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Kitchen Nightmares

The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on SE-one. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment.

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  1. Raspberry Wolf

    Raspberry Wolf

    42 minuter sedan

    32:03 "Titties!" 🤣

  2. Tanishka Ahire

    Tanishka Ahire

    43 minuter sedan

    I love the way he treats the he respects them

  3. ChungWei Wang

    ChungWei Wang

    46 minuter sedan

    The strong mother naturalistically increase because luttuce sicily colour up a flat offer. hollow, ritzy coin

  4. FrikiXu


    46 minuter sedan

    To whoever makes this titles, I love you

  5. Hacky464


    46 minuter sedan

    Wonder what he will say about south african food

  6. FloofyVR


    47 minuter sedan

    Ayo he murdered chef mike?!?!?!

  7. Simone Marcon

    Simone Marcon

    48 minuter sedan

    Why you need a waitres for 6 table? Do it yourself

  8. Yi Qing Tan

    Yi Qing Tan

    48 minuter sedan

    Wonderful.... They still care deeply for each other, that's why they were so angry before this. Wonderful that this broke the walls and some of the ice and underneath all that, there was still that care. It's something no amount of money can buy <3



    48 minuter sedan

    The joker card moment was definitely staged 🤣

  10. Sándor Kiss

    Sándor Kiss

    48 minuter sedan

    That chef looks life Tommy Lee Jones but in little form :D

  11. Jordan


    50 minuter sedan

    Just the outro

  12. ChungWei Wang

    ChungWei Wang

    52 minuter sedan

    The ugly gymnast bizarrely suspect because prepared moberly wriggle upon a milky mailbox. permissible, womanly income

  13. noided


    53 minuter sedan

    Those 4 bottles of wine must've been $150 minimum, nevermind the 4 entrées. Even at the most laid-back restaurant I've worked at we were only allowed to take mistakes or throw together something cheap

  14. Spyros


    54 minuter sedan

    - I think the steak is raw! - Why do you say that? - Because it's eating the mozzarella

  15. saleh


    57 minuter sedan

    feel bad for AJ

  16. Aditi Dutt

    Aditi Dutt

    Timme sedan

    Dude that girl cried buckets of tears 😅

  17. James Warner

    James Warner

    Timme sedan

    Is this accurate? I eat rotten flesh all the time and I seem to be finr

  18. Rebecca Bambini

    Rebecca Bambini

    Timme sedan

    If I were that lady I would have left the restaurant right after being in this disgusting kitchen, I mean how can you trust the restaurant for their food after knowing and seeing that they fry everything in the same pan?

  19. Antti Aarnio

    Antti Aarnio

    Timme sedan

    Some cases S definitely don't stand for Shit, but in the other hand, maybe in this restaurant because it needs for Gordon's help.

  20. ThexMadxxHatter


    Timme sedan

    What a story! ☺️☺️

  21. mirko sanders

    mirko sanders

    Timme sedan

    " Dad didnt buy me a restaurant, he just cosigned the loan..... " Girl. Thats exactly what buying a restaurant means cause if you dont pay your bills YOUR DAD WILL! How can you have graduated in buisiness and not knowing that???

  22. ganesh m

    ganesh m

    Timme sedan

    Wife -. Argument blah blah and blah Ramsay to husband - why so silent... Don't u have anything to say Husband - talk to my penis... He the one who choose her....not me

  23. Irish Trains

    Irish Trains

    Timme sedan

    Brian is a pain.

  24. Instinct Zapdos

    Instinct Zapdos

    Timme sedan

    "Chimichanga, Chimi put it in the bin." You got them there Gordon.

  25. Emily and Ares

    Emily and Ares

    Timme sedan

    I love how aware and concerned for the customers Gordon is.

