Gordon Ramsay Served 3 WEEK OLD EGGPLANT | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE


Gordon Ramsay visits Davide in Boston, Massachusetts where he's served "fresh" pasta.

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  1. emma


    4 timmar sedan

    Omg it looks like a zombified wiener covered in cheese

  2. Kevin Eiternik

    Kevin Eiternik

    4 timmar sedan

    I watch this show to see Gordon shouting at some people normally but this Episode made me cry sooo hard.

  3. Chris McAkine

    Chris McAkine

    11 timmar sedan

    SE-one recommends this video to me after 3 weeks of being uploaded. Noice

  4. Muhsin Can Orhan

    Muhsin Can Orhan

    12 timmar sedan

    This could easily be a movie. Not wearing the chef jacket is really a good indicator for how Frank loves cooking but how much he is in stress. The drama between the brothers is too real and you feel sad for both of them. Supporting wife is one every man needs. This was really a good episode.

  5. Deva John

    Deva John

    Dag sedan

    when he said he loves his brother, these god damned ninjas man with their onions felt that.

  6. GotnoPxssion Whatsoever

    GotnoPxssion Whatsoever

    Dag sedan

    Just came from: 'How to have a British accent'

  7. Cataca_91


    Dag sedan

    if i knew that ramsey was in a restaurant near by my home i would probably avoid it at any cost 😂

  8. Luna444


    Dag sedan

    How are these bad restaurants getting al the best crew or staff??? the guy who served Chef Ramsay the eggplant and store bought pasta took pride in the chef's food and he really felt betrayed. huhu

  9. Karara


    Dag sedan

    lol gordon has more experience then an actual therapist

  10. Kokonoe Arata

    Kokonoe Arata

    Dag sedan


  11. Lino Emmanuel U. Buray

    Lino Emmanuel U. Buray

    2 dagar sedan

    Seeing how Gordon reunites the family and even rebuilding not just the restaurant but also the love was very amazing and beyond imaginable❤

  12. Yumi


    2 dagar sedan

    Me watching this while eating an undercooked potato: fuggin disgusting

  13. Earthworm Jim

    Earthworm Jim

    2 dagar sedan

    When Gordon says goodnight chef 👨‍🍳

  14. Mi*


    2 dagar sedan

    These r my new favorite things to watch

  15. Lewis Millar-Nelson

    Lewis Millar-Nelson

    2 dagar sedan


  16. JAY1892


    3 dagar sedan

    “The pork is raw.” “You want it cooked a bit more?” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. M.T Wes

    M.T Wes

    3 dagar sedan

    He sounds like Duffy Duck...😁😁😁

  18. Mansoor Khan

    Mansoor Khan

    3 dagar sedan

    20:20 mah man frank starts rapping 😂😂

  19. Barb Boulos

    Barb Boulos

    3 dagar sedan

    Gordon why didn't you just drive there lol ,You are such a good natured person,I have a feeling you don't ever judge anyone until you absolutely have to 💓💓💖💖💖💖💞

  20. Marta Sigernes

    Marta Sigernes

    4 dagar sedan

    Cute to see the care and love they have for eachother. Frank is so hot and sexy! His lovely wife seems very kind. Impressive to be sober Anthony. Good Job Ramsay! Hope they all Are well💙💙💙🌹🌹🌹

  21. Funny Brawl Moments And More

    Funny Brawl Moments And More

    4 dagar sedan

    He looks a bit older than 47

  22. przemek mp

    przemek mp

    4 dagar sedan

    Ima go to restrount and say that i will go to a restrount and i will tell somebody that i will go to a restrount

  23. Ravenous Elf

    Ravenous Elf

    5 dagar sedan

    Anthony coming back from a heroin addiction is admirable, the family should have praised him for that.

    • Shrödinger Kat 3

      Shrödinger Kat 3

      3 dagar sedan

      Not easy to forgive somebody who steals from you.

