Gordon Ramsay's Most INTENSE Argument On Kitchen Nightmares | FULL EPISODE


Gordon Ramsay visits Down City in Rhode Island, where he tries an 'award-winning' meatloaf and gets into one of the most intense arguments we've seen.

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  1. Pain


    17 minuter sedan

    Abby: “Your a disgrace to the industry” Gordon Ramsey: *has 16 Michelin Stars*

  2. Bxlle


    18 minuter sedan

    Y'all are slandering Abby in the comments, but she changed overnight, it's amazing how she changed within that small amount of time, amazing

  3. metty kgopana

    metty kgopana

    59 minuter sedan

    u know how u watch something and u get second hand anciety and u screach or curl into a little all??.......i did just that when that lady started blogging

  4. Sei Sophea Panya

    Sei Sophea Panya

    2 timmar sedan

    An absolute amazing,, chef Ramsay... Love the happy ending it always doesss

  5. Nandoxus


    7 timmar sedan

    The attitude on that bish. Wow

  6. Lion Singh

    Lion Singh

    7 timmar sedan

    " The room service next door ...pissy grainy soup " 🤣

  7. zach


    8 timmar sedan

    She's next level Karen

  8. Freya


    8 timmar sedan

    Gordon didn’t take his anger out on the camera men he was still polite and kind

  9. Oshandi Madawala

    Oshandi Madawala

    8 timmar sedan

    Owner - "An award winning food" Ramsey - "let's taste that " vierwers - " boom ! here comes that crap "

  10. burb


    10 timmar sedan

    Abby looks like a homophobic lesbian

  11. Vlad Tepes

    Vlad Tepes

    12 timmar sedan

    James the mvp, clutching the team

  12. Grappling Wombat

    Grappling Wombat

    13 timmar sedan

    It’s just lovely to see people put in their place😂

  13. Tate Murray

    Tate Murray

    14 timmar sedan

    Its over when he finds raw meat next to cooked meat in the fridge (the owners husband is the nicest guy on the show)

  14. Waseem


    23 timmar sedan

    Abby: "You're a disgrace to the industry." Gordon: "I am the industry. I am the one who cooks."

  15. Den(n)is


    23 timmar sedan

    Rico is just basically us, who sit and wait, while the dad is arguing with his daughter and jelling in the other room 😂

  16. Damon


    Dag sedan

    Just another “Karen” with a god complex.

  17. Vishva


    Dag sedan

    When the Karen hairstyle goes perfeftly well with the personality.

  18. KnitLove HK

    KnitLove HK

    Dag sedan

    The video edit is so good . Like it

  19. Zeager


    Dag sedan

    Staff: I'm just here for money ... ... ... Gordon: What?!?!?!

  20. Lily Moataz

    Lily Moataz

    Dag sedan

    Abby is seriously a karen

  21. Patrick Nadeau

    Patrick Nadeau

    Dag sedan

    I'm not going to be defensive, I'm just defending what we do here

  22. Kauner


    Dag sedan

    bruh i had to use a vpn because this video said it is not available in my country but im all the way out here in cali like what the hell fix this video

  23. xXZom GamesXx

    xXZom GamesXx

    Dag sedan

    Gordon ramsay must be so stressed while making these kitchen nightmare videos because he has to deal with alot of things in these videos and have to shout alot. With alot of shouting I'm impressed that he can still talk

  24. L


    Dag sedan

    Gordon: You want me to leave im out off here -absolutely not im gonna hunt you if you leave us hanging Hahahahahaha

  25. Soy Sauce

    Soy Sauce

    Dag sedan

    Everyone on this show literally acts like they're 5 yrs old.

  26. Oryx The Mad God

    Oryx The Mad God

    Dag sedan

    the face gordon makes in the thumbnail is great

  27. TheGamingCookie


    Dag sedan

    "I'm not getting defensive, I'm just defending what we do here." I'm not breathing, I'm just inhaling and exhaling the air around me.

  28. Matt Garrett

    Matt Garrett

    Dag sedan

    "10 outta 10".. if that was the case, I don't think you'd be asking Gordon to save your business... he says, being able to burn cereal.

  29. Sihle Maupa

    Sihle Maupa

    Dag sedan

    Just listen to the man!! What's so hard!!💀

  30. NOPE


    Dag sedan

    That fridge wasnt like that before you got here. Yeah ramsay came and ruined it totally. An you arent in this show because you need help nooo the business is fine.

  31. Saad Benhamou

    Saad Benhamou

    Dag sedan

    24:11 "we're just here for money" Ramsay: " wOtt ?"

