Gordon Ramsay Can't Get Into The Restaurant He's Supposed To Be Helping | Kitchen Nightmares

I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

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  1. Ice


    Dag sedan

    Bruh…YOU MAKING THE TITLES, YEAH YOU! drop your @ for the gram

  2. Samzway vape

    Samzway vape

    7 dagar sedan

    He looks like he remembered his childhood when he bounced on the squeaky bench lmao

  3. Astin hearteater

    Astin hearteater

    7 dagar sedan

    I just got an add with the first words “my ex is dating a Pisces”

  4. Jean A

    Jean A

    8 dagar sedan

    It's not a bad place, just indeed too small

  5. Charles James

    Charles James

    11 dagar sedan

    Correct me if I'm wrong but unless you're eating KFC, when you cut into chicken, I don't think you're supposed to hear a C R U N C H. Good lord, that sounded like he was breaking a tree branch in half.

  6. ILikeT2


    11 dagar sedan

    how’d the camera man get inside 🤨🤨

  7. Talal Mirza

    Talal Mirza

    12 dagar sedan

    _waiter enters_ Me: Damn.. sh*t didn't workout for Mario at Nintendo then 😂

  8. Peyton Smallwood

    Peyton Smallwood

    12 dagar sedan

    Gordon was just having fun in there

  9. R20966


    13 dagar sedan

    Well the cameraman managed to get in.

  10. 尸工尸丹


    14 dagar sedan

    You can tell Paul is talented but he's crapped out poor guy.

  11. SamTheMan91


    14 dagar sedan

    obviously fake, how else would the camera crew be inside when he made the call if they were locked?

  12. Dr. Cone

    Dr. Cone

    14 dagar sedan

    1:52 "God that's depressing" 😭😭

  13. jade white

    jade white

    15 dagar sedan

    When he was looking around i could not stop laughing😂

  14. James Broderick

    James Broderick

    15 dagar sedan

    "Chicken should be moist" - he'd know

  15. nip


    15 dagar sedan

    waiting for this video to be renamed "door stuck" by Ramsey's daughter xd

  16. Adrian Ceja

    Adrian Ceja

    15 dagar sedan

    why he say innotive and not innovative haha

  17. String Bean

    String Bean

    16 dagar sedan

    Gordon about to lay the fuck into them.

  18. Tanner Cardell

    Tanner Cardell

    16 dagar sedan

    Any time a chef says “to his taste” I know they’re bad, good food is good food

  19. Spasoje Kulašević

    Spasoje Kulašević

    16 dagar sedan

    I thought that restaurants were busy during lunch-hour.

  20. Call me THE WAFFLE

    Call me THE WAFFLE

    16 dagar sedan

    Manufactured television bullshit.

  21. sidharth. v

    sidharth. v

    16 dagar sedan

    It's such a fake video that I forgot to watch

  22. Hamza Sohail

    Hamza Sohail

    16 dagar sedan

    The cameraman was already inside when the owner reached and opened the restaurant. Just shows how staged these are.

  23. skyson b pei

    skyson b pei

    16 dagar sedan

    Watch out ladies manz keeps his chickens moist 😂😂😂

  24. Harrison Fawcett

    Harrison Fawcett

    16 dagar sedan

    Who else trips up stairs like Gordon did



    16 dagar sedan


  26. Daniel Boltz

    Daniel Boltz

    17 dagar sedan

    Closed on the weekend? You would think if anything you would be open Thursday-Sun

  27. Vaidehi Patel

    Vaidehi Patel

    17 dagar sedan


  28. Breakthesteak


    17 dagar sedan

    Question: Why is Alex not trying to save the princess from the dragon and smashing turtles?

  29. Angelique Spring Is In The Air ACHOO Smith

    Angelique Spring Is In The Air ACHOO Smith

    17 dagar sedan

    WHY does a restaurant close for lunch?

  30. Mio You cola

    Mio You cola

    18 dagar sedan

    Gordom waited on mtf lol

  31. Different Name

    Different Name

    18 dagar sedan

    1:30 bro why is there a table in the middle of a narrow hallway

  32. Joeri Van De Weyer

    Joeri Van De Weyer

    18 dagar sedan

    Why did Gordon go to that park and wait for the guy, while the camera crew is already inside which mean they opened up. I get endlessly frustarted with production quality like this. WHAT IS THIS? TLC?

  33. Little Squishie

    Little Squishie

    18 dagar sedan

    Imagine trying to social distance yourself in that place.....

