Gordon Ramsay Served Stuffed Clams Without Clams | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay visits Tavolini, where the food isn't the only problem in the restaurant.

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  1. Mark Mullen

    Mark Mullen

    29 minuter sedan

    Buy a restaurant you're driving past when you have zero experience in the industry. 🤔

  2. doma s. level 5

    doma s. level 5

    2 timmar sedan

    damn this got from 0 to a 100 real quick

  3. Ben Bowhay

    Ben Bowhay

    2 timmar sedan

    just googled it, “permanently closed”

  4. Alessia Pintiuta

    Alessia Pintiuta

    3 timmar sedan

    26:34 🤌

  5. burningxmage


    3 timmar sedan

    I will nvr understand why so many owners says this,” if the restaurant closes, I don’t see our marriage continuing”

  6. DumNotFound


    3 timmar sedan

    how many ads are in a video

  7. it is i

    it is i

    4 timmar sedan

    Van is so mature and i love that he stands up for himself

  8. Miloš Kalužnik

    Miloš Kalužnik

    4 timmar sedan

    I just don't get how someone can undercook a fish. Like, I can properly cook salmon on a propane stove that rememebrs the rule of Gustáv Husák and communists in '69 and these restaurants where you have to PAY for their stuff can't even make warm meals? That's just crazy to me.

    • Cedrek


      19 minuter sedan

      @Miloš Kalužnik nah , i'm just saying it's a tough job , i mean don't understimate being a chef that much like saying i can cook better , it's 100 people waiting for their orders like cats , it's hard , i'm not saying it's okay to be served a crappy food , but if i hear chefs complaining i totally understand , because it's really hard

    • Miloš Kalužnik

      Miloš Kalužnik

      Timme sedan

      @Cedrek That's all fine and dandy. Here is the deal: If thousands of restaurants all over the world can do it, so can people in this show that certainly don't have a hundred orders waiting and are desperate to get some customers as was shown in this video. I mean, sorry for me wanting some quality service that I am paying for, I guess.

    • Cedrek


      Timme sedan

      well in ur home sitting and cooking for yourself relaxed no pressure on you of course you will cook it good , but try cook the same fish in 10 minues in a kitchen with people yelling and screaming waiting for their order to come out and with good taste and more than 100 orders waiting for you ...

  9. Jack Dean

    Jack Dean

    5 timmar sedan

    Imagine if that was your step dad 😩😩😂😂😂

  10. Lion Heart

    Lion Heart

    5 timmar sedan

    sucked in, VPN wins, you loose!

  11. calmsweeper


    6 timmar sedan

    The editing at 19:03 is absolutely horrendous even for Kitchen Nightmares. "I saw you walk outside with your coat ON AND you were SAT in THE cAaAarrr"

  12. Liam Murphy

    Liam Murphy

    6 timmar sedan

    It doesn't surprise me, his name is Keith so I mean

  13. La Cai

    La Cai

    7 timmar sedan

    free tip, if you cant plan your eating, dont plan to start a business, or dont plan at all! its just not yar strong suites.

  14. Kim Hå

    Kim Hå

    7 timmar sedan

    I didn't realize that their first language isn't English at first, but it became more apparent when the lady read Gordon the letter.

  15. Dean Susec

    Dean Susec

    7 timmar sedan

    'let's just keep this between us' films it for public to watch :P

  16. Shayna Jewell

    Shayna Jewell

    8 timmar sedan

    Well...Joli didn't hold back, did she?

  17. Aveera Whitestone

    Aveera Whitestone

    8 timmar sedan

    You know the restoraunt is fucked when McDonald's has more coherence in the kitchen... Signed, MCD's employee

  18. Erwin Luce

    Erwin Luce

    8 timmar sedan

    So, they still closed?

