Gordon SHUTS DOWN Restaurant After Finding Cooked Meat Next To RAW Meat | Kitchen Nightmares


Gordon visits Fleming, where he learns how to make a duck out of aluminium foil and finds a potentially lethal mistake.

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  1. Kitchen Nightmares

    Kitchen Nightmares

    3 månader sedan

    brb gonna make a aluminium foil duck

    • belle .1

      belle .1

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      @dragonie I ❤️ I 🙄 I ❤️Iam ❤️❤️❤️ I ❤️ I 🙄🙄 I 🙄❤️❤️ I am

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      belle .1

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      @Liatis Aris ❤️❤️ I am 🙄🙄 I 🙄I 🙄I 🙄

    • belle .1

      belle .1

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      @dragonie 🙄 I 🙄❤️

    • belle .1

      belle .1

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      @dragonie I ❤️❤️I

    • PratYuPD


      2 dagar sedan

      yes chef, ok chef

  2. Niranjan R

    Niranjan R

    Timme sedan

    Customer: *seeing the duck* ah! Finally some good food, gotta fill my belly up Gordon: sorry its contaminated Customer: oh fucking shit! C'mon

  3. Rishabh Sharma

    Rishabh Sharma

    3 timmar sedan

    It always irritates me seeing all this food getting wasted. P.S. This was the smoothest episode on nightmare, which escalated quickly.

  4. Sec ond

    Sec ond

    6 timmar sedan

    I hope they are doing well now

  5. Sec ond

    Sec ond

    6 timmar sedan

    37:37 idk why did I feel proud when he said "Great Chef"

  6. Uros Markovic

    Uros Markovic

    9 timmar sedan

    Even my chest in minecraft looks more organized than that place



    10 timmar sedan


  8. BigHead


    20 timmar sedan

    cindee is lovely. receiving one of those swans would make my day too :)

  9. FRIDA 666

    FRIDA 666

    22 timmar sedan

    flemings? more like flaming 33:40

  10. Grimoire Weiss

    Grimoire Weiss

    23 timmar sedan

    It took 2 minutes to hear something like "You can't worry about something the old farts think". I know the show is old and etc but god have some respect. These people are your loyal customers who pay money to you. If they don't respect their old loyal customers how can I expect them to respect any of their customers? You are running a restaurant and not a tiktok channel or something. You need customers and it doesn't matter if they are young or old. It's a restaurant that serves food and not a bar with club music playing where people are more interested in looking at their food and filming it instead of finding a nice place and eating. After I wrote this I see others have noticed this too. When it was recorded that woman already looks old and today I think she is not too far from looking like her customers.

  11. Frex


    23 timmar sedan

    A disgrase to us danes... You should try some classic danish food before starting a restaurant 😂

  12. Amirul Ibrahim

    Amirul Ibrahim

    Dag sedan

    Is this scripted?

  13. 𝖝𝕷𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖑𝖞𝖇𝖔𝖎


    Dag sedan

    "I don't think a swan would cheer me up" Swan: yes chef, sorry chef

  14. luisa mae ajoc

    luisa mae ajoc

    Dag sedan

    😀 It's so lovely to see Chef Gordon get so excited about the swan. It almost seems like a sneak peek of him as a child starting to dream about being a great cook, and gets curious and excited about everything that concerns food. 😊

  15. PratYuPD


    2 dagar sedan

    The owners seemed to be really nice tho

  16. Angeline Baily

    Angeline Baily

    2 dagar sedan

    33:51 fleming was almost about to be flaming

  17. Velsbasketcase


    2 dagar sedan

    That Latina looks tasty.

  18. The Viewer

    The Viewer

    2 dagar sedan

    Andy’s glow up was so refreshing

  19. Sabina Machynia

    Sabina Machynia

    2 dagar sedan

    Gordon : Is here anybody colorblind? Owner : Yes actually I am. 🤣

  20. Dead by Daylight Gamer

    Dead by Daylight Gamer

    2 dagar sedan

    Omg 0:38 he Said Denmark BEST COUNTRY🇩🇰

  21. Czerkasdk


    2 dagar sedan

    as a danish im very disapointed thats what people think is danish food. They should be assemed because that is not the denmark i know. they put me and my country in bad lighting

  22. Sandusan


    3 dagar sedan

    He should visit India, many restaurants will be shut down. Though there are many good restaurants.

