Gordon Ramsay Tries To Revisit The Black Pearl | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay tries to revisit The Black Pearl and other resteraunts.

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  1. Kitchen Nightmares

    Kitchen Nightmares

    2 månader sedan

    Happy Friday everyone!

    • Ob la di Ob la da

      Ob la di Ob la da

      17 dagar sedan

      the place turned into money honey coming in😘👍

    • Derper0710


      29 dagar sedan

      Happy Friday anniversary

    • Mr. CT

      Mr. CT

      Månad sedan

      Good day

    • Rob Marrin

      Rob Marrin

      2 månader sedan

      She's got the bollocks sound's odd coming from an American woman but she definitely has 👍

    • Rob Marrin

      Rob Marrin

      2 månader sedan

      All that Gordon is achieving for me is it's better to learn a few dishes you like and be your own chef, I can't trust any restaurant or take away now not if the cold store's are like that, hell I couldn't even work there if I had to handle that refrigerated food, shocking

  2. Darlene Fraser

    Darlene Fraser

    23 timmar sedan

    What? Q (from the Q continuum) actually did something good? 😂 😂 😂

  3. Glenn Chua. Hian Beng

    Glenn Chua. Hian Beng

    Dag sedan

    This is the first time you see Gordon ramsey changing subject when Steven staring and telling him about the city life suddenly just said how is the pull pork sandwich taste? hahaha!



    2 dagar sedan

    Bro be walking around the restaurants and kiss the owners wifes

  5. Ayush Raj

    Ayush Raj

    3 dagar sedan

    Carolyn high 24x7

  6. kizpaws


    4 dagar sedan

    When Gordon came back to Billy and his wife's restaurant, I wondered what drug they were on... Not good...

  7. Mishae Leon

    Mishae Leon

    5 dagar sedan

    I'm so curious about what happened to Eric. Can anyone tell me what happened lol °^°

  8. HP 7

    HP 7

    6 dagar sedan


  9. Mr Moist

    Mr Moist

    7 dagar sedan

    12:45 "It's moist and meaty"

  10. bitchass


    7 dagar sedan

    i fucking love steven sobs

  11. Josh Martinak

    Josh Martinak

    7 dagar sedan

    26:58 those are some real teeth lol

  12. Matthew Nusca

    Matthew Nusca

    9 dagar sedan

    BILLYYYYY hahaha

  13. Sagar Shakhia

    Sagar Shakhia

    9 dagar sedan

    what is that quality. lmfao

  14. Offshore Scaffolding™

    Offshore Scaffolding™

    10 dagar sedan

    why people's always say fuck fuck lol 😂 dam

  15. DQÇtØR


    11 dagar sedan

    We love Steven, what a legend.

  16. Mega888 HackMan

    Mega888 HackMan

    12 dagar sedan


  17. Music By Allona Mayost

    Music By Allona Mayost

    12 dagar sedan

    I remember a Bare Rescue episode where a lobster tank was the source of controversy.

  18. Armchair Critic

    Armchair Critic

    12 dagar sedan

    "I don't want to be a chef" The why did you get such a job in a first place??

  19. Nars YT

    Nars YT

    13 dagar sedan

    Everyone only watched this for Steven.

  20. stefán


    13 dagar sedan

    "Resteraunts" 💀

  21. David Tran

    David Tran

    14 dagar sedan

    It still amazes me how Gordon made time for all these shows over the years. Money is great I’m sure but damn you got to really love what you’re doing to deal with all these personalities

  22. steler95


    14 dagar sedan

    22:03 That chiken wing flew out of there and prob made it back to the costumers plate. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. SmithyLufc87


    15 dagar sedan

    Gordon’s got jokes 😂😂😂 pulled pork

  24. David Envall

    David Envall

    15 dagar sedan

    And they lived happily ever after....

  25. JustCallMeBoss


    16 dagar sedan

    That was great! It’s not a great day without seeing Gordon screaming at some people!

  26. Devandra Wahyu

    Devandra Wahyu

    16 dagar sedan

    22:31 i thought it was my phone

  27. Ob la di Ob la da

    Ob la di Ob la da

    17 dagar sedan

    chef GR is the saint of culinary and gold hands, everything he touched turn to gold👍👍👍👍👍

  28. Despa Cito

    Despa Cito

    18 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay, *five* star Michelin chef.

  29. Melstoast


    18 dagar sedan

    I've seen bars with less alcohol in them than Carolyn. There, I said it.

  30. zebra duck

    zebra duck

    19 dagar sedan

    R.I.P Billy cancer is a bit*h

  31. John M

    John M

    19 dagar sedan

    As a Canadian and someone who has ate many Maine and Canadian lobsters. WTF is the difference? Seriously, does he really think the lobsters stop at an imaginary line in the ocean. What happens if 2 lobsters meet, one from Nova Scotia Canada and Maine USA? I just don’t get it. Maine Lobsters might be a bit sweeter and that likely is because of water temp.Anyone know?

  32. Random Manny

    Random Manny

    19 dagar sedan

    Lol if you hate your job why won’t you leave it?