  19. King Nash Badiang

    King Nash Badiang

    8 timmar sedan

    I bet Michael smokes 10 packs per day

  20. catherine ringwood

    catherine ringwood

    9 timmar sedan

    8:18 where's the clam sauce!!!! Sorry had to be done 😅😅

  21. Thalia Nox

    Thalia Nox

    9 timmar sedan

    Thye should've made Van the owner, he's a good hardworking kid. Seemed a lot more capable that his parents

  22. JarellGames


    13 timmar sedan

    camera man be like: HOLY SHIT

  23. Alternative Headlines

    Alternative Headlines

    18 timmar sedan

    I'd just love to knock Gordon Ramsay's lights out. He won't know what hit him

  24. FN_18


    21 timme sedan

    they closed the restaurant weeks after the show

    • I've Been Watching You Sleep, Starting

      I've Been Watching You Sleep, Starting

      13 timmar sedan

      Go figure, most of them do. You can't fix months/years of issues in just a few days, especially when those issues run deeper than the restaurant.

  25. tiff tu

    tiff tu

    22 timmar sedan

    i love you mr gordon ramsay

    • Cumming Cider

      Cumming Cider

      14 timmar sedan

      Do u fancy him pal x

  26. Alex Donohoe

    Alex Donohoe

    23 timmar sedan

    If a stepfather told me to watch myself, I’d chin him on the spot, or being aggressive with my Mother. He’s an outsider

    • Cumming Cider

      Cumming Cider

      14 timmar sedan

      What a hard legend you are pal x

  27. Mr. Romaro

    Mr. Romaro

    23 timmar sedan

    I think this video mistyped stuffed clams. I think they meant to say stuffed hams. That's what I call hamburgers

  28. Mr. Romaro

    Mr. Romaro

    23 timmar sedan

    Van gets angry Michael gets frustrated Ricky gets upset And Nino runs up to every table and says hello my name's NINOoOo!

    • qopoy dnon

      qopoy dnon

      22 timmar sedan

      I've seen a lot of these episodes now, and these are the most incompetent and useless owners. I would've been surprised at any other ending.

  29. MacNab Productions

    MacNab Productions

    Dag sedan

    Mightve been a smaal ktchen but functional and clean... Very good to see.. normally Gordon normally goes bat shit crazy with the kitchen inspection

  30. German Autos

    German Autos

    Dag sedan

    The waiter kid/servant LOL is acting like he owns the restaurant haha fucking employee of the minimum wage month has spoken

  31. helen m

    helen m

    Dag sedan

    gorden just wants ti help

  32. Silvia OV

    Silvia OV

    Dag sedan

    The narcissist stepfather apologising FOR his wife and stepson instead of apologising TO them makes my blood boil.



    Dag sedan

    Is it possible to tone down the dramatic music and upload?

    • Cumming Cider

      Cumming Cider

      14 timmar sedan

      Shut it magnum bong. Ur absolutely pish pal. Beat it.

  34. Abdul Wahab Loane

    Abdul Wahab Loane

    Dag sedan

    i thought the guy at 5:10 was the butt hut cannabis jar high as a kite dude

  35. Soco cat

    Soco cat

    Dag sedan

    what is the way to make "good" food?

  36. Oliver Murdock

    Oliver Murdock

    Dag sedan

    tail on head off knees and toes knees and toes

  37. Tina Bolesful

    Tina Bolesful

    Dag sedan

    Urrrgh her saying "I'm starving" in a mini mouse voice made me sick

  38. Flamingpiano


    Dag sedan

    These people are a few clams short of a clam

  39. AN LAYAW


    Dag sedan

    I really admire those people in the kitchen,very professional and respectful to each other and never argue with chef G.

  40. KnitLove HK

    KnitLove HK

    Dag sedan

    The video edit is so great .Like this video. Looks delicious. Thanks

  41. ヤシの木Palm Tree

    ヤシの木Palm Tree

    Dag sedan

    19:20 sums it up pretty good lol.

  42. yasmine a.

    yasmine a.

    Dag sedan

    van, michael and his team are so lovely

  43. Logan Roy

    Logan Roy

    Dag sedan

    I've seen a lot of these episodes now, and these are the most incompetent and useless owners. I would've been surprised at any other ending.

  44. 妖夢オオカミ


    Dag sedan

    It's unfortunate that Cafe Tavolini Closed Back in 2010.

  45. The Positivity Guy

    The Positivity Guy

    Dag sedan

    Ah yes, my favourite alternate dish to Stuffed Clams; S t u f f e d .