  34. XxInceptor xX

    XxInceptor xX

    18 dagar sedan

    This show makes me think my gf could make an amazing restaurant

  35. Geoffrey Spriggs

    Geoffrey Spriggs

    18 dagar sedan

    Alex seems like a dope dude

  36. Dylan Rooney

    Dylan Rooney

    18 dagar sedan

    These camera men are on a next level breaking into the building before the owner to record him getting Gordon’s letter 0:34

  37. Metaphysical


    18 dagar sedan

    It really annoys me how a great chef like Ramsey has to invent fake stuff to complain about just for TV. Like, why lower yourself like that. Everyone knows Kitchen Nightmares plants fake stuff and invents drama

  38. Great Horned Owl

    Great Horned Owl

    18 dagar sedan

    Thinking during the off-season they should air the handful of restaurants he actually enjoyed.

  39. Marios Karakatsanis

    Marios Karakatsanis

    19 dagar sedan

    The waiter actually has really good waiter talking skills

  40. spicy diarrhea

    spicy diarrhea

    19 dagar sedan

    *M O I S T*

  41. Luma


    19 dagar sedan

    Lol I like how the cameras were already inside

  42. Adam Kolthoff

    Adam Kolthoff

    19 dagar sedan

    They are not fancy enough to be dinner only. I have seen 24/7 diners with better food and atmosphere.

  43. Luke Sobrino

    Luke Sobrino

    19 dagar sedan

    The start has got to be the most scripted shit on kitchen nightmare's, they already got the camera's rolling at the right time.



    19 dagar sedan

    Its funny how most of the restraunts gordon helped have shutdown😂

  45. Martin


    19 dagar sedan

    "I'm starving" ... You don't go to a bad restaurant starving, you know that you won't even bother eating it. It would be awkward if you ate it all and then said "It's freaking bad"

  46. L115Marine


    19 dagar sedan

    Look how limp his handshake is

  47. Sokaku5


    20 dagar sedan

    3:20 maybe it's a cock. And I'll show myself out.

  48. Lord Farquaad

    Lord Farquaad

    20 dagar sedan

    Still isn't as bad as his earlier series where he was sat outside of a restaurant in the uk for like 3 hours just hanging out on the steps, sad ramsay

  49. Ishan Bagchi

    Ishan Bagchi

    20 dagar sedan


  50. Rachel McCausland

    Rachel McCausland

    20 dagar sedan

    Gordon at 1:53 Snooping around, inspecting the place quietly, proceeds to eat the carpet attempting to use stairs

  51. Barton Oliver

    Barton Oliver

    20 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay, the man that made a career out of getting free meals wherever he goes. Honestly, maybe it's better that he's starving; the "mature" Gordon could do with losing a few stone.

  52. Effy Traveler

    Effy Traveler

    20 dagar sedan

    I went to a restaurant that was closed at 3 or around 3 to prepare for the dinner hours. They reopened at 5. Sadly they closed during COVID. But they never were closed during peak lunch hours when people get their lunch breaks.

  53. Galaxy inc.

    Galaxy inc.

    20 dagar sedan

    i like that brief few years where Gordon dressed like an early 2000s british boy-band member

  54. Maria S.

    Maria S.

    20 dagar sedan

    That title is too basic for me. Bring that other guy back!

  55. Jonathan


    20 dagar sedan

    so the he couldn't get in but the camera man somehow could to wait and film the owner opening up and reading Gordon's note about him not being able to get in.

  56. KillerKitty650


    20 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: No one actually asks Gordon Ramsay to put them on kitchen nightmares. He just manifests outside bad restaurants and the owners had a talisman on the door to ward him off

  57. Daniel Rockwell

    Daniel Rockwell

    20 dagar sedan

    Alex is the coolest fricken dude lol

  58. AyeitsA


    21 dag sedan

    A pro gamer move indeed

  59. Neil Agarwal

    Neil Agarwal

    21 dag sedan

    0:35 camera crew was already inside doe hahahah

  60. Shaswati Saha

    Shaswati Saha

    21 dag sedan

    Any link for the full episode?

  61. edchihiro


    21 dag sedan

    The door is closed, the inscription of an armor is engraved 😂

  62. Dayz TopCat

    Dayz TopCat

    21 dag sedan

    Upload the same shit over and over and over

  63. Rose Hill

    Rose Hill

    21 dag sedan

    I wonder of chef has a packed lunch with him incase he is left hungry?

  64. GoogleShouldntRequireThis


    21 dag sedan

    Of all the manufactured moments on this show, this one always hits me as the cringiest

  65. The Flame

    The Flame

    21 dag sedan

    did... did gordon sign the letter with a "call me xo" or am i misreading it

  66. Benjamin Smith

    Benjamin Smith

    21 dag sedan

    5-9:30? Those are some stupid fucking hours.

