Gordon Ramsay Is Amazed How Much Owners Have Changed | Kitchen Nightmares Revisited FULL EPISODE

Gordon Ramsay revisits some restaurants he had previously helped to see how far they have changed.

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  1. Little Rose

    Little Rose

    5 timmar sedan

    I just searched Lisa restaurant on Google maps and I can say the interior looks beautiful and the food looks delicious. If I go there I would love to visit.

  2. UnoneTV


    Dag sedan

    Awesome, one girl became even more beautiful and happy than before, and business is going good, another one I guess good that lost weight, but aging didn't make her more beautiful, looking I guess happy as well tho, sold the business tho. Hope it's all true, and Gordon is actually there for both help and content, and, will continue to be. Oh shit, a third is a spoiler for me. Gna hit some more FULL EPISODE and come back.

  3. Ahmad Shahmir

    Ahmad Shahmir

    Dag sedan

    Lido is now success

  4. Adel Nasr

    Adel Nasr

    Dag sedan

    33:15 the woman in the back 👁👄👁

  5. Brett Rogers

    Brett Rogers

    Dag sedan

    Andy, was not about it.

  6. boons kicks

    boons kicks

    2 dagar sedan

    I will say, I'm really happy at how calm Cece became, and I'm glad she's happy with her kids. She is right, sometimes you have to make a choice and she chose for the better: for her family and herself!

  7. Sandra Nelson

    Sandra Nelson

    2 dagar sedan

    No one should try to run a restaurant unless they have had courses on food safety and business management. Ye Gods!

  8. Bimon1234567


    3 dagar sedan

    22:44 Anna Vincenzo's got replaced by Nino's of Boca. What a twist!

  9. ChichimonLeagues


    3 dagar sedan

    6:25 "Enjoy some wine tonight" That comment just struck me as so unprofessional. Don't tell me what to do. We all know that drinks are where most of the profit happens in the restaurant, don't make yourself sound desperate.

  10. חיר חיר

    חיר חיר

    3 dagar sedan

    What a great man Gordon ramzy , you can see how hard he worked sometimes all night to change people fate , what a wonderful man .

  11. Carlo Torrina

    Carlo Torrina

    4 dagar sedan

    Lisa! What a plank of wood.

  12. Mark


    4 dagar sedan

    Coward chefs. "OK, we're coming back." wimps.

  13. sia a

    sia a

    4 dagar sedan

    when you insult people long enough you forgot that you're being a dick

  14. MagganRZ


    5 dagar sedan

    I have only watched three and a half minutes but FUCK that women Lisa is a child

  15. Niamh (yup that's how it's spelt)

    Niamh (yup that's how it's spelt)

    5 dagar sedan

    Lido is the perfect example of good ownership The fact its still open and Lisa has it all together Very intelligent woman who now has the right tools

  16. Soothe & Snooze Relaxation

    Soothe & Snooze Relaxation

    5 dagar sedan

    Gordon totally smashed Lisa

  17. Brandon S

    Brandon S

    5 dagar sedan

    Wow she is the oldest 28 year old I’ve ever seen….she looks mid 40s🙄

  18. Reilly G

    Reilly G

    5 dagar sedan

    I'd go there, just for the eye candy. 😂

  19. Final Cucuy

    Final Cucuy

    5 dagar sedan

    I think Lisa's hot.

  20. ShotokanEditor


    5 dagar sedan

    17:51 " Cee-Cee was a queen. The queen of bland frozen cuisine " When Gordon raps :D

  21. Michael Parker

    Michael Parker

    6 dagar sedan

    Cleaning and prep is no one in any kitchen and fresh fair



    6 dagar sedan

    No matter how nasty Gordon talks. You just have to swallow your pride and turn negative criticism into positive one.

  23. Raymond Lim

    Raymond Lim

    6 dagar sedan

    Awww,I fall in love with Lisa ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Jo


    6 dagar sedan

    Under that much stress crying is a natural reaction. What you do after is what really matters. I’ve worked set jobs and been yelled at for mistakes but I got back up and did better. There a lot of “hurry up and wait” in restaurants as well which is a motto used in the film industry. Both are tough and overwhelming at times but with practice and hard work you can overcome all of that.

  25. jakpote34


    6 dagar sedan

    Gordon: grow up! Lisa: ok *actually grow up the next day and become succesfull*

  26. Scotts Channel

    Scotts Channel

    6 dagar sedan

    11:21 fantastic 😉

  27. Kai Cluster

    Kai Cluster

    7 dagar sedan

    love Lisa's success. What makes me laugh though, is the episode structure and it's script. From Gordon "coming unannounced" to things like Lisa asking him to cook for her. Having been on several series sets, I can't make myself not notice this things and asking myself, how many takes did it take for, for instance, Gordon walking in the restaurant. (In one of my cases, we filmed stepping out of the car 4 times, to get different angles, ect.)

  28. deejay Peekay

    deejay Peekay

    7 dagar sedan

    Wow Scott was available! What were the chances?🤔

  29. immybob09


    7 dagar sedan

    You should see Lisa from Lido now she has aged fast must be from keeping the business open haha

  30. Sleepless


    8 dagar sedan

    Scott arriving and starting leading the team was like The Professor from Money Heist fooling around the cops once more

  31. Anaísthitos


    8 dagar sedan

    What da hell, I had no idea Scott had made an appearance on HK.

