chefs caught lying in 4k | Kitchen Nightmares


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  1. Mohammed Reda

    Mohammed Reda

    Månad sedan

    "NO ONE MENTION THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY 4K" You just got caught in 8k.

    • It’s Abdul YT

      It’s Abdul YT

      40 minuter sedan

      @Karen will expose you yea exactly

    • calamondin~


      2 timmar sedan

      i love how the kitchen nightmares team has a sense of humour

    • Jerome Suarez

      Jerome Suarez

      10 timmar sedan


    • Sparwhal


      18 timmar sedan

      NO, IT'S 16K

    • Harshit Krishna

      Harshit Krishna

      Dag sedan

      @Karen will expose you no

  2. It’s Abdul YT

    It’s Abdul YT

    44 minuter sedan

    It’s 8k not 4K



    52 minuter sedan

    Lock the fucking door 😂😂

  4. I have a starring problem

    I have a starring problem

    Timme sedan

    These titles 😭

  5. Romz MLG

    Romz MLG

    Timme sedan

    Ok whos running this channel 😂

  6. tasker_989


    2 timmar sedan

    More like 480p

  7. Ziolek2000


    2 timmar sedan

    "Lock the fucking door!" 🙆

  8. Leechinghenba Lairenmayum

    Leechinghenba Lairenmayum

    3 timmar sedan

    Caught lying In 4k killed me😆

  9. Silentwarrior TS

    Silentwarrior TS

    6 timmar sedan

    Gordon is pretty good at keeping his cool even under stressful environtment

  10. Flashstar 123

    Flashstar 123

    6 timmar sedan

    I find it funny when Gordon finds something like plastic in the food, the chefs can’t even refute

  11. Stompwol s

    Stompwol s

    6 timmar sedan

    nice 4k btw

  12. Z Chong

    Z Chong

    8 timmar sedan

    in 4k lmaooo

  13. Sir Santiago808

    Sir Santiago808

    9 timmar sedan

    Thank goodness I can watch people lying in 4k

  14. Tom Dytorn

    Tom Dytorn

    11 timmar sedan

    Who comes up with this clickbait?? I can only watch it 1080

  15. Rissal S

    Rissal S

    12 timmar sedan

    Gordon is such a good chef ,all of his restaurants went bankrupt.....

  16. dizoonato


    13 timmar sedan

    Genuinely felt bad for the Waitress lmao.

  17. Vicente Paez

    Vicente Paez

    15 timmar sedan

    8:20 "just smell that" *tiny clashing sound* "just smell that" *tiny clashing sound" "and smell that...FUCKIN SMELL THAT" "YES I SMELL IT" "well whats it smell of" *tiny clashing sound*

  18. Stand Down

    Stand Down

    15 timmar sedan

    Non English speaking cheap labor in the basement serving Americans rotten poisonous food.... They should shut this place down permanently .....

  19. Ben Isakson

    Ben Isakson

    16 timmar sedan

    git got caught in 8k ultra hd

  20. Kenneth Broce

    Kenneth Broce

    17 timmar sedan

    Oof that's rough

  21. Belinda Burke

    Belinda Burke

    17 timmar sedan

    The offbeat loss undoubtedly borrow because patch specifically use under a whispering deer. enchanting, ethereal detail

  22. Will Phillips

    Will Phillips

    17 timmar sedan

    Not 4k

  23. exvkl


    19 timmar sedan

    bro who is making these titles 💀

  24. Kubsztal Subsztal

    Kubsztal Subsztal

    20 timmar sedan


  25. HI HI

    HI HI

    22 timmar sedan

    What season and episode is this?

  26. Fevverzz


    Dag sedan

    this channel never fails to impress me with its titles

  27. I'm A Garlic

    I'm A Garlic

    Dag sedan

    Eggplants from 3 weeks ago?! Yikes!!

  28. Hassooonii63


    Dag sedan

    Bro the people making these titles are going offf

  29. Zane Martin

    Zane Martin

    Dag sedan

    i was gonna mention it was only 1080p and not 4k but then i saw the description

  30. Josh Caleb

    Josh Caleb

    Dag sedan

    Dude these are insanely funny

  31. luxuryva


    Dag sedan

    what episode was that last part of the video i want to see it

  32. speeddude16


    Dag sedan

    This video only goes up to 1080 bro!

