Gordon Has A Cuban Cook Off | Kitchen Nightmares

Taking bets now

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  1. engasal


    12 dagar sedan

    Dude looks like me at work

  2. WarCriminalPekora


    Månad sedan

    1:25 nobody talking about how Gordon actually liked the food.

  3. voltaire delmas

    voltaire delmas

    Månad sedan

    they both look like there bout to cry

  4. StreetsWorth


    Månad sedan

    They're not even cuban. They're colombian

  5. Daniel Klassen

    Daniel Klassen

    Månad sedan

    His expression when Gordon said muppets was cool 😂😂😂

  6. Knight Fordrinn

    Knight Fordrinn

    2 månader sedan

    Why do they both look like they want to cry

  7. Danni Eriv

    Danni Eriv

    2 månader sedan

    She's a nightmare yet approved dish by Ramsey hmm 😒

  8. Chad Khudles

    Chad Khudles

    2 månader sedan

    Marcelo looks fucking depressed as fuck what the fuck happened to him?

  9. itskailynboyd


    2 månader sedan

    lets be honest they just need to get a way for like a week at the minimal and fuck,

  10. 312luis


    2 månader sedan

    That man dead inside lmao 😭

    • BerétBay


      2 månader sedan

      that's pretty sad bro.

  11. aurora


    2 månader sedan

    as a cuban this is depressing to watch, everyone knows that moms and abuelas make the best cuban food ever

  12. aldini


    2 månader sedan

    How are they grown adults and literally can't cook one meal together.

    • nikis life

      nikis life

      2 månader sedan

      They’re divorced. Marcelo is in debt.

  13. ZackTheMuffinMan


    2 månader sedan


  14. TheCynicalB


    2 månader sedan

    Man, you just know they banged and they're over that shit.

  15. E.o FOOD

    E.o FOOD

    2 månader sedan

    wich episode

  16. Tom Beattie

    Tom Beattie

    2 månader sedan

    Fuck I'm stuck in this corner of the internet again

  17. Sumori


    2 månader sedan

    She gets a little bit of a British accent at 1:54, I bet she has the hots for Chef.

  18. M Sia

    M Sia

    2 månader sedan

    To be fair, if a relationship was bad enough that they had to split, and the only reason they WORK together is because they have no other financial options, I'd imagine they'd want as little interaction with each other as possible.

  19. Moth J

    Moth J

    2 månader sedan

    realistically, gordon didn’t have a cuban cook off, he GOT a cuban cook off when he asked them to cook a dish together

    • Moth J

      Moth J

      2 månader sedan

      @James Flames you must be fun at parties

    • James Flames

      James Flames

      2 månader sedan

      have (v.) 6. to cause to, as by command or invitation

  20. Shenorai


    2 månader sedan

    I mean... I realize what Gordon is trying to do for the sake of the restaurant, but considering he's telling an ex husband to work with his ex wife, that's... a hard ask at the very least. Anyone who has lived through a rocky divorce would know that.

  21. glenn yarwood

    glenn yarwood

    2 månader sedan

    She seems fine honestly, he seems kinda useless

  22. Panda Reijgah

    Panda Reijgah

    2 månader sedan

    They didn't even walk through the *double* door together You can't make this shit up bro

  23. Heart Roll

    Heart Roll

    2 månader sedan

    I love the muppet comment. Gordan is savage!!!!

  24. Dani Hunt

    Dani Hunt

    2 månader sedan

    I hate these bland video names. Keep the funny ones! 😍

  25. gv


    2 månader sedan

    speaking of cuba

  26. 5 Star Vids

    5 Star Vids

    2 månader sedan

    If I ever hear "Simple flavors" agin it will be to soon probably in the next vid.

  27. MooMooDeFloof


    2 månader sedan

    This title was released and timed in time for the Cuban protests Wasnt it???