  23. Donald Morrison

    Donald Morrison

    3 dagar sedan

    The manager at the beginning 😂😂 “we read the obituary” 😂

  24. Xeni


    3 dagar sedan

    Missed opportunity for him to say "Frikadelle? Shitadelle."

  25. Jayson Mangalino

    Jayson Mangalino

    3 dagar sedan

    Orlando's reactions are the real deal 😂

  26. TheHeat55


    3 dagar sedan

    Suzanne is a knock-out. :-)

  27. RED-X


    3 dagar sedan

    my gram could do it better and shes dead what a legend

  28. RED-X


    3 dagar sedan

    actually, andy is one of those few owners who had no problems in change

  29. Henry Townshend

    Henry Townshend

    3 dagar sedan

    Why Caesar salad shall not have carrots

  30. Henry Townshend

    Henry Townshend

    3 dagar sedan

    Gordon usually check the kitchen fridge early in the morning but not in this video

  31. Pourya Lalee

    Pourya Lalee

    3 dagar sedan

    Emil from Zecks, orlando and chef Aaron from seafood restaurant were the most talented chefs I’ve seen in this series

  32. metal87power


    3 dagar sedan

    It's Danish because it's depressing as a typical Danish citizen.

  33. Elena Razpopova

    Elena Razpopova

    4 dagar sedan

    Gordon roasting the colour palate : Is someone here colourblind? The man and his wife : Yeahhh Gordon : … Me: When the joke isn’t a joke anymore

  34. Jai Jai

    Jai Jai

    4 dagar sedan

    Ilove this episode

  35. Roshan Rajeev

    Roshan Rajeev

    4 dagar sedan

    Gordon ramsey is the savior of failing kitchen

  36. Jonas Knudsen

    Jonas Knudsen

    4 dagar sedan

    So... danish food is not eligible to be a good dish to enjoy? I'm danish and I am thinking through the dishes.. Nothing stands out. We are just shit at making things pop

  37. Moncey1


    4 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does this episode feel super rushed?

  38. Valentin Wipff

    Valentin Wipff

    4 dagar sedan

    "My gran could do better and she is dead". LMAO I'm dead too with that comment.

  39. KIK I

    KIK I

    4 dagar sedan

    You can put Butter and a lil bit garlic and Salt and everything is better

  40. Peppercorn


    4 dagar sedan

    33:41 “theres a fire theres a fire!” Meanwhile the camera man who was filming that found the fire like 2 minutes ago:” im just not going to say anything.”

  41. Mulalo Ratshidaho

    Mulalo Ratshidaho

    4 dagar sedan

    I'm soon flying to the USA to open a South African restaurant 😋

  42. Ichiwo


    4 dagar sedan

    Another restaurant that closed...Were there any actual successes after Gordon went there? Just one closure after another.

  43. shilpa kamble

    shilpa kamble

    5 dagar sedan

    I have seen too many of these to know that this was one of the most wholesome episodes. Every single staff member, chef, owners are kind hearted. No Drama or BS, just some straight up good people struggling to handle the business.

  44. Rdronline_clipz


    5 dagar sedan

    When Gordon spoke a different language after he felt he felt like an idiot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Justin Bailey

    Justin Bailey

    5 dagar sedan

    24:51 me when i see big anime boba

  46. Justin Bailey

    Justin Bailey

    5 dagar sedan

    girls in hentai when a guy lightly taps their shoulder 21:59

  47. Dx Dx6

    Dx Dx6

    5 dagar sedan

    13:58, he asked for it

  48. Neptuna


    5 dagar sedan

    I know I'm late but, what was wrong with the duck?