  33. Project  Baby

    Project Baby

    Dag sedan

    Ramsey stay asking for 2 seconds 😂

  34. irry Uang

    irry Uang

    Dag sedan

    What 4K

  35. Project  Baby

    Project Baby

    Dag sedan

    This Title 😭😭

  36. Ian Pitts

    Ian Pitts

    Dag sedan

    No cooked meat near raw meat? Gordon wouldn't like my fridge...

  37. Jaroslav Cech

    Jaroslav Cech

    Dag sedan

    Listening to the staff reminds me of Sopranos :D

  38. Peter Henderson

    Peter Henderson

    Dag sedan

    caught in 1080p

  39. Miguel Estacio

    Miguel Estacio

    Dag sedan

    1:19 I was half-listening to this part cause I was pre-occupied with something else and had to double take because I thought Gordon had asked what he put in the previous dish. I heard “painkillers” and was immediately like *wtf*

  40. b47


    Dag sedan

    "wow that's fkng disgusting" got me xD

  41. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith

    Dag sedan

    The enchanted opinion distinctly disarm because relish suggestively man till a tame move. extra-large extra-small exuberant, ludicrous train

  42. Kaung Khant Zay

    Kaung Khant Zay

    Dag sedan

    ayo that's like 0.5 k

  43. Sean KhmerSight

    Sean KhmerSight

    Dag sedan

    Sorry too much F words to describe the situation

  44. LovelyDovely


    Dag sedan

    "I don't have plastic in my kitchen." And the floor isnt floor anymore.

  45. Rhys McCleary

    Rhys McCleary

    Dag sedan

    Crushed dreams in glorious 4k.

  46. JayNastyMods -

    JayNastyMods -

    Dag sedan

    why lie when YOU’RE the one who called him to help YOU 😪

  47. ClickForTaz’s Landlord

    ClickForTaz’s Landlord

    Dag sedan

    me: “oh the food is half dece-“ gordon: “that looks like a big pile of shit” me: “yeah take that food to the dumpster”

  48. Coco Mochii

    Coco Mochii

    Dag sedan

    i like it cut G u got caught lying in 4.5M 👁v👁🤜🏼📸

  49. Prank Onic

    Prank Onic

    Dag sedan

    Netflix: are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 7:20

  50. Gutschan


    Dag sedan

    Man all that food looks great

  51. Hydro Doughboi

    Hydro Doughboi

    Dag sedan

    Caught in 1080P

  52. Brenden Fowler

    Brenden Fowler

    Dag sedan

    Huge reason I didn't want to become a chef Is the ego that comes with it sometimes, like damn "if he doesn't like it I'll throw it at him" what kind of childish shit, bruh.

  53. Tonie Galicia

    Tonie Galicia

    Dag sedan

    I like the gen z title 💀

  54. HEX


    Dag sedan

    Me getting 95 grade average My parents:

  55. Lam Vu nhu

    Lam Vu nhu

    Dag sedan

    I was eating and I shouldn't have watched this

  56. Pew News

    Pew News

    Dag sedan

    The fact that Gordon’s palate can call that something was frozen more than a week ago

  57. Kat Pizano

    Kat Pizano

    Dag sedan

    Clean for 2 years. Incredible success.

  58. Jonas Tan

    Jonas Tan

    Dag sedan

    I am super convinced that the person who names the title will finally convince Jen that she’s not a medium rare girl

  59. gina nobleza

    gina nobleza

    Dag sedan

    I saw a jojo refrence snd im not gonns show it : v

  60. George Yang

    George Yang

    Dag sedan

    Caught in 4k

  61. alec juho

    alec juho

    Dag sedan

    bro im trying to quit opiates currently and im telling you it isnt easy. but im doing it and it feels nice to see someone who's managed to get off of them completely. i hope he's stayed clean

  62. Jamil Angon

    Jamil Angon

    Dag sedan

    caught on 480p scaled up to 1080p

  63. RandomKitty


    Dag sedan

    It's impossible to at work at 11 in the morning? Did someone ever tell him that majority of fast food and dinners open as early as 7am?

  64. anonymous 897

    anonymous 897

    Dag sedan

    Now who’s running this account

  65. Niwag


    Dag sedan

    For some reason I just Wanna Watch The World Crumble and Burn! Along with People's Hopes being Destroyed and Dying Inside! 😄😃

  66. g w

    g w

    Dag sedan

    damn is this 4k? looks maybe 144p

  67. SipeDude


    Dag sedan

    ramsey: OH dis SUCKS me:like that steak you make that MELTS in your MOUTH

  68. ExplodingCat


    Dag sedan

    I like how he actually has a good reason to be a jerk to everyone in this show.