  28. companymen42


    2 månader sedan

    They both look like they’ve been crying for an hour

  29. Tanqr


    2 månader sedan

    when gordon actually likes the food😱

  30. someone


    2 månader sedan

    I just wanna say that for the past three months, ever since the proper titles started, the videos with proper titles have gotten tons more views than the ones with the normal titles. The future is now

  31. Jasper Grey

    Jasper Grey

    2 månader sedan

    *The economic hardship , recession , unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures*

    • █████████████████████████████████████████████████


      2 månader sedan

      Wtf did I just read!

    • scares009


      2 månader sedan

      This is the most sophisticated comment bot I've ever seen

    • Ishak Benjamin

      Ishak Benjamin

      2 månader sedan

      I’ve seen different recommendations about this Pro trader, he must be very exceptional for people to talk this good about him

    • Jones Corbin

      Jones Corbin

      2 månader sedan

      @Lisa Colton Much appreciated I will text him as soon as I can.

    • Lisa Colton

      Lisa Colton

      2 månader sedan

      +1@,, 9@,, 0@,,1@,,4 @,,6 @,,8 @,,3 @,,2 @,,7 @,,2

  32. Thomas Justiniano

    Thomas Justiniano

    2 månader sedan

    "1 dish? Two, 50/50"

  33. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

    2 månader sedan


  34. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

    2 månader sedan


  35. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

    2 månader sedan


  36. Svein Olsen

    Svein Olsen

    2 månader sedan

    Gordon’s couples counseling

  37. joystick casaa

    joystick casaa

    2 månader sedan

    To put up with Cuban women, damn, you gotta be real ALPHA, if not bruh you done. They are beautiful woman but have a strong character.

  38. Hector Cordova

    Hector Cordova

    2 månader sedan

    I expect as a cuban to see just eggs and rice…

  39. Jamy van Dijk

    Jamy van Dijk

    2 månader sedan

    Petition to make a Kitchen Nightmares Shorts Channel

  40. Unit_Joe


    2 månader sedan

    Guys the happy admin should be posting today or tomorrow so be prepared for a strictly Bussin video

  41. Muhammad Nurfadli

    Muhammad Nurfadli

    2 månader sedan

    Sorry out if my question is out of topic, but could someone explain to me why microwaved food taste bad? I've never seen Gordon like something microwaved in this show

  42. asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw

    asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw

    2 månader sedan

    Have an English cookoff: who can make the best bangers and mash or beans on toast. Loads of racism sprinkled in for that authentic English experience.

  43. Charlie


    2 månader sedan

    Honestly I feel really bad for Marcello- he was obviously exhausted and done with it all.

  44. Eason Caelum

    Eason Caelum

    2 månader sedan

    This is basically “It Takes Two: Kitchen Nightmares DLC” LMAO

  45. Sam S

    Sam S

    2 månader sedan

    Muppets 😂

  46. Lêåfiī


    2 månader sedan

    I’m sorry but the fact the plates are the only thing that are apparently cleaner than the whole restaurant is getting to me. I am surprised that they are the only clean things in the restaurants. 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Doc


    2 månader sedan

    Kitchen nightmare stopped because of all the restaurant that failed but i mean, it was expected, people complained but it's not the fault of gordon and his team, they never said they would have a 100% success rate, they do 50% of the work the rest is up to the restaurant owner(s) and it's like doing a surgery on a already dead patient, they were meant to close anyway, at least some are still open (around 30% from what i've heard) so it's still better than nothing

  48. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

    2 månader sedan

    CUBAN COOK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Joshua Jefford

    Joshua Jefford

    2 månader sedan

    Marcello just looks so damn sad during this, he just looks dead

  50. Мина Драгнева

    Мина Драгнева

    2 månader sedan

    Dear Mr. Gordon James Ramsay, I think it would make a great episode for Kitchen nightmares if you came over to visit restaurant 'Bojensko Hanche (Боженско Ханче)' in Bozhenci, Bulgaria. My friends and I are waiting on your review. (Frankly, they didn't like it. 😉)

  51. Anthony Marret

    Anthony Marret

    2 månader sedan

    Dear christ, seeing them together is awkward and painfull as hell. Makes sense they later got divorced.