  49. Eshal Shehzad

    Eshal Shehzad

    5 dagar sedan


  50. Totokea


    6 dagar sedan

    Orlando is definitely a coke dealer as as side job

  51. Vishal Choudhary

    Vishal Choudhary

    6 dagar sedan

    How wasted food these guys .............even u dont know value of food 👍

  52. Chandan Behera

    Chandan Behera

    6 dagar sedan

    the previous decor was better

  53. J O

    J O

    6 dagar sedan

    Waste of potentially good food if cooked in a better way 😅

  54. Jordan M

    Jordan M

    6 dagar sedan

    24:50 I’m sorry?!

  55. AGS


    7 dagar sedan

    they do not know anything about Denmark or the Danish food, Cuban cook cooking or trying to cook something he does not know anything about what a disaster, the food does not look anything like that in Denmark

  56. porschine


    7 dagar sedan

    I literally order duck everywhere I could get ist.....and my imun system is so week....this restaurant would have killed me 😅

  57. Prajwal Ingle

    Prajwal Ingle

    7 dagar sedan

    Looking something like this.... I don't wish to ever eat from restaurants

  58. Alex Lowe

    Alex Lowe

    7 dagar sedan

    andy is a big dosser useless pudding

  59. Anonymous


    7 dagar sedan

    is it just me or Suzanne looks like Catriona Gray

  60. Saptamy Morey

    Saptamy Morey

    7 dagar sedan

    Tha amount of food that gets wasted 😬

  61. Sid Cowan

    Sid Cowan

    7 dagar sedan

    I love how the server said “Dinner’s ready!” 🥰 So sweet of her to do the foil swans 🦢

  62. Alexander Bjerregaard

    Alexander Bjerregaard

    7 dagar sedan

    I work at a Old danish restaurant, annnnd it’s not near danish food🤟🤟🤟but yeah gg go next

  63. Raja Hamza

    Raja Hamza

    7 dagar sedan

    30:56 my fav part 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  64. Mayank Soni

    Mayank Soni

    7 dagar sedan

    chef was PISSED yo, so i researched a bit about foodborne pathogens (them things that transfer from raw to cooked food) and they can be deadly fo real fo real

  65. Sad Duck

    Sad Duck

    7 dagar sedan

    lesh go denmark

  66. nessagirl1911


    8 dagar sedan

    You know Orlando is passionate about cooking when he starts crying over an oven.

  67. JB 001

    JB 001

    8 dagar sedan

    Most of the unhappy diners need to lose weight anyway.

  68. Tim Pedersen - Voice Acting

    Tim Pedersen - Voice Acting

    8 dagar sedan

    I will never not enjoy non-danes saying "Frikadeller". It sounds so odd in their accent.

  69. nooby noobington

    nooby noobington

    8 dagar sedan

    i feel all the wives are more sensible than the husbands lol

  70. Abby Ko

    Abby Ko

    8 dagar sedan

    Orlando is the most passionate chef I’ve ever seen in Kitchen Nightmares.

  71. abhi


    8 dagar sedan

    who else saw the old classic mustang in the background ?

  72. Hi 89

    Hi 89

    8 dagar sedan

    3:19 mustang

  73. Chaos Tade

    Chaos Tade

    8 dagar sedan

    So gordon basically said fuck denmark? haha

  74. GTA5_YT


    8 dagar sedan

    Hello there

  75. Chaos Tade

    Chaos Tade

    8 dagar sedan

    cmon its staged as fuck. Everyone gives their plate back. I havent seen that in any other episode, and we all know how shit the food is in every single of these restaurants. No one would take all the plates back just because the taste is blunt.

  76. Brazdicni


    8 dagar sedan

    Ola pessoas dos youtubes

  77. Sun Screen✔️

    Sun Screen✔️

    8 dagar sedan

    Like denne kommentar hvis du kommer fra Denmark Rød grød med fløde

  78. Patrik Rydberg

    Patrik Rydberg

    8 dagar sedan

    What I always get from these things are not businesses saved, I just see lives changed, minds invigorated and relationships kickstarted. I love it.