  24. Jeaneth Anasco

    Jeaneth Anasco

    5 dagar sedan

    lol i can't believe they think they can fix years of depression with those speeches

  25. livelaughlove-


    5 dagar sedan


  26. FPSpsycho


    5 dagar sedan

    God I can't stand Frank's wife's voice, sounds like she's holding in her breath when she's talking. So irritating.

  27. BEAST⁹⁹


    6 dagar sedan

    Gordon doesn't just help them physically he's like a therapist



    6 dagar sedan

    I'm addicted to this show :-)

  29. Muhammad Hussein

    Muhammad Hussein

    6 dagar sedan

    Is this the first time where Gordon hasn't checked the refrigeration ?!

  30. Ekaterina Lee

    Ekaterina Lee

    6 dagar sedan

    Andrew is so cute and pretty damn

  31. Aragog


    7 dagar sedan

    Watching Kitchen Nightmares always makes me Hungry when Gordon introduces his dishes 😌

  32. Zorgens


    7 dagar sedan

    18:57 Just cook another one, because they're gonna send it back. LoL

  33. pearlee chan

    pearlee chan

    7 dagar sedan

    I love this series

  34. Martin Anderson

    Martin Anderson

    7 dagar sedan

    One of the best thing of the SE-one version vs. TV version is that there's no censorship. Lol Glad to hear all the f words

  35. THehuss hisht

    THehuss hisht

    7 dagar sedan

    How do you go from 3 weeks to hold a reservation to 3 week old eggplant

  36. kim petersen

    kim petersen

    7 dagar sedan

    @gordon ramsey the North had respect for this the doing ore for the rear product

  37. b0ss Beer Reviews

    b0ss Beer Reviews

    8 dagar sedan

    Friggen miss Boston. Some of the most genuinely funny people Ive met

  38. j24130


    8 dagar sedan

    Both brothers probly using some painkillers. Those tiny pupills dont lie

  39. UnoneTV


    8 dagar sedan

    Man, screw restaurants, I eat food asap after buying it, tops I but asparagas that are already cooked, and a couple of times they were actually already kaput, see, fuck kitchens that are not my kitchen xDDD

  40. Elyas


    9 dagar sedan

    I taught I taw a putty tat

  41. Johan svensson

    Johan svensson

    9 dagar sedan

    it impossible to come in at 11 in the "morning"🤔 most chefs that has lunch come in between 7-8

  42. Bryan Britto

    Bryan Britto

    9 dagar sedan

    19:43 windows is not responding

  43. SeparationAnxiety


    9 dagar sedan

    The bus driver is ace 🤣

  44. Margaretha Oey

    Margaretha Oey

    9 dagar sedan

    Well we can be pretty sure to know who’s the one that leaked out the news about gordon ramsay is in the place that day, Ted the bus driver 😁

    • Fardil Husain

      Fardil Husain

      2 dagar sedan

      Lol yeah

  45. KingVector11


    9 dagar sedan

    After watching this episode, I randomly started wondering what were to happen if Gordon had to help a neighboring restaurant to a restaurant that he already helped.

  46. GoogleUser


    9 dagar sedan


  47. super hero

    super hero

    9 dagar sedan

    Dude he should be thanking God day and night for his wife

  48. Trishia Calungsod

    Trishia Calungsod

    10 dagar sedan


  49. Bob Saturday

    Bob Saturday

    11 dagar sedan

    that lady from Boston Magazine was a real angel , she got the raw pork and still had the character and kindness to say she'll be looking to see good things happening there in the next few months , pure gold

  50. Bob Saturday

    Bob Saturday

    11 dagar sedan

    both these guys are worse than spoiled babys sittin in a big full stinky diaper fulla poop and wallowing and smearing it around ! grown men ? not even close . sickening , oops I take it back , the junkie at least wants to try to swim , the other guy is ready to drown ... in his own $#!& ...and drag everybody else down with him

  51. mckay1402


    11 dagar sedan

    Frank needs some time away from the business

  52. Sultan Almheiri

    Sultan Almheiri

    12 dagar sedan

    Anthony sounds like elmer fudd, ngl

  53. Jacob Halliday

    Jacob Halliday

    12 dagar sedan

    In the weeks that followed Anthony began taking heroin again and began a 3 year stint in Prison

  54. Abubakr maybe not - 23 years ago

    Abubakr maybe not - 23 years ago

    13 dagar sedan

    What I feel is most failing restaurants need a therapist instead of Gordon lol

  55. Dennis Mwangi

    Dennis Mwangi

    13 dagar sedan

    They need Jon taffer in this shows..