  69. King Arthur

    King Arthur

    Dag sedan

    Does no one think to, say, clean the pantry before Ramsay arrives?

  70. AnimeGurl PlayzRoblox

    AnimeGurl PlayzRoblox

    Dag sedan

    Speaking of Cesar salad, if you go to Long Horn Steak House they have the BEST Cesar salad. And I don't even eat salad like that! 😩✋🏽

  71. Mc Shibby

    Mc Shibby

    Dag sedan


  72. Nardo Sanmero

    Nardo Sanmero

    Dag sedan

    @2:54 you're welcome

  73. Fionna's Gameplay

    Fionna's Gameplay

    Dag sedan

    Gordon: Are they always served with raw onions? Waiter: Yeah Gordon: Nah Damn he shut that down real quick 🤣

  74. Envy


    Dag sedan


  75. Husbruncle (Lexus)

    Husbruncle (Lexus)

    Dag sedan

    "Its impossible to be here 11 in the morning" I'm a 18 year old boy that just started working in the kitchen a few months ago working from 7am to 3pm Monday-Friday.

  76. Hades My G

    Hades My G

    Dag sedan

    My broke ass who finds golden corral good, will definitely like most of the restaurants Gordon finds appalling

  77. Troy Kitchens

    Troy Kitchens

    Dag sedan

    I was in four years. I been sober 2. Dude was having a better time locked up than lots of ppl

  78. BlueBirdBoy


    Dag sedan

    Hes right every fucking time to be fair. That shit was rancid.

  79. tfaded


    Dag sedan

    I've been watching all the reruns on Samsung TV, it's crazy how ballsy some ppl get lol

  80. _FaithAndLove_ 02

    _FaithAndLove_ 02

    Dag sedan

    Chef Ramsay: *smelling jars of who knows what and squishing rotten produce* Me: *gagging* does this man have no gag reflex!? Or is he just really good at controlling it!?



    Dag sedan

    Help me blow up like fatboibari

  82. Cecilia Gonzalez

    Cecilia Gonzalez

    Dag sedan

    "It's impossible to be here at 11 in the morning!" Me when I'm at work by 9:30: 👁👄👁 Get me in the Guiness Book of World Records then, damn.

  83. Quocalimar Anon

    Quocalimar Anon

    Dag sedan

    He did NOT have to stick his thumb in the rotten lettuce. I actually screamed!

  84. Braden The Man

    Braden The Man

    2 dagar sedan


  85. JC Carreira

    JC Carreira

    2 dagar sedan

    Ramsey’s own brother was an addict. So he has sympathy for the situation.

  86. Doby


    2 dagar sedan

    "it's like something out of a modern art museum!" Gordon, is that supposed to be an insult...?

  87. Satya Prakash Tripathi

    Satya Prakash Tripathi

    2 dagar sedan

    Give him daal chawal with some aachaar 😂

  88. put username here

    put username here

    2 dagar sedan

    holy sh*t it in 4k

  89. Meme Daily

    Meme Daily

    2 dagar sedan

    *chef caught lying in 240p

  90. Lee Allan

    Lee Allan

    2 dagar sedan

    what is this 4k? I can only see 1080P HD

  91. Tareks PLAYS

    Tareks PLAYS

    2 dagar sedan

    Who fucking owns this channel

  92. Azuwu


    2 dagar sedan

    These titles are becoming better and better..eventually we will get references from the Bible as titles

  93. Zxzano


    2 dagar sedan

    The egg plant involtini looked alright to be honest

  94. ThePirateOrc


    2 dagar sedan

    Chef: where d, where, where did you find this Gordon Ramsay: WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I FOUND THIS!! Lmfao

  95. snorf


    2 dagar sedan

    who is making these titles

  96. tonk


    2 dagar sedan

    title: chefs caught lying in 4k quality: 1080p max

  97. arthurCallahan


    2 dagar sedan


  98. IntelliPocalypse


    2 dagar sedan

    While normal people lie in 480p HQ

  99. VILLSC


    2 dagar sedan

    Who makes these titles

  100. Vhinz Plays

    Vhinz Plays

    2 dagar sedan

    This is not 4K lmao