  33. MrLeCyborg


    19 dagar sedan

    "he got 4 tires and a spare" LOL

  34. Asteros


    20 dagar sedan

    bro imagine sitting down to eat at a restaurant and seeing gordon ramsay vibing

  35. kai honan

    kai honan

    21 dag sedan

    Comes in looking like dog food, comes out looking like dog shit

  36. Tom Burgess

    Tom Burgess

    21 dag sedan

    Gordon "This place is doing phenomenally well" Restaurant empty.

  37. Rikard Johansson

    Rikard Johansson

    22 dagar sedan

    Lol that remodeling at 6:40 They didn't do anything

  38. Kay Meinhold

    Kay Meinhold

    22 dagar sedan

    What I don't get: why it was called Handlebar - but it was not selling broiled chicken?

  39. KUNTHEAR Leang

    KUNTHEAR Leang

    22 dagar sedan

    You should walked away from Black Pearl. That kind of guy is a waste of your time, a lot of money while others struggling restaurant owners genuinely and readily accept your help. This is the kind of episode that piss me off most.

  40. Relaxation and calm  for the soul

    Relaxation and calm for the soul

    23 dagar sedan


  41. ★KAVLOGG★


    23 dagar sedan

    Chef microwave

  42. fangirl47


    24 dagar sedan

    we love stephen! he’s one of the best waitstaff that’s been on the show tbh, he has great energy and a sense of humor

  43. Private Man

    Private Man

    24 dagar sedan

    He is not Gordon Chef Ramsay!... He is Golden Chef Ramsay!

  44. Jasika Mohan

    Jasika Mohan

    25 dagar sedan


  45. Ben Dixon

    Ben Dixon

    26 dagar sedan

    Almost 100 kitchen nightmares, and I seem to watch the same 12 on a compilation daily

  46. Poisoned


    26 dagar sedan

    This could be an anime and I would watch every last second

  47. Christopher Visentin

    Christopher Visentin

    26 dagar sedan

    i hope that david got to reimburse his co owners for the damage he did! arrogant prick

  48. Light Robot

    Light Robot

    27 dagar sedan

    I swear his insults are wat too much: "it's like a eating a wet diaper" "you're so full of crap you'll make a great politician"

  49. Adam Pláteník

    Adam Pláteník

    27 dagar sedan

    Bro, Gordon and Stephen had some amazing chemistry going between them back at The Black Pearl and later on, I would not be surprised if they... like I mean... like... HE EVEN HAD HIS PHONE NUMBER HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT??

  50. YannaChan93


    27 dagar sedan

    I am gonna be honest, if I had the guts to call Gordon Ramsay "Gordy" I am pretty sure I would see my life flash before my eyes.

  51. Ji Ji

    Ji Ji

    27 dagar sedan

    David Is The New Karen

  52. GingerBen


    27 dagar sedan

    Why can't he hit him with his fists the muppet

  53. Nyorito


    28 dagar sedan

    Grumpy: the great gordon ramsey is wrong Few years later: *black pearl closed down* who's wrong now a*shole

  54. Frantisek Va

    Frantisek Va

    Månad sedan

    Im very sad how much many food end in bin.. For nothing.

  55. Daniel Silva

    Daniel Silva

    Månad sedan

    I think the lobster machine is kinda cruel, that aside the owner is kinda of a bitch

  56. Nadiya .S

    Nadiya .S

    Månad sedan

    Bro why this guy 0:55 look like kenny from walking dead season 1 and EVEN HE SOUND LIKE HIM LIKE TF?!

  57. Starza Priana

    Starza Priana

    Månad sedan

    who's here after even Hog Pit NYC closed as well?

  58. Anish Led Floyd

    Anish Led Floyd

    Månad sedan

    gordon is a legend man I can tell you that

  59. Martin Curran

    Martin Curran

    Månad sedan

    I don't understand how people who own these failing restaurants hire head chefs who don't know how to cook/have no passion for cooking. I mean, I understand owning and running a restaurant is difficult. I get that it takes a lot of hard work and you're bound to make mistakes... but I don't understand how they hire and pay these people and then don't understand where the problems are coming from. How is it that out of all the applicants who applied for that job, he ended up hiring the one person who didn't want to be a chef at all? It's baffling.

  60. S T

    S T

    Månad sedan

    Steven is soooo cute 🥰 I’d happily be his partner hehe That awkward conversation about sex had me dead hahaha.

  61. Mama Marianovits

    Mama Marianovits

    Månad sedan

    "5 star Michelin chef...so he has 4 and a spare.".....?! ~prideful, arrogant owner Um, I believe Chef Ramsey has earned 16 Michelin stars, hasn't he.?

  62. Farhan Ahmed

    Farhan Ahmed

    Månad sedan

    The sebastian’s closed kinda felt bad

  63. lambda halflife

    lambda halflife

    Månad sedan

    I can't believe the Black Pearl shut down but a new resturant is in its place.