  46. Peter Thomas

    Peter Thomas

    Dag sedan

    I've watched this halfway through so far, I can't see it ending well. Keith doesn't have it in him - he might pretend to have changed for a few weeks, but leopards, spots & all that... Having now watched to the end - no surprise, no marriage and no restaurant. I feel sorry for the kids; they tried their best, stood up & said it like it was - good luck to them, but both parents are clueless wasters.

  47. Theodor Lenjuvik

    Theodor Lenjuvik

    Dag sedan

    I like in the start that gordon says its amazing and the commentator says hes amazing

  48. Dave Vallarta

    Dave Vallarta

    Dag sedan

    8:47 im dying HAHAHAAHAH

  49. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    Dag sedan

    Respect to the admin. Every Friday goes down.

  50. Seven Words Music

    Seven Words Music

    Dag sedan

    This place is clearly for washing money, the owner is a gangster, look at him: 17:56

  51. Cryptic


    Dag sedan

    So the kitchen miraculously put out the tables that were 1.30h behind just cause Keith said "get it together guys"? Im a cook and that's just poor screenwriting.

  52. Asparagus


    Dag sedan

    I was so hopeful and about to write a positive opinion on the couple but then the "where are they now" segment came on and I just felt sad.

  53. Angus Uchiha

    Angus Uchiha

    Dag sedan

    meatball salad got me, i'll be honest

    • vbddfy euuyt

      vbddfy euuyt

      Dag sedan

      Michael kinda looks like Alec Baldwin.

  54. Allrounder Qlayze

    Allrounder Qlayze

    Dag sedan

    i like the fact, that they just add sound effects while gordan is pokeing the food, to make it more disgusting

  55. 24magiccarrot


    Dag sedan

    It's amazing how many times on this show that owners of failing restaurants are shocked that the problem is with the food. Plenty of people would put up with substandard decor and service if the food is good enough for the price.

  56. Toni Draženović

    Toni Draženović

    Dag sedan

    Only show🤣🤣 fake cry

  57. Lucio Estibeiro

    Lucio Estibeiro

    Dag sedan

    Would you rather have unlimited bacon but no clams or stuffed clams without clams

  58. rigdigwus


    Dag sedan

    lmao those 2 are just so far from reality, it’s just hilarious

  59. Poopfacelol


    2 dagar sedan

    I'll save you guys a google, the closed in 2010

  60. Cainesy


    2 dagar sedan

    Dude yells at his wife and stepkid on a dime but stumbles with his words when talking to strangers. I hate cowards like this.

  61. denis hancock

    denis hancock

    2 dagar sedan

    I have watched more of these than most and I still am puzzled on where the get the first footage of the restraunt booming like did they just happen to be filming 😂

  62. whydou3v3ntry2r34dth1s


    2 dagar sedan

    2:45 suck it flat earthers. why do you think you cannot see the towers first floor

  63. Matt Garrett

    Matt Garrett

    2 dagar sedan

    "SHUT UP!" Gordon: "Whose ass am I about to beat?"

  64. Mester Fzario

    Mester Fzario

    2 dagar sedan

    10:25 did she just say "we're about to get raped right now"

  65. Praise The Bois

    Praise The Bois

    2 dagar sedan


  66. Moazam Ali

    Moazam Ali

    2 dagar sedan

    (Keith and Lisa) Both lucky because Chef Ramsay was in good mood 😁

  67. Logan malough

    Logan malough

    2 dagar sedan

    Michael kinda looks like Alec Baldwin.

  68. Jennifer Jenny

    Jennifer Jenny

    2 dagar sedan

    I've always wondered what happened to Van. Couldn't find anything online

  69. Enkabard


    2 dagar sedan

    When editor have to go home early: 12:19

  70. Roshna


    2 dagar sedan

    Seeing Van and Joli smile it is the best thing!

  71. Noel Donnell

    Noel Donnell

    2 dagar sedan

    11:35,”your son not mine”…. Says a lot about a mans character right there.

  72. MuMi Tv

    MuMi Tv

    2 dagar sedan

    what is with them today

  73. Mukund Shivakumar

    Mukund Shivakumar

    2 dagar sedan

    These videos make me think that I'd be able to run a restaurant way better than these morons

  74. Banana Pants

    Banana Pants

    2 dagar sedan

    Not the letter 💀💀

  75. Random Fan

    Random Fan

    2 dagar sedan

    The fact that the step dad always walks out whenever he's piss is not right... It's his fault why the restaurant was like that ಠ_ʖಠ

  76. Brett Harland

    Brett Harland

    2 dagar sedan

    I like to come to the comments to see when these restaurants enevitably folded..