  56. Nitika Iyyappan 6F

    Nitika Iyyappan 6F

    13 dagar sedan

    Sorry to ask but who is Andrew?

  57. Roblox Potato

    Roblox Potato

    13 dagar sedan

    Andrew is literally so cute please- 😩

  58. concetta


    13 dagar sedan

    as an Italian, I feel bad for them failing like that

  59. Alexander Borgmann

    Alexander Borgmann

    15 dagar sedan

    I cried 3 times watching this what the fuck is wrong with me.

    • Andreev Sandu

      Andreev Sandu

      13 dagar sedan

      I guess youre really emotional, i dont think theres anything wrong with you.

  60. Josef Robert

    Josef Robert

    15 dagar sedan

    Jesus, I never thought an episode of kitchen nightmares could be this sad :(

  61. Zakaria Matoub

    Zakaria Matoub

    15 dagar sedan

    My god a f*ckin speech 24:08

  62. Drini FF

    Drini FF

    15 dagar sedan

    I saw the First tear of frankiii

  63. hi !!!

    hi !!!

    16 dagar sedan

    this episode actually made me really emotional when they were sat down together

  64. Gabe M

    Gabe M

    16 dagar sedan

    What Ramsey said as he left actually made me never want to watch any of these again :/

    • Roblox Potato

      Roblox Potato

      13 dagar sedan

      Can you give me a time stamp?

    • Roblox Potato

      Roblox Potato

      13 dagar sedan

      I didn't watch it till the end now I'm curious 🤨

  65. Doria


    16 dagar sedan

    27:48 it's fucking Bland !!!!

  66. Doria


    16 dagar sedan

    22:26 where I did not see any thing 🙃

  67. Frederik Toft

    Frederik Toft

    16 dagar sedan

    I love Anthony. So genuin and really cares about righting his wrongs

  68. Lummi Sherkavo

    Lummi Sherkavo

    16 dagar sedan

    cooking is not for everyone

  69. linguini boi

    linguini boi

    16 dagar sedan

    I dont think I would ever say bad things about the food to the waiter

  70. Shiro Neko

    Shiro Neko

    16 dagar sedan

    Lol, it's impossible to be there 11 in the morning?

  71. op_pizza


    17 dagar sedan

    If people say Gordon Ramsay is way to rude and mean I’d like to point your head to this part of the episode 22:15

    • Roblox Potato

      Roblox Potato

      13 dagar sedan

      Awweee 😩

  72. Zack Z89

    Zack Z89

    17 dagar sedan


  73. Utter Queer Nightmare

    Utter Queer Nightmare

    17 dagar sedan

    Episode name is Davide. Episode number is S4:E5.

  74. Amelia davies

    Amelia davies

    18 dagar sedan

    Why do people get angry when he doesn’t like the food. He is supposed to criticise it he’s here to help! Gordon is supposed it tell the truth about the food not say it’s delicious when it tastes like shit.

    • Euan Roberts

      Euan Roberts

      15 dagar sedan

      Wouldn't make good watching they're most likely told to do it

  75. Brayden Gray

    Brayden Gray

    18 dagar sedan

    Gordon is not only a chef, but a family therapist.

  76. Thomas Cohnen

    Thomas Cohnen

    19 dagar sedan

    I am watching these to laugh at stupid owners and arrogant people getting their uppance. But i also love to see good things coming to good people who had hard times. And this one got me in the feels.