  32. Dom_DS


    8 dagar sedan


  33. James Skelley

    James Skelley

    8 dagar sedan

    "Stress" my ass. I'm stressed but I haven't lost half my body weight.

  34. MrNaichwersonst


    8 dagar sedan

    I think Lisa also grow-up a lot which suits her well and also the business

  35. 3lon_MusK


    8 dagar sedan

    Imma go to lidos when I’m in the Area

  36. 4naloCannibalo's Reviews

    4naloCannibalo's Reviews

    8 dagar sedan

    Dont do drugs Kids and never fuck a company member.

  37. David Pemberton

    David Pemberton

    8 dagar sedan

    Andy thinking he’s the guvenor off the walking dead

  38. danos


    9 dagar sedan

    Lisa's hot shame about her dodgy food

  39. Lisa


    9 dagar sedan

    I want to be a chef someday

  40. Juniel _niel

    Juniel _niel

    9 dagar sedan

    2:31 thats the only answer gordon need😂

  41. Magictooth


    9 dagar sedan

    Chef Scott is my hero

  42. Big Roberto

    Big Roberto

    9 dagar sedan

    Wow, it's really neat to see someone actually be successful and grow up after one of these. Sometimes when Chef Ramsay leaves at the end of the episode you just feel sad and empty thinking "yeah that shit's going to close down in a couple of months"

  43. Terminator P

    Terminator P

    9 dagar sedan

    Cici is a spoiled old lady with a mindset of a 12 year old with daily tantrums.

  44. Mason


    9 dagar sedan

    Gordon is bae

  45. Edward Frank

    Edward Frank

    9 dagar sedan

    cece has alvida vibes

  46. Rommel Jamandre

    Rommel Jamandre

    10 dagar sedan

    you can tell those owners faces' how they got better and their business .. Im happy GR came and helped their restau ... Man's a complete inspiration for me

  47. bic papermate

    bic papermate

    10 dagar sedan

    Lisa's hot.

  48. Leeds Drum Academy

    Leeds Drum Academy

    10 dagar sedan

    Cee-cee's voice alone is a treat for anyone who's into psychology and child development...

  49. Arne GB

    Arne GB

    10 dagar sedan

    well the bar manager just combined the cash with the snatch :)

    • Arne GB

      Arne GB

      10 dagar sedan

      and the toilet thing is just a bad script

  50. BIG ONE


    10 dagar sedan

    Their website is bloody amazing.... She is obviously brilliant, she just wanted to have a little fun before she could start adulting 😂😂

  51. BIG ONE


    10 dagar sedan

    After watching General Manager Martin's episode, all of these restaurants look clean asf

  52. Archangel_Omega


    10 dagar sedan

    Cece: family comes first After the show Divorced with husband and didn't tell ramsay about her dirty tricks raising prices and lowering the portions

  53. Flaschenteufel


    10 dagar sedan

    Uh the one with the goddess of all waitresses Bruna :3

  54. Landry Golter

    Landry Golter

    10 dagar sedan

    Cece: i got weight on my shoulders Me: Bitch the weight is in your fcking stomach

  55. TBRHkyleHD


    10 dagar sedan

    only fans?

  56. Lukey boy

    Lukey boy

    11 dagar sedan

    I hope you can also taste the Filipino food if the taste is good or garbage

  57. Lydia Robertson

    Lydia Robertson

    11 dagar sedan

    "You want me to go out and dust?' Everyone: "...Yes..."

  58. John Smith

    John Smith

    11 dagar sedan

    Has anyone ever wondered, how many chefs have spitted in Gordon's food? Chef, So what would you like to eat? Gordo: Surprise me! Chef: Hawks up a nasty one, This one is for you Gordo. Ewwwwwww

  59. Name Classified

    Name Classified

    11 dagar sedan

    Restaurants aside. Let’s talk about the dog with the glasses

  60. Name Classified

    Name Classified

    11 dagar sedan

    Why was the restaurant going out of business? Because she was eating all the food. Do the math, no restaurant she slim. With restaurant she a blob fish

  61. Risha Ghosh

    Risha Ghosh

    11 dagar sedan

    3:27 I died 🤣

  62. Prom H

    Prom H

    11 dagar sedan

    He does make a point don’t know why she crying

  63. DragonFlyy


    11 dagar sedan

    26:32 Dog looks cooler than I ever will with those sunglasses :'(

  64. Becca Reid

    Becca Reid

    11 dagar sedan

    that one waitress looks like Taylor swift

  65. Rares Vonica

    Rares Vonica

    11 dagar sedan

    `lisa looks like misato from neon gennessis evangelion

  66. Nikhil Cruz

    Nikhil Cruz

    11 dagar sedan

    I still don't get the boyfriend thing, it was inappropriate but that guy was a great employee at least based on what was shown in the original episode.