  77. i'm just cleaning vents

    i'm just cleaning vents

    2 dagar sedan

    Wow when he started threatening van all my respect is gone

  78. Playmaker Games

    Playmaker Games

    2 dagar sedan

    Owner: Ramsey, we need help Ramsey walks inside the restaurant Owner: Noice, Imma serve him microwaved food

    • Michael Pettersson

      Michael Pettersson

      2 dagar sedan

      Exactly why we eat at resturants, to enjoy a microwaved TV dinner...

  79. Cory kombat

    Cory kombat

    2 dagar sedan

    Netx video :- Gordon gets a glass of water without water.

  80. Xian-Hannah


    2 dagar sedan

    im surprised at how (somewhat) calm Van was when giving his mother the food that she ordered in the car, I would've just thrown it on the ground and said fuck you tbh.

  81. H.S. Lee

    H.S. Lee

    2 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or the new interior and exterior decor worse than before?

  82. Reflex


    2 dagar sedan

    Whats that Van guys insta he kinda bad

  83. Reflex


    2 dagar sedan

    Gordon makes me bricked up

  84. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    2 dagar sedan

    These two are like the textbook definition of people who shouldn’t own a restaurant.

  85. Celine dd

    Celine dd

    2 dagar sedan

    I have the terrible feeling that keith is abusive towards lisa...

    • Tilda Johansson

      Tilda Johansson

      Dag sedan

      Same, he yells to her to shut up and when seeing her cry he apologized to Gordon not his lover. I was absolutely disgusted by that.



    2 dagar sedan

    I'm going to open a Cob Shop piss to a restaurant

  87. Simone Borneto

    Simone Borneto

    2 dagar sedan

    When Gordon goes to these 'italian' restaraunts, there are only dishes that i've never seen in my life. And i'm italian.

    • XXX_Ema_Poma_XXX TM

      XXX_Ema_Poma_XXX TM

      Dag sedan

      La cosa incredibile è che gli americani pensano che metà dei nostri piatti siano con polpette della nonna e l altra metà pasta +un paio di altre cose... Alla fine piatti con polpette ne abbiamo relativamente pochi rispetto a quelli che si vedono in sti ristoranti

    • Michael Pettersson

      Michael Pettersson

      2 dagar sedan

      I think I saw some pasta on a plate, maybe that was enough to count... 😄

  88. Kx1 Management

    Kx1 Management

    2 dagar sedan

    Michael has a movie star voice.

    • yaliso gioouy

      yaliso gioouy

      2 dagar sedan

      Her son is actually so nice like standing up for himself and for his mom is brilliant his stepfather is a tw@t

  89. Nancy Tadeo

    Nancy Tadeo

    2 dagar sedan

    So sad when you don't listen and put much on your ego haiz people want easy money and don't want to work for it, once in a lifetime opportunity and they blew it :-(

  90. Lonestar Sailing

    Lonestar Sailing

    2 dagar sedan

    Keith should have been designated to start at the bottom. Washing, cleaning, floors , toilet , everything. Bet he had soft unworked hands. What a tool

  91. R. W.

    R. W.

    2 dagar sedan

    Lisa should've married micheal lol

  92. CX JAr

    CX JAr

    2 dagar sedan

    Keith and Lisa are useless

  93. Itami


    2 dagar sedan

    BRUH... im disappointed

  94. Yannis Sotiriadis

    Yannis Sotiriadis

    3 dagar sedan

    99% chance the stepdad hits both his wife and the son.

  95. James.


    3 dagar sedan

    10:29 what did she sayyy??

  96. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    3 dagar sedan

    Van is a cool dude I hope he's doing well

  97. AndyN_YYC


    3 dagar sedan

    Van is awesome the parents are stupid and waste of space and time!

  98. Arbiter 1414

    Arbiter 1414

    3 dagar sedan

    I really hope van got hired somewhere better, he deserves it.