  79. MrRedstone


    9 dagar sedan

    Gas burners can be really dangerous when malfunctioning, and this is a great example of how. They work when kept in tip top shape by regular maintenance, but one mistake and you could literally blow up a building. Electric stoves are a lot safer.

  80. subserver


    9 dagar sedan

    *Kitchens on fire* Camera Man: going for the close up, *very interesting*

  81. Madidi Riyami

    Madidi Riyami

    9 dagar sedan

    I love chef Ramsey 😘😘😘

  82. Forrest Fey

    Forrest Fey

    9 dagar sedan

    Denmark is famous for modern interior design. That pink room was horrible.

  83. Anna


    10 dagar sedan

    Fleming? More like flaming… Honestly how didn’t they notice the fire sooner?



    10 dagar sedan

    I get so frustrated after seeing the amount of food going in the dustbin😠😡

  85. ᴇʟᴇᴄ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍʏᴛʜɪᴄ ᴄᴀᴛ

    ᴇʟᴇᴄ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍʏᴛʜɪᴄ ᴄᴀᴛ

    10 dagar sedan

    Mrbeast needs to go to the in debt restaurants

  86. asdghaith


    10 dagar sedan

    they deserved everything the best restaurant ever! and the most good hearted people

  87. Christian Fogh Sørensen

    Christian Fogh Sørensen

    10 dagar sedan

    Well not much of the food was even a little danish a all. however, after seing the staff, and the food the chef made in the start, I was actually surprises to see any danish food at all. However, the food Gordon got was at least danish all the way through. but the salmon, I have never seen before in that way tho. However, the thing Gordon doesn't understand is that danish food need to be strange, boring, unseasoned, tasteless and overcooked! :-P

  88. Dopey Tripod

    Dopey Tripod

    10 dagar sedan

    I LIKE WEED......Kent Weed

  89. Nicolas Caron

    Nicolas Caron

    10 dagar sedan

    Man, that fashion show was awkward.

  90. Shania Dirstein

    Shania Dirstein

    10 dagar sedan

    That duck looked terrible. You could just see how dry the meat was when Gordon was cutting it

  91. Natan


    10 dagar sedan

    Fleming more like *Flaming*

  92. Noasofus


    10 dagar sedan

    im danish laughing my ass out when gordon says: Hvordan er du= voo den erghhhh dyu

  93. sad pepe is good pepe

    sad pepe is good pepe

    11 dagar sedan

    The blue plates looks like Royal Copenhagen. Which is honestly the most danish thing about this whole place. Non of the food is really that danish. As a Dane i would be offened being served this and saying its Danish.

  94. HowToLiveOnEarth


    11 dagar sedan

    Crystal 🔥

  95. BackExecutive


    11 dagar sedan

    Gordon is not just a top tier chef, he is a health inspector and a designer lol

    • Quartz Skull

      Quartz Skull

      10 dagar sedan

      Actually all of the above

  96. Johnny B

    Johnny B

    11 dagar sedan

    Didn’t realise hulk hogan worked at Flemings Amazing Plus whoever came up with idea of a swimsuit fashion show needs promoting Class

  97. Kiana Kristensen

    Kiana Kristensen

    12 dagar sedan

    fleming quickly turned into flaming- im sorry that wasnt funny-

  98. E E

    E E

    12 dagar sedan

    As a dane it makes me happy to see denmark in the highlight. Even if its just a label on a normal restaurant to attract people

  99. Asif Miles

    Asif Miles

    12 dagar sedan

    15:20 Gordon : "Please excuse me" Guy : hey I'm enjoying ma food! That's ma food!!

  100. Searchingforcrosser


    12 dagar sedan

    He is the "best" chef you can find? No offense to Orlando but he is Cuban. Now if you are a Mexican restaurant it's ok but Danish? Too far of an influence. It would be better to find a French, Irish or German chef. Where do you find it? Let's see....maybe OUTSIDE of Miami, Florida? They say New York or Los Angeles are melting pots. You would say "too far". Oh yeah? Well, That's where they might reside. Or here's a better idea. Don't open a Danish restaurant in a Latin American Neighborhood. Flavor profiles are different.