    • margareth michelina

      margareth michelina

      2 månader sedan

      They already got divorced during this episode. I feel bad for Marcello tho because you can see he lost his passion on cooking and he looks like he's dying inside all the time. Katalina is a bitch and her voice is irritating as fuck especially when she's yelling.

    • debjoy12


      2 månader sedan

      weren't they already divorced when the episode aired?

  52. Sergiy Tarasenko

    Sergiy Tarasenko

    2 månader sedan

    I’ve never seen two adult act as children. How insanely embarrassing for them

  53. White Alliance

    White Alliance

    2 månader sedan

    ❤ FREE CUBA ❤ They are protesting tonight send you prayers.

  54. Mr. Peanutbutter

    Mr. Peanutbutter

    2 månader sedan

    "Que es muppets?" Lol I bet that ran in their heads

  55. Justin Thomas

    Justin Thomas

    2 månader sedan

    It’s simple, he’s a beta male and she’s an alpha female. Of course they aren’t working out.

    • José


      2 månader sedan


    • Justin Thomas

      Justin Thomas

      2 månader sedan

      @Chrystiana W you’re cringe

    • Chrystiana W

      Chrystiana W

      2 månader sedan


  56. Adam S

    Adam S

    2 månader sedan

    The chemistry between these two… they cant even look at each other in the eyes… its near hate

  57. wulfbuoy garwalfey

    wulfbuoy garwalfey

    2 månader sedan

    kitchen nightmares ramsay briefly turned into hell’s kitchen ramsay with a judging session lol

  58. HaasFormulaOneFan


    2 månader sedan

    These two clearly belong together

    • rock


      2 månader sedan

      She said earlier that they are like oil and water..

  59. Vastus9001


    2 månader sedan

    I just watched the episode and I have high hopes for them. I wish there was a follow up to know what happened.

  60. Drew


    2 månader sedan

    Bro how long is this channel gonna be milking content out for money jesus fuck

  61. DaBig Baby

    DaBig Baby

    2 månader sedan

    marcelo still hurt of that divorce obviously...i wonder why people need to absolutely hit the rock bottom to consider therapy! man you aint performing your life appropriately!!!!!!

  62. Ak Fishing

    Ak Fishing

    2 månader sedan

    Love watching these videos!

  63. SerialGothQueens


    2 månader sedan

    I've seen the wife on several different cooking competition shows on Food Network in the years since this aired (and I could swear she used a different name on camera each time as well). She also never mentioned having owned a restaurant when she was asked about her experience and background during any of those other appearances either. I thought it was all pretty dubious.

    • rock


      2 månader sedan

      Ironic because she bitches about marcelos cooking telling Gordon she's owner slash chef..

  64. meep meep

    meep meep

    2 månader sedan

    Gordon Ramsey brings me joy and happiness every time there is a new video

  65. Isaac Caddell

    Isaac Caddell

    2 månader sedan

    The tight mitten specifically squeak because rat disappointingly plan into a nebulous pumpkin. righteous, wide-eyed fruit

  66. Vuk M

    Vuk M

    2 månader sedan

    Marcelo and her are like that one wojack meme

  67. twerky


    2 månader sedan


  68. arianaggrande


    2 månader sedan

    i read this title wrong oh no

  69. Vintage Movie Channel

    Vintage Movie Channel

    2 månader sedan

    that woman has sucked the life out of that poor guy over the yrs.

  70. Shyman


    2 månader sedan

    Marcello: It's a nightmare Me (alone at 3am): you could say it's a kitchen nightmare *cue laugh track* 😅😅😅

  71. J.D. Matthias

    J.D. Matthias

    2 månader sedan

    I think they're afraid they might bump and start making love for 3 hours

  72. Belle Lim

    Belle Lim

    2 månader sedan


  73. Adelyn Z

    Adelyn Z

    2 månader sedan

    frozen will taste good if you take them out and leave them for at least an hour (and they have to be bought fresh before freezing them) but these dumbos dont know that basic simple fact

  74. napoles


    2 månader sedan

    As a cuban this is an insult to our food culture

  75. Mathew Soltan

    Mathew Soltan

    2 månader sedan

    His heart is broken. A broken man will not have passion.