  77. Bailey Bunny

    Bailey Bunny

    19 dagar sedan

    I love watching these episodes because I see the good in these people deep down and when Chef Ramsay brings out the good in them and brings back their passion for food and desire to run a restaurant, it makes me heart happy and I smile. Actually, my best friend's mother is starting up her own cooking class for adults with developmental delays and I'm helping her because I understand adults with developmental delays because I have one. One of my favourite things to do is cook and bake, so I'm excited to do this with her and help her come up with easy amazing recipes for the adults to cook at home on their own and bring smiles to their faces knowing that they just cooked an amazing meal on their own. :)

  78. Daniel Knezevic

    Daniel Knezevic

    20 dagar sedan

    Its Fucking Raw!!!

  79. MrMicheliinMan - GFX Designer

    MrMicheliinMan - GFX Designer

    20 dagar sedan

    Word always seems to leak out that Ramsey is in town putting an already bad chef in a worse position

  80. Run Ssss Run

    Run Ssss Run

    20 dagar sedan

    yo that is one supportive wife she is the epitome of the line "for better or for worse"

  81. joseph christian marata

    joseph christian marata

    20 dagar sedan

    #11:30 3 weeks ago🤣

  82. Number_9


    20 dagar sedan

    Andrew cute ngl

  83. Mega888 HackMan

    Mega888 HackMan

    20 dagar sedan


  84. Kasun Maduwantha

    Kasun Maduwantha

    20 dagar sedan

    Does somebody know what happens after the show or what does Gordon gain from doing all that and spending his own money to renovate the entire place and stuff?

    • Santtu Moilanen

      Santtu Moilanen

      15 dagar sedan

      Uhh most of the stuff come from sponsors of the show usually... atleast i think so and Gordon ain't the onlly producer. And that being said he is paid from the network that broadcasts this stuff.

  85. jaime r

    jaime r

    20 dagar sedan

    8mins to make a wet salad loll how can you be that bad

  86. Sathuparan Thayaparan

    Sathuparan Thayaparan

    20 dagar sedan

    The chefs: oh we have the best food Me: *looking at the channels name* yeeeeee the food is shit

  87. Cryfield


    21 dag sedan

    Man.. this episode hit me hard. I've had tears throughout

  88. EET FUK


    21 dag sedan

    frank have that "rambo: first blood ptsd" jacket

  89. Kristinadk


    21 dag sedan

    I think that was the sweetest episode I have ever seen, and I absolutely love it. I hope they succeed

  90. Xyrene Pualon

    Xyrene Pualon

    21 dag sedan

    I feel pity for Andrew. :

  91. Ok Boomer But It's a Cat

    Ok Boomer But It's a Cat

    21 dag sedan

    This episode is so different, most episodes have people who have no motives at all, people who didn't need to be defeated to have their restaurant go bad, but this is about someone who is an incredible cook, he doesn't need teaching, but he did need help with getting back on his feet

  92. richard vanderstelt

    richard vanderstelt

    22 dagar sedan

    I was amazed Gordon brought up his own brother..powerful

  93. Maximus


    22 dagar sedan

    They closed the restaurant in may 2014

  94. Photosynth


    22 dagar sedan

    I just love how gordon can estimate a food's date time just by tasting

    • Jared KMS

      Jared KMS

      6 dagar sedan

      Yeah. Not many ppl can do that.

  95. Finn Rowlett

    Finn Rowlett

    22 dagar sedan

    I swear most of these episodes are basically “Gordon helps US families by saving them from debt and also their restaurants”

  96. Aaron Campbell

    Aaron Campbell

    22 dagar sedan

    I feel sorry for Frank, he’s had so many complaints about his food over the years that when he actually makes a good meal, he just assumes it’s not good

  97. Average Consumer Reviews

    Average Consumer Reviews

    22 dagar sedan

    This was a good episode, some of these feel a bit staged but the emotions from the owners seemed genuine

  98. rio


    22 dagar sedan

    Bruh Andrew is my favourite, he is so cute and honest.

    • éliza


      11 dagar sedan


  99. Lishplayz1234 Gaming

    Lishplayz1234 Gaming

    23 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay is always the best

  100. Samantha Maxis

    Samantha Maxis

    23 dagar sedan

    10:41 felt so heartwarming