  32. -Laggy- -Console-

    -Laggy- -Console-

    Dag sedan

    Never would have thought gordon would be afraid of someone else xD

  33. *HISSSS*


    Dag sedan


  34. ItzAliaAli


    Dag sedan

    Abby: Get the f*ck out of my restaurant Also Abby: I’m gonna miss him when he goes

  35. Miracle- Everything

    Miracle- Everything

    2 dagar sedan

    12:03 okay!! (Google translate)

  36. Deny Thomas

    Deny Thomas

    2 dagar sedan

    If i was there, i would kick her, no matter that she is a creature full of passion (women)

  37. MORI


    2 dagar sedan

    I DID NOT expect her to change I give you that. But kudos to Abby for making it possible

  38. Tzielsky


    2 dagar sedan

    Every hell kitchen owner: My restaurant is failing, Let's call Gordon Ramsay He tells me a thing wrong And tell me what to do But hear my pitch: Let's not

  39. Evan Ramsay

    Evan Ramsay

    2 dagar sedan

    "I'm not in denial," Abby said in denial

  40. Goosepicklebumps


    2 dagar sedan

    This is fake… right?

    • Doby


      2 dagar sedan

      Most likely, but it's still entertaining

  41. R0N1N


    2 dagar sedan

    I think the award Winning meatloaf kind look like doo doo

  42. Brahma


    2 dagar sedan

    Looks like recruitment strategy is really LGBT-oriented in this restraunt)

  43. Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor

    2 dagar sedan

    After this Abbey and Rico opened a new restaurant called "Scissor Systerz"....They hired chef mike....They also adopted a Koala Bear and named it "Bi-pedal".

  44. Marcel Fateev

    Marcel Fateev

    3 dagar sedan

    ich wollte doch nur medium raw hören :C

  45. Kiwie


    3 dagar sedan

    Okay but I’m dying to know why Rico has the word PIG (猪) in Chinese tattooed on his wrist

    • Serkan


      2 dagar sedan

      You gotta be kidding

  46. Henry


    3 dagar sedan

    17:41 😂😂😂

  47. wildsurfer12


    3 dagar sedan

    They should have asked Carter Puddishment for some money.

  48. Jesse magal

    Jesse magal

    3 dagar sedan

    The turnaround is amazing

  49. MinePlants41


    3 dagar sedan

    “Im not yelling im talking!” Every parent ever in a argument

  50. Josephine-Isabell Wesely

    Josephine-Isabell Wesely

    3 dagar sedan

    can we get a "wow"-counter for her pls?

  51. Analiza tampos

    Analiza tampos

    3 dagar sedan

    Will when Gordon and Abby starts arguing... "Oooooo this is fuuuuuuuuuun!"

  52. Kei Enn

    Kei Enn

    3 dagar sedan

    13 mins in I love how the staff just sit around her and actually ask her if she's okay, does she want tea. They seem genuinely nice. Sarcastic at times but they are nice people. And when they raise their complaints, they're using soft voices. They know their boss and even though the boss is still in denial, the staff is just gracious.

  53. Kei Enn

    Kei Enn

    3 dagar sedan

    "We set ourself up for disappointment when we put 'Award Winning' in front of it." Not even 10 mins and I love the vibes of this crew 🤭

  54. tyraelpl


    3 dagar sedan

    One look at her and you can tell that what's this dude's saying 1:30 is true xD Well spent 33 years xD "You're in denial!" "No i'm not" xD Best case in point if ive ever seen one. And calling a man who owns some of the most expensive and successful businesses in the world a "disgrace to the industry"... well. One thing that bothers me, we all know the tv works. I am willing to believe some of the nasty stuff has been planted for the shock effect. A filthy fridge has become a staple for the show...

  55. Emely C

    Emely C

    3 dagar sedan

    "You stuck up precious little bitch"😂😂😂😂😂

  56. argón renio

    argón renio

    3 dagar sedan

    is there anything more ironic that someone going "I AM NOT IN DENIAL"???

  57. Nevew Andrei

    Nevew Andrei

    4 dagar sedan

    Let me think about the pepppers Sus i would like a Home Delivvvery i live in You mum house

  58. UnoneTV


    4 dagar sedan

    Such a sexy woman with verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences, but making such a mistake of estimation. Sadly, intelligences and overall human value doesn't magically solve problems, the work of the human value does. And she wasn't doing the work he possibly could've done. She overlooked it and used her intelligence in successfully proving that she's still not totally wrong, but that was only good enough for the conversations, not her or even people she shared conversations with. It's a common mistake when a human missuses even a good intelligence because of emotions.