  76. JumpmanZach


    2 månader sedan

    The fun admin will post the next vid whose hype???

  77. Octane 1320

    Octane 1320

    2 månader sedan

    I think deep down he wants to give her the Lamb Chop !!

  78. NeoMatrix


    2 månader sedan

    Even tho they arent together, you can tell with how they interact and smile, that they still have that fire for each other, somewhere inside still

    • s


      20 dagar sedan

      I too like to project feelings and a whole dynamic onto people who are on reality tv

    • rock


      2 månader sedan

      @NeoMatrix maybe he's just still hot for her ..that's not love that's lust..plus she had an affair on the side while married to him.

    • rdpcl


      2 månader sedan

      I don't think it was "love", it's just that they know each other really well.

    • NeoMatrix


      2 månader sedan

      @Jacob Sabastian when she cooked the good dish he smiled and u could tell it was a smile of love

    • Jacob Sabastian

      Jacob Sabastian

      2 månader sedan

      Marcelo looks absolutely dead inside

  79. FixedDerp


    2 månader sedan

    top tips to make ramsay happy: 1. fresh ingredients 2. actually cook the food 3. no microwave 4. basic hygiene

    • 80sMeavyHetal


      2 månader sedan

      You forgot: Passion Simplicity 2 cups of salt in every dish

    • Top Tomato

      Top Tomato

      2 månader sedan


  80. your_average_aesthetic_potato


    2 månader sedan

    marcel: she's a nightmare me: and that's why you're on the show

  81. HeyMyLifeIsLibby


    2 månader sedan

    Marcelo: “……uh.” Me: mood.

  82. Ariel Child's

    Ariel Child's

    2 månader sedan

    Gordon is the best

  83. Juggie Bonebrain

    Juggie Bonebrain

    2 månader sedan

    He said muppets.

  84. Jimothy Snooker

    Jimothy Snooker

    2 månader sedan

    can somebody check that guy's pulse? he's given up on life.

  85. TORO The Butcher

    TORO The Butcher

    2 månader sedan

    I will love to se Gordon goin to salt bae's and try to say everything its bland..

  86. ME-DIC!


    2 månader sedan

    He's so done with her lmao. Imagine STILL having to hear those nails-on-a-chalkboard and not even getting to fuck?

  87. newthrash1221


    2 månader sedan

    “with hair attitude, with hair *snaps fingers up and down*” 😂

  88. Zack Z89

    Zack Z89

    2 månader sedan

    Raw raw raw!! What wrong??!! EYYYY!!!!😂😂😂

  89. Mike Hiler

    Mike Hiler

    2 månader sedan

    Lol well....

  90. avocadont


    2 månader sedan

    C'mon we all know that the real Cuban cuisine master is Nino

    • Mr. Burns

      Mr. Burns

      2 månader sedan

      If someone dares question that Nino has the pictures to prove it

  91. God


    2 månader sedan

    It's gonna be the best title in the next video, trust me

  92. Julian Qt

    Julian Qt

    2 månader sedan

    Bro it's Saturday. Take a day off

  93. M A

    M A

    2 månader sedan


  94. Peter john F. Señeres

    Peter john F. Señeres

    2 månader sedan

    If this is not the most awkward moment in kitchen nightmares then tell me what is

  95. LUCse MENSEN


    2 månader sedan

    Hart me, I dear you!

  96. wArot


    2 månader sedan

    So much sexual tension.

  97. Night Fury

    Night Fury

    2 månader sedan

    you don't need words 0:11

  98. SasukeUchiha 2002

    SasukeUchiha 2002

    2 månader sedan

    I bet Gordon can’t beat my mom in a Cuban cook off

  99. Opticula


    2 månader sedan

    I bet on Chef Mike!

  100. Xoes X

    Xoes X

    2 månader sedan

    I will watch the same 10 clips over and over with no shame