  26. Jayson Mangalino

    Jayson Mangalino

    Timme sedan

    Lido Di Manhattan, Greek at the Harbour and Yanni's Greek Cuisine - love these success stories from Kitchen Nightmares. More power to them! - watching October 2021

  27. Ricky Wiltshire

    Ricky Wiltshire

    Timme sedan

    Why was Richard Lewis crying for ?

  28. goryset


    Timme sedan


  29. Humantorch


    Timme sedan

    Ramsay: When it's your birthday Vic: Yesterday

  30. Mububban23


    Timme sedan

    "It's a matter of taste....that's how we wasn't an off day...." You just explained why your customers don't come back after the first visit.

  31. Flaming Burrito

    Flaming Burrito

    Timme sedan

    Man the UK version is almost theraputic with Gordon's narration.

  32. Jacob Wilson

    Jacob Wilson

    Timme sedan

    The second part with the 70s yellow and purple dinner I watched that when it first came out and it was amazing

  33. Robin Huff

    Robin Huff

    Timme sedan

    Why do they call him for help then get mad when he tells them the truth?

  34. Angel Is Pretty. Odd.

    Angel Is Pretty. Odd.

    Timme sedan

    It was honestly so frustrating to see Aaron being ignored like that by his fellow chefs. He was probably the only person in that kitchen who gave a damn about the food they're cooking. Edit: It was so satisfying to not only see Scott coming in the kitchen and yelling at everyonw but to also hear that Aaron fired two chefs. That man honestly deserves way more credit than he's given.

  35. ganesh m

    ganesh m

    Timme sedan

    In the kitchen , she's the nightmare In hell kitchen, she's the devil

  36. Alister Pereira

    Alister Pereira

    Timme sedan

    4:18 mmmmmNOM

  37. xfire


    Timme sedan

    Places like J. Willy's is why yelp! exists.

  38. Gamer pug

    Gamer pug

    Timme sedan

    Hello I want be famous

  39. si mbian

    si mbian

    Timme sedan

    19:43 5 second in and she ask you don't come yet

  40. Spasoje Kulašević

    Spasoje Kulašević

    Timme sedan

    "Not to him apparently"-1 of owners. Hahaha! hilarious.

  41. J. Sierra

    J. Sierra

    Timme sedan

    That's what happens when people get involved with things they have no clue, idea, or/and any experience. ALL of them are a poor excuse for a restaurant staff and are giving Mexican food a bad reputation.

  42. playahsan


    Timme sedan

    "Anything I make, Chef Ramsay is gonna love." -famous last words

  43. Callum


    Timme sedan

    whoever titles these istg please like never leage

  44. Marko Leković

    Marko Leković

    Timme sedan


  45. Spasoje Kulašević

    Spasoje Kulašević

    Timme sedan


  46. Birds of rainbows

    Birds of rainbows

    Timme sedan

    microwaved food i had tried it from ph foods and got stomachace headache and got sick i just ordered something good

  47. Michael Ritchot

    Michael Ritchot

    Timme sedan

    Whoever is running the channel. I freaking love you. You deserve a raise, and praise.

  48. Tanishka Ahire

    Tanishka Ahire

    Timme sedan

    We need him in india

  49. MsSuphernova


    Timme sedan

    I need to know what happened with India!??! A where are they now. I’m so happy for her.

  50. Red Sky

    Red Sky

    Timme sedan

    It's a bangladeshi restaurant.. Nt Indian.

  51. animecat


    Timme sedan

    Imagine going in to a small resturant paying something pretty normal for a non-fanzy meal and then u find out that THE Gordon Ramsay made ur food

  52. FaZe CrAzY626

    FaZe CrAzY626

    Timme sedan

    Is this an official channel? If so they are ruthless feels like Gordon Ramsey titles it lol

  53. ADEPT


    Timme sedan

    “Dizzasta it’s a Dizzasta”

  54. DeadliestToast


    Timme sedan

    Bill is full of positive energy bursting out of him,making everyone happy and smiling and then there's Adele.../:

  55. Shahbaz


    2 timmar sedan

    Sounds like a drill tune title