  64. grifty mc grift

    grifty mc grift

    Månad sedan

    I'm still amazed by that statement "46 years and no one's talked to me like that" Dude you said your a construction worker, where you biulding set peices for the wiggles or something? In my experience there's no difference in atmosphere between the oil patch and the construction yard.

  65. Yudo Maher

    Yudo Maher

    Månad sedan

    1:45 omg the way they turn there head to the owner is so hilarious

  66. I want to die

    I want to die

    Månad sedan

    It's sad what happened to handlebar, billy dying of cancer and the place being sold 😔

  67. karim


    Månad sedan

    why is this unavailable in australia

  68. Rıdvan Korhan

    Rıdvan Korhan

    Månad sedan

    Wtf scenario has planned

  69. hailey c

    hailey c

    Månad sedan

    Casa Roma closed in June 2017!

  70. Dean Mothafukkin Mearks

    Dean Mothafukkin Mearks

    Månad sedan

    How come the US Gov. is so strict in Public Health Inspections when it comes to the ship but not the restaurants in their own land?

  71. Palaash Krishna

    Palaash Krishna

    Månad sedan

    ah! fkin Steven.

  72. achuu


    Månad sedan

    billy’s idiocy is funny yet infuriating

  73. Tageru


    Månad sedan

    Ngl, every time I watch Kitchen Nightmares, I feel like Im in the past again.

  74. Golaz


    Månad sedan


    • zebra duck

      zebra duck

      19 dagar sedan


  75. Just_Daniel


    Månad sedan

    rip black pearl

    • zebra duck

      zebra duck

      19 dagar sedan

      And Billy

  76. 🌹 Robeon Mew 🔰

    🌹 Robeon Mew 🔰

    Månad sedan

    but they aren't the 1st gastropub

  77. Nathan Head

    Nathan Head

    Månad sedan

    Your so beautiful but you fucked up

  78. Sneakysnail RSA

    Sneakysnail RSA

    Månad sedan

    That wife was drunk, before and after.

  79. AlifLukman Fandi

    AlifLukman Fandi

    Månad sedan

    "People don't want relationship, they just wanna have sex" Steven 2009 But even the era and technology have change a lot, this word still relevant eh, people didn't change 😂

  80. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts

    Månad sedan

    Carolyn seems on crack 24/7

  81. Derva Kommt von hinten

    Derva Kommt von hinten

    Månad sedan

    i bingewatched these so i still remember them. time stamps to just see how the restaurants are doing now would be helpful....

  82. Shterk Shterk

    Shterk Shterk

    Månad sedan


  83. IThyrox


    Månad sedan

    0:40 bryce hall?

  84. inaya noor

    inaya noor

    Månad sedan

    just read steven's story on voyage la and followed him on twt,,he is a emmy award winner casting associate and an independent filmmaker and producer rn,,what a person with an inspiring journey,,

  85. Floral Memes

    Floral Memes

    Månad sedan

    Quick note Chapter 7 means bankruptcy.

  86. Bringthemustard


    Månad sedan

    are these real places or is this all acting? some times i cant tell

  87. logfu roo

    logfu roo

    Månad sedan

    I watched this but i almost puked the clam was so bad

  88. MrTMGBD


    Månad sedan

    I swear that I’ve seen Walter White!

  89. scfog90


    Månad sedan

    Best idea that everyone has: open a restaurant with 0 experience

  90. Jason Cabral

    Jason Cabral

    Månad sedan

    I love videos like this to see the question How are they or where are they now!? But I’m sad to see what happened to black pearl, of course David f**ked it up, poor Steven we will always love him lol, but hey he’s a director now yay!

  91. Herchel Niño I. Baliwas

    Herchel Niño I. Baliwas

    Månad sedan

    15:09 user some deo Gordon hahahahaha

  92. Stakhanovites


    Månad sedan

    It seems a lot of bad restaurants are around the New York suburbs/New Jersey area.

  93. Little Tiky Gamin'

    Little Tiky Gamin'

    Månad sedan

    he sold the lobster tank???????? that person has to go to hell

  94. Dre B

    Dre B

    Månad sedan

    Steven is such a nice lad

  95. rvpstudioscanada


    Månad sedan

    I don't see much of the difference in the remodelling.

  96. Jusuf Hasanovic

    Jusuf Hasanovic

    Månad sedan

    that second chef is really a punanni. He haves more to give then him in his entire life. really i always lauch when they say he haves 5 star restaurants bla bla.

  97. Emma :P

    Emma :P

    Månad sedan

    He looks like a construction worker

  98. Paul Oblomov

    Paul Oblomov

    Månad sedan

    Вопрос - реально нада закладывать дом, чтобы открыть бизнес?

  99. J. J. Jacobsen

    J. J. Jacobsen

    Månad sedan

    Chile… I honestly felt like giving the chef a hug. Can you imagine going to work everyday knowing that you’re gonna fail and have everyone critique you for something you dont even want to do?

  100. Sam Bonbon

    Sam Bonbon

    Månad sedan

    Watching this on my Switch. 4 sets of publicities in the first 10 minutes. I tell myself next one I stop. And 2 minutes later.... Fuck youtube, and if its your choice uploader, fuck you too