  59. Dale Saunders

    Dale Saunders

    4 dagar sedan

    at 6:48 there is a fly near Gordon's right shoulder

  60. Kev Page

    Kev Page

    4 dagar sedan

    That food blogger wants to grow up and put the phone away, how immature

  61. livelaughlove-


    4 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay: privacy, please 😐 camera man: am I a joke to you?😈

  62. livelaughlove-


    4 dagar sedan

    the way he touches everything without gloves 😩

  63. TanceWasLost


    4 dagar sedan

    "I'm not sitting. I'm standing" *"Cut the bullshit"*

  64. ChebyPattern


    4 dagar sedan

    The moment when karen is the manager

  65. Atie Woods

    Atie Woods

    4 dagar sedan

    Omg I feel bad for his nerves

  66. EmilThaBro


    4 dagar sedan

    Abby is like a Karen who asks to see your manager if you don't like her food xD

  67. Radu_d7


    4 dagar sedan

    damn she really told The Gordon ramsay that he's a disgrace to this industry 😭😭😭

  68. Ravenous Elf

    Ravenous Elf

    4 dagar sedan

    Ahh, see, Aby didn't specify, her scale was a 1-100, so the food was a 10, which is a 1 in Gordon's book.

  69. jn eid

    jn eid

    5 dagar sedan

    "There is a god! " * cuts to church scenery*

  70. Urs Schaffer

    Urs Schaffer

    5 dagar sedan

    The pots and pans belong in a museum and not on a stove!! :-))

  71. G0giii


    5 dagar sedan

    37:28 who the hell is using phones like that in 2021 lol

    • Boxersteavee


      4 dagar sedan

      This was't recorded in 2021 (as the video quality and lack of covid mention/rules suggest)

  72. Koskar MR

    Koskar MR

    5 dagar sedan

    Did she say he is a disgrace to English people. He is a king of the British. Junior chefs of Britain worship this man.

    • Mike Taylor

      Mike Taylor

      2 dagar sedan

      Also he not English. He's Scottish. Is she one of the 95% of American people without a passport? What would she say if he called her another nationality? She should of just said British if she doesnt know the difference between England and Scotland.

  73. Doctor 3vil

    Doctor 3vil

    5 dagar sedan

    is it just me or Jimmy hats off is just Joey

  74. RAB TV

    RAB TV

    5 dagar sedan

    She looks like the female version of the guy from UP.

  75. Sput Boi

    Sput Boi

    5 dagar sedan

    Damn, alex got too much going on his life

  76. ㆍ

    5 dagar sedan

    the way gordon fights with the max leveled karen is legendary. i tip my hat for ya, one legend to another

  77. Aljon Alabanzas

    Aljon Alabanzas

    5 dagar sedan

    When the Tsundere MC falls inlove with the protagonist

  78. Demoninthecloset


    6 dagar sedan

    I wonder what would would happen if Gordon Ramsey and Simon from America’s got talent

  79. Mary Galuak

    Mary Galuak

    6 dagar sedan

    7:06 3 p are you joking

  80. peppa pig

    peppa pig

    6 dagar sedan

    Abby and Sebastian should be friends. Hard headed people

  81. Buffy Central

    Buffy Central

    6 dagar sedan

    "Abby has a conversation with the one person she believes is always right - herself" 😂😂😂

    • Quadratic 🔹

      Quadratic 🔹

      2 dagar sedan


  82. Emmanuel


    6 dagar sedan

    None of these cooks and waiters want to work with her but they also have to worry about putting food on the table in their own homes

  83. Lilia I

    Lilia I

    6 dagar sedan

    Rico needs to act like a boss , he s a owner too

  84. fukodrop


    6 dagar sedan

    love the meltdown at 35:10 about the food blogger, what a 2008 thing to do

  85. PsychoticTunes


    6 dagar sedan

    She wasn't vlogging she was just picking up my phone to speed up the service

  86. Nobody_asked


    6 dagar sedan

    They really tried banning this video in my country lmao yeah, right



    7 dagar sedan

    Both faces look like my farts

  88. Kyle08


    7 dagar sedan

    19:39 I love how even though he is fuming and being treated like shit, he keeps his cool with the crew who are just there to film it and doesn’t lose it with them

  89. Guybrush Threepwood

    Guybrush Threepwood

    7 dagar sedan

    The difference between feminism and leadership...

  90. Finn Murtins

    Finn Murtins

    7 dagar sedan


  91. Samuel Ravi Kanth

    Samuel Ravi Kanth

    7 dagar sedan

    You know you made Gordon Ramsay so angry when he doesn't even want the camera's to see it.

  92. Cholorox Bleach

    Cholorox Bleach

    7 dagar sedan

    I friggin love this guy ramsay

  93. Zafar Naveed

    Zafar Naveed

    7 dagar sedan

    "Hey guys i need some privacy please" Literally gets 4 other angles of him having the private convo

  94. Ari-San


    7 dagar sedan

    Tch…kinda nightmare but kind a glad she listened

  95. XboxOriginal


    7 dagar sedan

    she defended the fucking spelling of pepppers 😂😂😂

  96. •💚Fong_Xin_Yuet💙•


    7 dagar sedan

    Karen’s name abby Abby Abby Lee Miller

  97. Manshek Prasad

    Manshek Prasad

    7 dagar sedan

    'We’re just here for money'… What?

  98. solena


    7 dagar sedan

    I love the workers they're all so positive nice and honest.. she's so lucky to have them!