  67. ayyachris


    21 dag sedan

    The description lol 😂

  68. Nigel N

    Nigel N

    21 dag sedan

    Waiter had a paul rudd vibe going 😆

  69. RevolverOcelot2008


    21 dag sedan

    I thought Gordon was trying jimmy the lock when he put the paper in the door 🤣

  70. Ok


    21 dag sedan

    Look at the description lol.

  71. Spooky scary Skeletons

    Spooky scary Skeletons

    21 dag sedan

    Gorodns thoughts when he cut that chicken was holy fuck

  72. RiseOfThePhoenix30


    21 dag sedan

    Gordon stay to the cities you destroyed Lowreys in Tappahannock when my friend and I know what they really wanted you should have asked us to help you...stick to the city

  73. FutureYT


    22 dagar sedan


  74. Stepsis im stuck

    Stepsis im stuck

    22 dagar sedan

    Props to the camera man who broke in to film Paul opening the door

  75. The Dude

    The Dude

    22 dagar sedan

    I’m ѕυвѕ¢яιвιηg тσ єνєяуσηє ωнσ ѕυвѕ¢яιвєѕ тσ мє αη∂ ℓιкєѕ тнιѕ ¢σммєηт

  76. Ed Arroyo

    Ed Arroyo

    22 dagar sedan

    I think Alex was on "to catch a predator"

  77. Cameron Detwiler

    Cameron Detwiler

    22 dagar sedan

    I wasn’t ready for it to end 😂

  78. Vee E

    Vee E

    22 dagar sedan

    Remember! Make sure it's bad 😂

  79. badangil


    22 dagar sedan

    That baker ended up leaving the restaurant to start her own successful business!

  80. IBrowseThisWebsite


    22 dagar sedan

    3:20 It is when the chicken is with you, baby

  81. Uglyboyty


    22 dagar sedan

    Gordon: “Taste this” Everyone: “ then give me YOUR fucking -spit- spoon”

  82. Goku


    22 dagar sedan

    0:34 Alright go back outside and pretend to reread this note

  83. DJC


    23 dagar sedan

    You dontttt but cheese on pesto come one as an Italian I suffer

  84. ×Razz×


    23 dagar sedan

    "Im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move" -the description

  85. xxthat.roblox.baconxx


    23 dagar sedan

    Go to a mexican restaurant!

  86. The Doctor

    The Doctor

    23 dagar sedan

    Gordon might not be able to get into the restaurant, but the cameraman sure can.

  87. MrAngryGnome


    23 dagar sedan

    Alex may be a nice guy. But someone who has that type of mustache should not be allowed to say the word "moist".

  88. FlyingCat


    23 dagar sedan

    No lunch out, interesting.

  89. Strawberry Jam

    Strawberry Jam

    23 dagar sedan

    The fact that he tried to break in with a credit card 😂

  90. Henry


    23 dagar sedan

    Alex is one of the most underrated servers

    • Jonny Birchyboy

      Jonny Birchyboy

      18 dagar sedan

      “Chicken should be moist” - words of wisdom

  91. Vladimir Gospodinov

    Vladimir Gospodinov

    23 dagar sedan

    Will it be to his taste? Will it be to his opinion? Who knows? Everybody knows Paul... Everybody knows.

  92. Josh B

    Josh B

    23 dagar sedan

    Staged beyond space and time

  93. Emma7846


    23 dagar sedan

    If the camera man was in there when Paul arrived then why didn’t he open up for Gordon?

    • J0kerclash


      20 dagar sedan

      They likely instructed Paul to enter with the note for the sake of television after the fact.

  94. Dilusss


    23 dagar sedan

    pleasure to meet you

  95. Prince Starfy

    Prince Starfy

    23 dagar sedan

    A restaurant that closes for lunch… hmm what could possibly be the reason for it not doing well?…

  96. Vidgmchtr


    23 dagar sedan

    One of the few episodes in which Gordon liked SOMETHING on the menu. I'm happy the dessert chef was able to open her own place after this restaurant closed.



    23 dagar sedan

    Imagine being a restaurant and closed during lunch

  98. Fernando Bueno

    Fernando Bueno

    23 dagar sedan

    1:57 Mega Pause

  99. Brian Banek

    Brian Banek

    23 dagar sedan

    This chicken is drier than Ben Shapiros wife!

  100. ryan sands

    ryan sands

    23 dagar sedan

    The thumbnail makes it look like Gordon was taking a leak on the door