  67. obstinateghosts


    11 dagar sedan

    amys baking company for the next full episode friday

  68. Motley Stew

    Motley Stew

    11 dagar sedan

    Anna Vincenzo’s changed to Nino’s.. ?!! (..of Boca)🤔🤨😆😂🤣 •Hope they got the cleaning photos• 🤦🏻

  69. Bernands Watch

    Bernands Watch

    11 dagar sedan

    11.36 McCauley Culkin ?

  70. Abdullah the Moose

    Abdullah the Moose

    12 dagar sedan

    Anyone else eat the same food while watching Kitchen Nightmares on Full Episode Fridays?

  71. anti hen

    anti hen

    12 dagar sedan

    Can someone get me some of Cici's make up? I'm 12 years old and want to buy some liquor...

  72. Christian S

    Christian S

    12 dagar sedan

    "Im sorry I called you names" awww cici I wanna hug you! Lisa was amazing aswell! Keep rocking Ladys!

  73. Jordan Girbaud

    Jordan Girbaud

    12 dagar sedan

    I would rather disappoint my absent father than Gordon Ramsay, if he ever gave me an advice and talk heart to heart.

  74. Rahhelthethird


    12 dagar sedan

    Of course he makes the vegetarian a meat dish. Never change, Gordon. xD

  75. Ádám Bula

    Ádám Bula

    12 dagar sedan

    Wait a fucken second. How did they record the sound from the toilet? Or did they record it after the scene?



    12 dagar sedan

    She is a wonderful human-being. The restaurant is great

  77. Yarbloco


    12 dagar sedan

    - You could get me a job - I'm not that crazy lmao Gordon is a savage even when being nice x)

  78. The super Doge

    The super Doge

    12 dagar sedan


  79. cold cayene

    cold cayene

    12 dagar sedan

    Why this shit makes me cry 😂

  80. Dezy


    12 dagar sedan

    Hey Kitchen Nightmares youtube management person, what's your CPM?

  81. Excaty


    12 dagar sedan

    Lisa looks like a little sunshine now, you can really see how much happier she is.

  82. Pix


    12 dagar sedan

    Yo Gordon is just all about honesty damn.

  83. Conflux26


    12 dagar sedan

    Thats just a feelgood Episode

  84. Adanac Tnomew

    Adanac Tnomew

    12 dagar sedan

    This restaurant is still open

  85. Linda Marie

    Linda Marie

    12 dagar sedan

    yhe truth hurts doent it she should hire soeone to clean the restaurant when staff is not there its not healthy to have dirt around food when serving its gross lisa should know Gorden is there to help shes more occopied with the boyfriend as long as she gets money in she dot care she dont know anything about responsibility she needs a shaken up

  86. Seminio Hana

    Seminio Hana

    12 dagar sedan

    She is hot hot , maybe a bit of a party girl and looks dumb but hot 😊

  87. KyraFyre


    12 dagar sedan

    Holy lipo suction batman!

  88. Linda


    12 dagar sedan

    this made my night

  89. Carl Kermode

    Carl Kermode

    12 dagar sedan

    I love the way Anna Vincenzo's is being replaced by a restaurant called Nino's. Would have been amazing if the actual Nino had been there when Gordon opened the door. "HI, I'M NINOOOOO".

    • JLS


      4 dagar sedan

      He says it to every customer :D

    • 희 니얌Niam

      희 니얌Niam

      12 dagar sedan

      "Hello my name is NINOOO" I could hear that 🤣

  90. oha man

    oha man

    12 dagar sedan

    I dont understand this owners like you calling the best Chef in the World and when he say the food is trash then its trash why arguing

  91. Big Sausage 69

    Big Sausage 69

    12 dagar sedan

    There no real chef's, just people that think they know how to operate a microwave and open tinned food and severe it to you, my cat went missing last week and I'm pretty sure it was down to the new Chinese restaurant that's recently opened down road from me 👍

    • Big Sausage 69

      Big Sausage 69

      7 dagar sedan

      @Thierry lol

    • Big Sausage 69

      Big Sausage 69

      7 dagar sedan

      @Jennyxo18 of course it is but microwaves should be banned from restaurants 😁

    • Jennyxo18


      11 dagar sedan

      That assumption is just stupid and racist lmao

    • Thierry


      11 dagar sedan


  92. Sharadh Deshpande

    Sharadh Deshpande

    12 dagar sedan

    revisited episodes are boring, put more new full episodes please! thanks

  93. noname noname

    noname noname

    12 dagar sedan

    the best way to learn english

  94. Innocent


    13 dagar sedan

    cece lowkey fine asf after she lost weight lmao

  95. Ihechi Njoku

    Ihechi Njoku

    13 dagar sedan

    I would love Gordon to visit a traditional African restaurant 😁

  96. Dean


    13 dagar sedan

    “A bunch of yes men” my man Gordon telling it how it is.

  97. Brahim Benouda

    Brahim Benouda

    13 dagar sedan

    33:10 i like how andy's wife is watching gordon through the door

  98. Mayo


    13 dagar sedan

    33:08 the revisit.

  99. RedRaven


    13 dagar sedan

    : lunch is on the house today. : O.O wait what : jk : 'big oof