 dagar sedan

    its simple business issue "dont do business with family & friends"

  83. Dedalarte


    14 dagar sedan

    Sad how classic american closed in 2013

  84. M. Dedy Supryadi

    M. Dedy Supryadi

    15 dagar sedan

    Just want to say why western cook have a really small amount of seasoning? Asian, Middle East and African food have fuckton of it sometimes it makes the food so fragrance even when it's still cooking.

  85. Abdel aziz Sabalbal

    Abdel aziz Sabalbal

    15 dagar sedan

    SHow me da wayyy 2:50

  86. Les Mortimers

    Les Mortimers

    15 dagar sedan

    Get you a guy like Dom. That guy will throw coffee for you when you need a hug.

  87. Fenoo


    15 dagar sedan

    Oh my god- so much heart! Love this episode!

  88. depht frost

    depht frost

    15 dagar sedan

    R.I.P CUP OF WATER 11:30

  89. iStunt FN

    iStunt FN

    16 dagar sedan

    Why is Coleen crying every other scene? Like you can't run a business if you can't keep your emotions in check...

    • catrasuperiority


      13 dagar sedan

      its a stressful situation, its normal to be emotional when your restaurant is in deep shit

  90. Manky Mate

    Manky Mate

    16 dagar sedan

    Da wae

  91. Nicolas Waldelm

    Nicolas Waldelm

    16 dagar sedan

    Is the first time I actually felt sorry for the owners. I hope they made it work. Btw the logo confused me a bit tho.. japanese flag written American restaurant :p

  92. Dada Bar

    Dada Bar

    16 dagar sedan

    Anyone else loves Gordon’s way of using the word vibrant 50000 times a day?

  93. Rochelle Want

    Rochelle Want

    17 dagar sedan

    I love, love, love Chef Gordon Ramsay❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  94. Young Rzz

    Young Rzz

    17 dagar sedan

    “Enter as stranger date the owner”😂😂😂

  95. Solaire Solalalalalemon

    Solaire Solalalalalemon

    17 dagar sedan

    I wanna go check their restaurant out. Edit: I think it’s closed.

  96. SpongeMan


    17 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately this restaurant was closed but this was filmed like a decade ago



    17 dagar sedan

    33:34 This guys so sweet

  98. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    18 dagar sedan

    Is that guy Tony Montana at 37:40 in red shirt?

  99. Nate


    18 dagar sedan

    Jesus christ that's jason bourne 1:29

  100. Eeveelyn79


    18 dagar sedan

    I hope that Busboy is doing well